Web Hosting: 8 Selection Criteria To Keep In Mind

The choice of a web hosting, and especially a web host, should be done carefully. Because it guarantees the performance of a website or personal blog.

In order to make a decision easily, it is necessary to keep in mind the required selection criteria. What are they? Find them in this article written in collaboration with 100% French web host LWS.

1. Type of Web Hosting

The first thing to do before getting started is to understand the types of web hosting that is available for your website.

Shared Hosting

We also talk about shared web hosting, as many administrators share the same server. This is the cheapest option, but with limited performance.

shared hosting is Ideal for eg a small personal blog or corporate showcase siteBut unsuitable for high traffic site.

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)

Choosing a VPS is a good compromise between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. VPS ensures good performance for your website.

And its price is a good option. Hence this hosting is especially suitable for companies that want to make rapid progress with the evolving needs in the medium term.

dedicated hosting

This solution is interesting when managing For a high traffic site or an e-commerce site,

So you can customize the configuration according to your needs. Dedicated hosting is more expensive but you have a specific server with your own operating system.


Your website needs extreme flexibility, Cloud is the most suitable hosting.

The administrator has access to a virtual server that can be sized according to the needs and fluctuations of traffic. This solution is more expensive.

LWS provides all these web hosting solutions to suit everyone’s needs.

For shared web hosting, LWS offers 3 offers: Personal, Starter, and Performance.

LWS Hosting Offers

Once you have defined your requirements and selected the relevant type of web hosting, check the following points.

2. Storage Capacity

The storage capacity required varies depending on the type of site you want to host. If you create a personal blog with a few illustrated articles or an e-commerce site with product photos and explanatory videos, your storage space needs will vary greatly.

Your need for storage space will determine which type of hosting you choose: shared (with less storage capacity), dedicated or cloud (unlimited storage space).

In LWS, shared web hosting provides storage space from 100 GB to unlimited.

3. Level of Safety and Security

A good web host provides an increased level of security for your data, whether in the event of breakdowns, hacking, bad weather, etc.

In LWS, the security provided translates to:

  • http ssl certificate
  • regular server updates
  • Protection against DDoS attacks
  • automatic backup
  • fast data recovery

4. Guaranteed Speed ​​and Performance

It is related to bandwidth. We’re talking here about the speed at which Internet users visiting your site can access the information they’re looking for.

When the number of Internet users who consult the site at once grows, it is important to have high bandwidth to avoid bugs.

A larger bandwidth allows more traffic without losing site performance.

In LWS, speed and performance are guaranteed through various elements, including:

  • RAID10 SSD Server
  • Unlimited number of MySQL databases (depending on the plan chosen)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • A CDN that speeds up the loading of media files

And of course, websites hosted on high performance LWS data servers in France.

5. Domain Names and Email Addresses

Domain name registration and hosting are two different services. By choosing a host that offers both of these services, you facilitate migration in the event of a change of domain.

Having email addresses associated with your domain name will make you appear more professional to your contacts, thanks to these types of addresses. name@yourcompany.com,

The LWS offer includes the domain name offered with your web hosting. For email addresses, the Basic offer (Perso) gives you 10, the Intermediate offer (Starter) gives you 150 and the Performance offer gives you an unlimited number of email addresses.

6. Growth Prospects

At the beginning of their activities on the web, administrators often opt for shared hosting offers with limited storage capacity. It meets their needs in a timely manner, at a moderate cost.

However, as your activities progress, you’ll need to switch to a more efficient, faster, more secure formula with more storage capacity.

Hence it is essential to select a web host offering a scalable offering as per your needs (unless you see any growth for your site…). Then you can easily increase your storage capacity and performance.

LWS makes it easy to switch from web hosting to VPS (Virtual Private Server) as your storage space needs increase.

7. Ease of Use

This is an essential criterion if you are taking your first steps in managing a website. You should be able to configure your hosting, your domain name, and your email address without having to call in an expert.

If you use a content management system (WordPress, PrestaShop, or other), the host chosen should be compatible with the CMS you plan to use.

In general, hosts already include some pre-installed CMS, as is the case with LWS, for example with its WordPress hosting offerings.

From the LWS Panel customer area, you can easily manage and configure your web hosting.

LWS Client Area
LWS Control Panel

Also, check out the options included in the web hosting offers. Because some web hosts provide a complete installation package, while others only provide you with the minimum. Everything you need is already pre-installed and included in the LWS web hosting package.

8. Customer Support

Launching alone in building a website without any benchmarks is a project set for failure. To achieve your goals, choose a host that will support you at every stage of the life of your website or blog. It should provide you with responsive technical support, which is available hourly and every day.

Support can be obtained through online tutorials, advice or technical support that you can request at any time.

All this, LWS offers to its customers, irrespective of the offer they have subscribed for. Thanks to quality customer support and numerous online tutorials available 7 days a week in French.

Things to remember when choosing your web hosting

Do not take your web hosting choice lightly. Improper hosting can hinder your site’s operation in case of heavy traffic, or conversely, some visits may cost you a lot of money.

By carefully studying the criteria listed above, you will be able to select the most suitable offer for your site.

The solutions offered at LWS are designed to be easy to use and learn. Suitable for both individuals and professionals, even experts. LWS web hosting offers an all-inclusive service including domain names and dedicated email addresses as well as a pre-installed CMS. So, whether you are planning to open a showcase site or an e-commerce site, you will inevitably find the formula that best meets your needs.

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