Emailing: How to Improve Your Spam Score?

Emailing is the marketing channel used to notify and retain your customers, but also to highlight your company and increase interactions with your website. However, there are rules to be followed in order to be successful in this type of campaign. From complying with the law to going through filters spam Installed by different mail servers, many elements can harm your campaign.

contrary to popular belief, opt-in It is intended to collect the prior consent of an individual to receive information from a Company, does not guarantee that your emails will be delivered to the recipients. Actually, there are different forms in France and not all of them are legal. Under these Terms, Internet Access Providers may include them in spam for different reasons. To solve this problem, we suggest you explore some good practices to improve your spam score.

spam Score… what are we talking about?

a spam Spam is and accounts for a large portion of corporate email. This has an obvious cost and it is a challenge for brands to fight against this leak of information. spam The score is an indicator to assess the ability to “implement” spam of your email.

For example many tools like Mail Tester can be used to estimate this. depending on the definition of equipment, calculation mode and spam Scores differ. Nevertheless, there are some criteria commonly used by anti-spam filtering systems:

  • Security protocol enforced and IP address severity
  • HTML code cleaning
  • content of email

The purpose of the Spam Score Calculator is to check the conformity of the technical elements of an email: it only takes a programming or typographical error for your email to be considered spam and the recipients are unaware of it.

Best practices to protect yourself spam score

How to avoid being classified as a spammer by your ISP?

follow them 6 Tips and Your Rate deliverability will only get better.

avoid ” spam words ,

In recent years, Internet service providers are constantly improving their anti-spam filters. It has become mandatory to detect certain words associated with spam.

To work around these new rules, it is best to limit the use of capital letters, special characters, or content that can cause confusion.

Also, limit the use of overly promotional terms like “free”, “extraordinary income”, “100% satisfied”, “miracle”, “best value”…

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Enforce emailing standards

Many email clients use the SPF, DMARC and DKIM security standards. These are designed to detect phishing attempts or quickly identify spammers, whether bots or humans.

These emailing standards specifically make it possible to link your website to your email address and prevent any attempts at identity theft.

clear your contact list

Your customer or prospect database is a valuable tool that needs to be taken care of. The contact list is constantly evolving over time. In the span of a few years, some customers have been able to move, change their name or phone number. Email addresses are updated and modified as operators change.

Too often, people use dedicated email addresses and they get filled up very quickly. When you send a newsletter, if there are too many inactive addresses, your ISP may think you are the one. spammer And not delivering their missiles. To keep these errors to an absolute minimum, remember to update your customer database regularly. As soon as emails get back to you, delete them from your file so they don’t block future campaigns. post,

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test your email

To prevent your recipients’ mailboxes from treating you as spammers, do delivery test upstream.

To do this, use a tool like Sender Score. Simply enter your IP address or your domain to receive a rating based on the number of spammings of your email or your presence on a blacklist.

Simplify the unsubscribing process

Trust is key in the process of limiting it spam score. Your members should be able to exit your process and unsubscribe from your contact list without being discovered 1 Time way to do it.

it is necessary That’s why If it can’t find the right link, it will flag you as a spammer.

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manage your reputation

Reputation is a rating given by the system anti spam, If it’s good, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will deliver the emails you’re going to send more easily. Otherwise they will be blocked. Where does this famous “prestige” come from? It has a direct link to your email address, links that will be noted on your email, but also to your domain name.

Just like with SEO of a website, you have to show your credibility. On the other hand, as ISPs distribute emails based on your reputation, the more emails you have to send, the better your reputation should be. You need to be patient to repair it. she will be Favour number of people who clicked spamregularity of your campaigns of postfair use of to select-In, manage unsubscribe…

tools to help you

There are many verification tools spam You can use score. here is something


sendinblue email

It is a tool that allows you to check whether your emails are arriving in the inbox of your customers or prospects. This gives you the opportunity to more accurately assess deliverability of your campaigns for each Internet Service Provider.

mail checker

mail checker anti spam

It’s a tool to calculate your spam online score. It’s free. Just send your email to the address they provide on the site and you can get your score. Be careful though, your score will automatically be reduced by 0.5 for the emails you send sendinblu, Because, in part, by a technical process that we won’t detail here, TrackingPixel will treat it as an image without alternate text. This is why it is essential to use a mail-checker tool while being aware of this drawback. The score is given to you out of 10. if you get less than 7 you have a good chance of going spam,


SpamAssassin to test delivery

this calculator spam Was placed on the line in 2001. Even if it were very well known, analyzing only HTML code, it wouldn’t be of very interesting accuracy. In fact, it doesn’t take reputation into account and spam words Be careful, the score you get SpamAssassin’s walk in a depressing manner. Here, the more points you have And Your email will be less likely to be delivered. So you should aim for a score between 0 and 2 to score well deliverability,

spam your sites score Internet

You You get it, this fight applies to your websites too. In order to exist on the web, your site needs to be seen and recognized. Everything happens with SEO. For a website to be well-referenced by search engines, SEO must be neat. There should be lines of uniformity between remote sites obvious And So Backlinks related to the topics covered.

mozu spam score

spam score of mozu There is an assessment tool that is offered by It allows to highlight sites of spam And ads that create backlinks from other websites. mozu spam Score will analyze your site and more specifically back To expose people who can damage your site’s reputation And Especially for your SEO. It will analyze 17 factors that are likely to penalize you in your struggle to be present on the web. If you get a score between 8 and 17, your site Will happen Not in a good position to be referenced in the first pages of Google for example. in this Case…the fewer points you have, the better!

standards that increase spam your website score

Ifare very few backlines On a large site, it will be perceived by search engines as a poor quality tool.

  • The links on the pages of your website should be rich and varied. Otherwise spam Scores can award you extra points.
  • The anchors of the website should have links related to his brand otherwise he will be penalized.
  • If a website lacks content, it will be considered weak.
  • Don’t put too many outgoing links spam score.
  • insufficient internal links Growth This also spam score.
  • A domain name that is too long is also a criterion for extension spam score.

our tip

you will understand, spam Score is an extremely important criterion for a company. Whether it is related to the sending of your emails or the proper management of your website, you should pay special attention to it. Your brand reputation, SEO context of your site, simplified unsubscribe access, the quality of your writing and your links. Everything has a significance to exist and be seen.

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