Which Pro Online Bank for the Self Employed Person?

In France, many workers now opt for micro-enterprises or self-employment to benefit from the benefits provided by law. It is shown that 60% of the companies created in 2022 are micro enterprises. If declaring the activity to be registered by the Administration is sufficient, you are subject to other obligations such as opening a dedicated bank account. Why choose an online bank for your business activities? How to choose a suitable account as a self employed person?

Auto-entrepreneur: the advantages of choosing a professional online bank

One of the main reasons to choose An online bank account as a self employed individual To avail the benefit of reduced bank charges. Some establishments also offer free solutions for account management. The services provided by the bank for online auto-entrepreneurs are easily adapted to their needs, especially for those just starting out.

For example, it may happen that a company that temporarily lags behind may not make any numbers for a while. In a situation like this, you would appreciate a bank that understands you and does not charge you unnecessary fees.

online banks are also simple to use and very fast for various processes. You will be able to access your account through mobile banking application offering a range of features. As a self-employed person, for example, you can consult your banking transaction history at any time to take care of your accounting management.

What type of account is recommended for the self-employed?

As a self-employed person, you need a bank account to conduct your business transactions. In principle, you can operate from a current account in your name. There Creating a Business Bank Account However, you can benefit from many advantages such as:

  • a high overdraft,
  • Loans exclusively for professionals,
  • personal support from a mentor,
  • use of payment terminals,
  • A checkbook in the commercial name of your company.

Online banking institutions can provide many other services to auto-entrepreneurs. A professional bank account also makes it possible to segregate your personal transactions, which simplifies justification in case of control by URSSAF.

On the other hand, the PACTE law of May 22, 2019 requires entrepreneurs to An account dedicated to his professional activity, It becomes a liability when you achieve an annual turnover of more than €10,000 in two consecutive years. So it’s often better to subscribe to it from the start.

How to Choose the Best Online Bank for a Self Employed Person?

A self-employed person should take several factors into consideration in choosing their online bank. The means of transaction offered by the banking institution will be decisive in your activity. For example, the bank may issue you a free bank card or accept that you have several bank cards.

As a self-employed individual, you often need to cash checks or issue checks as part of your business. contactless payment There are also very useful ones depending on your region. That’s why you should make sure that your online bank offers services suited to your profession.

also remember to check Transaction volume and accepted currencies If your auto-venture has to deal with international partners. Depending on the number of payments, bank transfers and collections you expect, banking offers from one institution to another may be more interesting. If you are looking to finance your development you will be able to consult the possible funding available.

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