SEO: Some Techniques to Improve Video SEO

Videos are everywhere on the Internet. YouTube which is part of Google is the go-to site for most of us. with the advent of ” youtube users » and entry on the web of the video « auto play » event on facebook don’t deflate Not !

Video is a very effective communication tool that you cannot ignore in your content strategy.

For example, if you’ve created a YouTube channel, and the published videos don’t meet with the expected success, you might be missing some technical elements to improve the context of your media. In this article, we will show you how to improve the status of your videos on YouTube. Another element will encourage you to better reference your videos on YouTubeBecause Did you know that videos can actively contribute to the natural context of your web pages if they are optimized well?

ok here 7 Tips to implement to boost your video context and be more visible in search engines.

choose the right topic

If you develop a video related to a company or product that you distribute, the topic option will be available. If, on the other hand, you want to develop a YouTube channel and publish videos there to gain viewersbut You don’t know, you have to find “topics” that will be of interest to internet users. Either way, it’s important to analyze trends and see what your competition is offering. In fact, if you publish videos that do not suit the taste of the moment either That doesn’t meet the needs of the people you’re targeting, you’ll have a low audience… even with the technical advice we’re going to develop in this article.

  • Organize a competitive intelligence.
  • Take a stroll through social media and see what works.
  • Ask yourself if you can change what you see.
  • Do you have value to add?

Here’s a Tool to Help You With Your Competitive IQ

Google Trends

If you are looking for Top Topics at the moment, you can use Google trends, This will tell you what the requests are most often From this moment. in the case where If you hesitate between the two topics, go to Google trendsAnd compare them by requesting a search on youtube,

Make the right choice for your words keys

You You have to seriously consider the keywords that will be used to rank your videos. To begin with, they allow you to highlight the popularity of the topics you want to develop and establish yourself in relation to your competitors. There are some interesting tools that you will help in this approach. Here is 1:

youtube Analytics

You created a YouTube channel, and while you’re at it dashboard Analysis, You can go to the “viewers” ​​section and see what other channels your viewers are watching. This gives you an idea of ​​what interests your community. Analyze titles that can help you choose your keywords.

make a quality video

One important thing to know is that not all of the customizations in the world will replace the intrinsic quality of the video. The latter must interest Internet users and be relevant to be well referenced.

How does Google measure the quality of a video?

Depending on the particular viewing time: if the audience leaves after only a few seconds, this is interpreted as a sign of poor quality or lack of relevance, which will be penalized in the context. So it is in your best interest to make attractive videos that stand out. To do so, check out our selection of tools for creating original videos.

transcribe video

When you dedicate a page to a video, make a habit of adding a text transcript. This has two big advantages:

  • As for user experience, it allows you to offer your visitors two different ways to read your content. Thus you can adapt to everyone’s taste and situation and limit the bounce rate.
  • For video SEO, text helps optimize page rankings on targeted search terms.

However, word-by-word transcription can be time-consuming and laborious, especially if the video in question is long. This is why you can also create synthetic transcription in the form of a summary or article as we did for our video tutorial on UTM tags.

Optimize video metadata

Like web pages, videos contain metadata that search engines use a lot to help them rank.

These metadata, in particular title and descriptionTherefore to improve the SEO of the video should be optimized:

  • Create a clickable title with relevant keywords and no more than 50 characters;
  • Write a relevant description, accurately describe the content of the video and do not exceed 155 characters.

Focus on the keyword “video friendly”

Your goal, when you optimize SEO for a video, is also to make it appear in standard search results (and not only in google video).

However, not all keywords are suited for placing videos in their search results.

Sure, Google is unpredictable and it’s hard to set exact rules, but some search phrases appear to be more “video-friendly” than others. For example, those containing words like tutorial, demo either testing Often include videos in their results, as this medium is particularly well suited for tutorials and demonstrations of products, software, etc.

For this search, we see that two videos appear in the first 5 results.

A simple exercise to gauge the potential of your keywords is to test them directly on Google to see the proportion of videos in the results.

Create video sitemap

It is possible to create a video sitemap to help Google better find the videos on your site based on the additional information you provide.

the result isImprove your site’s SEO and appearance in search results.

You can create a complete sitemap for a video or add information about the video to an existing sitemap.

Tips when posting your video

Remember to include the keywords in your file name: tuto-couture-sac.mp4 or tutocouture-sac.avi are more interesting to refer to your video than titles generated by video editing software. Also include your keywords in the title of your video. For example: Sewing Tutorial: Making a Bag

Pay attention to the description, which should be around 200 words, and include keywords related to your video. In our example: sewing, bag, sewing thread, clothing, sewing machine…

don’t put more than 6 tag.

Fill in information related to language, filming location… Even if it doesn’t seem important to you, it’s not the same for search engine algorithms!

How YouTube’s algorithm works

Referencing as a whole is done by the algorithm. it’s only for youtube, Here are some parameters that are important for SEO of your videos on YouTube.

word rule keys

they Like all other videos are an essential SEO. Only by choosing them carefully will you be able to best optimize your YouTube channel and your videos. The words chosen must have a link with the topic, but Same with requests made by internet users regarding your theme. You can add the goals you are targeting and add the field of activity.


Informing elements about a video. you have to fill themBecause On the one hand, they provide interesting information to Internet users, but they will also provide relevant indicators for YouTube’s algorithms. This includes title, description and tags. Don’t forget to include some of your keywords.

viewing time With all Conversation

YouTube’s algorithms also work for “revenue” from ads. The longer people stay on the video, the more ads they see. So they will stay on your video longer And The better the SEO. Other videos, on the other hand, will be more likely to interact with other channels, information And Ad… Again, this is a powerful reference lever.

youtube And external hoist

Google SEO also gives the possibility of better referencing videos on YouTube. If your website is well positioned on search engines, there is a good chance that it will influence your YouTube channel or your videos. some livers are very important And there will be a echo not negligible:

  • embed your videos in your blog posts,
  • Create “Backlinks” related to your videos,
  • To encourage your videos on social media, your newspapers,

Our Tips to Improve Video SEO

what Whatever your point of view, whether it’s personal or professional, the act of referring youtube And generally your videos are not easy. Indeed, the amount of content on the web is Huge With all Very strong competition. Standing out will not be an easy task! The tips in this article give you the keys so that you can take advantage of videos on your website and increase the SEO of your videos. Don’t forget to do “classic” SEO optimization to reap the good qualities of Google.

Still, to increase the visibility of your site, the best thing to do is to contact an expert: Find a Freelance SEO Consultant at

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