Google Ads Certification: Our Tips for Success

Do you want to pass Google Ads certification? good thought ! The ad network built into Google is definitely one of the most effective tools to drive traffic to your website, generate more leads, and increase your visibility.

Passing this test gives you access to courses provided by Google itself to understand the fundamentals of advertising.

The icing on the cake: You will be entitled to a Google Partner badge to be featured on your website and on your social networks. Guaranteed quality for your prospects and customers…

Want to know how Google Ads certification works? follow the leader !

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is the advertising network of the famous search engine. Thanks to this, you can promote your company, your brand, your products or your store directly in search results, on partner sites or in YouTube videos.

The platform offers multiple formats to reach your target audience and achieve your marketing objectives. To help you improve your ads, it also provides analytical tools that track the performance of your ads.

The formats, auctions, targeting settings and delivery locations are vast and meet a variety of needs. To get significant return on investment, it is essential to master the options offered by the tool. This is where Google Ads certification becomes relevant!

Why Get Google Ads Certification?

Looking for a reason to pass Google Ads certification? We give you 3!

Learn to Master Google Ads

Whether it’s for you or your customers, mastering the intricacies of Google Ads can improve your paid campaigns. If you are looking for a solution to increase your sales, increase your fame or optimize traffic, then search engine advertising is very effective.

By passing the Google Ads certification, you will be autonomous and you will be able to manage your marketing campaigns more easily.

Improve your CV / Your brand image

Google Ads certification attests to your expertise. Thanks to this, your potential or potential employers know that you have completely mastered this tool. When they have to choose a service provider or candidate, this certification can make a difference.

Get the Google Partner Badge

When you pass the test, you get a “Google Partner” badge. This virtual medal immediately demonstrates your expertise to prospects and customers. What sets you apart from your competitors.

In addition, receiving this badge allows you to be referred to a Google directory. An undeniable asset to your visibility!

Overview of the various Google Ads certifications

There isn’t one Google Ads certification, but there are many! In fact, the advertising tool is so vast that well-known search engines have divided the assessment into 6 different certifications:

1) Google Ads Certification for Display Network Advertising

The Display Network includes Google websites, apps, and tools that enable the display of visual ads.

This certification shows that you are proficient in managing campaigns in the Google Display Network to get the best possible return on investment. To be successful, you need to be able to develop a global Google Ads strategy according to the allocated budget and your marketing objectives.

Number of Lessons: 6

2) Google Ads Metrics Certification

Google Ads provides statistical tools that help you measure and analyze your results. This certification proves your skill in using these reports and exploiting key metrics to improve your ad performance.

Number of Lessons: 8

3) Certification on Shopping Ads

All e-commerce, or agencies dealing with online stores must pass this certification. Its goal is to prove your ability to create and optimize Shopping ads to drive conversions.

Number of Lessons: 7

4) Google Ads certification for video advertising

Do you have full command of advertising on YouTube and Google Videos? This certification will prove it. To pass this, you need to know how to use video advertising options to reach your target audience, especially on YouTube.

Number of Lessons: 5

5) Google Ads Certification for the Search Network

The Google Search Network includes all websites and applications that display keyword searches. So these platforms can host your Google Ads ads.

This certification therefore attests to your ability to create, manage and improve campaigns on the Google Search Network. This shows that you are able to use your marketing dollars wisely and that you are familiar with automated solutions integrated into Google Ads, such as audience solutions or smart bidding strategies.

Number of Lessons: 9

6) Google Ads App Certification

If you need to create campaigns to promote apps, this certification is relevant. This proves that you have a perfect command of marketing strategy related to the world of mobile applications and know how to use Google tools to maximize user engagement.

Number of Lessons: 12

Google Ads Certification Process

Before looking at how to solidly prepare you to pass the Google Ads certification, here’s some information to know about the syllabus for each test:

  • Each authentication lasts 75 minutes.
  • The assessment takes the form of a multiple choice questionnaire.
  • The number of questions is between 45 to 50 depending on the certificates.
  • To pass the exam, you must give 80% correct answers.
  • Certificates are free.
  • If you fail, you can take the exam again the next day.

Good to know: Google Ads certification is valid for one year. Since the tools are constantly evolving, you will need to update your knowledge regularly to take the exam successfully each year.

7 Tips for Preparing for Google Ads Certification

Do you want to take these exams to master Google Ads? Here’s how to best prepare.

1) Prepare step by step

Above all, avoid bowing down to each certification or the urge to pass them all at once. As we have seen, there are 6 different Google Ads certifications. To start, ask yourself if it’s useful to go through them all.

Then, proceed slowly, one certification after another. You must take the time to digest the transmitted information. Then, the more you progress through the various exams, the easier it will be to understand the concepts, tips and tutorials.

Google Ads Certification Course

2) take courses

For each certification, you have courses to follow to improve your skills. Each lesson lasts between 10 and 30 minutes. Regardless of whether you have mastered a topic or a stage, we recommend that you take the mini-training. This ensures that you have all the keys (no matter which key!) when you pass Google Ads certification.

3) Take Notes

Do you find some concepts complicated? Do you have difficulty remembering some best practices? take notes ! They will be useful to you during your work, but also during the tests. In fact, nothing stops you from taking them in hand while taking the exam.

However, since time is limited, they should be useful to you on an ad-hoc basis for those topics which are of concern to you. Remember to prioritize and categorize them by theme to find their way more easily.

4) practice

For each certification, you have a training module. The idea is to test your knowledge to find out if you are ready to take the exam! It is strongly advised to clear this “Mock Test” to avoid re-taking the actual assessment multiple times…

Google Ads Certification Test

5) Watch videos from Google Ads France YouTube channel

Google has a YouTube channel dedicated to Google Ads. Later on, you will find case studies, tutorials, workshops… These videos may help you understand some of the concepts of the tool.

Consider using it if you need concrete examples or to learn more about Google Ads.

6) Consult the case studies offered by Google

On Google Marketing Platform, you can discover solid methodologies. The site has “Ad Data Hub” and “Search Ads 360” sections that group together examples of companies that have met their marketing objectives using Google Ads tools.

These inspiring case studies contextualize the use of ads, making it easier for you to grasp some concepts. It’s always useful to go deeper into your learning!

7) Get in good physical condition

It may make you smile, however, Google Ads certification is a test like any other exam. It is important that your brain function runs at 100%! Choose a time when you will rest. For example, prioritize Monday morning to Friday evening…

8) Install your Office… then get started!

Each authentication lasts 75 minutes. As we have advised above, it is better to take them one after the other, and not all in one day. However, whether you’re doing one or several assessments, set up your workspace well for the occasion.

Get a bottle of water, keep your notes ready, and maybe a tab showing Google Ads help. Also, tell your coworkers, supervisor or family (if you work from home) that they should avoid harassing you. Don’t hesitate to convince them that you pass this certification: a few words of encouragement will put you in good stead!

Lastly, turn off your smartphone and turn off any notifications that might distract you.

let’s go ! All you have to do is visit Skillshop to launch the Google Ads certification you want to pass. good luck !

Our tips for passing Google Ads certification

To best prepare for these certifications, remember to take the training!

Ask a Google Ads expert from to train you on the basics of this tool. He can even train you to pass the exam successfully!

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