Outsourcing: How to combine performance and security?

Did you know that a server that responds more than 300 ms gives severe punishment to your e-commerce site?

After 500 milliseconds of your site’s loading time, you lose 10 to 15% of visitors per second. On mobile this rate can even go up to 25%!

Outsourcing company Touchweb solves this problem by giving you the peace of mind of a high performing and completely secure e-commerce site.

Outsourcing allows a company to delegate the overall management of its information systems and its servers to an outside service provider. Thus the company can concentrate on its core business while controlling its costs.

A Bare Metal Server for Better Performance

A bare metal server is a physical dedicated computer server. This allows the tenant exclusive and complete access to their server, unlike a virtual dedicated server. A bare metal server brings more performance and more security.

As it is said, if The cloud is just someone else’s computer. A dedicated bare metal server belongs to the client and provides him with more performance and more security.

In the performance parameter of a server, TTFB (Time to First Byte, it corresponds to the response time of the server) is a very important character.
This directly affects the performance time of web pages resulting in:

  • SEO : Google penalizes pages whose TTFB exceeds 300 milliseconds
  • quality of user experience : bounce rate, conversion rate
  • employee productivity at the back office
  • And finally Profitability of an e-commerce site,

In this context, TouchWeb has developed hosting solutions on OVH Bare Metal Servers to offer its customers the best in terms of performance, security and price. Thus, OVH Bare Metal servers are on average 12 times more efficient than the hosts’ “cloud” counterparts.

Detect malicious activity with EDR

An EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) is a software tool for detecting computer threats. It analyzes activity at the end points of the network to be protected, such as servers and user terminals.

Unlike a classic antivirus, which requires an up-to-date database to be effective, its capabilities allow it to combat unlisted and complex threats.

With the desire to always be at the forefront of security for its hosting solutions, Touchweb has chosen over 6 years to develop its own systems to detect and process threats. Its performance as a result of these years of experience places it among the leaders in threat detection.

With its in-house EDR, TouchWeb displays high-end performance. Thus, 99.99% of hacking attempts and, where applicable, hacking on its infrastructure were detected in less than an hour and repaired within 30 minutes.

Most outsourcing companies charge a fee to manage hacks in addition to their traditional services. In the event of hacking, you are punished twice! As a guarantee of a trusting relationship, TouchWeb has been offered the hack treatment to customers for over 10 years.,

More than a Backup: A Disaster Recovery Plan

One of the first steps that can be taken to ensure the security of a computer system is to make regular backups. It is necessary to estimate the loss of data, total or partial, which will block all activities of the Company.

There is no shortage of incidents that can happen:

  • Deletion/corruption of data,
  • ransomware attack,
  • hardware/network failure,

And it is not when the worst has happened that you have to think about the measures to be taken to restart the machine. You need a plan: This is where DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) comes in.

Just one backup is not enough: in the event of a problem, your e-commerce will potentially be out of service for 1 to 2 weeks before your system is fully restored. With PRA, downtime is reduced to a few minutes.

The PRA installed by TouchWeb on its dedicated servers guarantees a quick response in the event of an incident, even when all your data is completely lost!

Its fully automated system is capable of reinstalling an entire site and all its associated applications (on Prestashop, Magento, Drupal and WordPress) in less than 30 seconds.

In addition to DRP, TouchWeb also has a Professional Business Continuity Plan (BCP). This PCA testifies to the upstream identification of all types of potential hazards and defines all procedures to contain them, thus allowing the Company to maintain its contractual service obligations with its customers.

The first reason for the loyalty of developers working on TouchWeb infrastructure? Clones (preproduction) of your e-commerce sites are turnkey and easily manageable, automatically recreated on your backup. These clones give you the certainty that your backup process is fully functional.

Contact outsourcing expert with complete transparency

Relying on a recognized expert in outsourcing gives peace of mind to any entrepreneur who wants to optimize their computer systems. It still requires that its services be transparent! Many outsourcing companies charge more for services that seem “classic” at first glance: telephone support, hacking management, etc.

One of the features of TouchWeb lies in having a contractually guaranteed SLA (Service Level Agreement). Thus the company is contractually committed Intervention and recovery times that – if they are not respected – lead to financial penalties to be paid to the customer,

It is one of the few exclusive SME outsourcing companies that provides premium services of Touchweb that guarantee An incomparable quality / price / performance ratio on the market,

Are you an IT, E-commerce, DSI or Company Manager (…) and want to take charge of managing your website? Choosing a partner that offers the best quality, security and content pricing is vital to ensuring your presence on the Internet.

Touchweb has created an e-commerce outsourcing solution that combines all these essential qualities.

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