How to make your own corporate video?

Corporate video is an integral part of new business communication practices. They are available to Internet users in just a few clicks. Corporate video has become essential because it allows you to generate visibility and notoriety, especially thanks to the proliferation of social networks. You see this when you look at your competitors who have created buzz.

how to make it?

Corporate video is a means of communication that you need to know how to use wisely, but its content needs to be well thought out in advance. You have to demand in the choice of people who will animate the video because winning the masses is never an easy task.

According to a study by Cisco, in 2021, 82% of global Internet traffic will be represented by video.

Calling in a professional to build a video service often represents a cost for a young company. Sleep Video is needed on all platforms : Website, Blog, Webinar, Live Facebook or Instagram, Twitter…! And it becomes a source of opportunities, including developing visibility and notoriety. According to a study by Wyzowl, internet users consume an average of 1.5 hours of moving images per day and 90% of the respondents said that online video has already played a part in the purchase decision.

Which angle to choose?

Like any journalistic writing, you have to choose an angle, that is, a theme that will allow you to make another video on another topic in the future. The purpose of this angle is to attract attention and you have to choose it according to the goal: for example, if you are in the recruitment phase and you want to recruit employees, you can highlight your premises to show that that your company is exiting. well being or professionalism. You can also base yourself on the quality of your products, your delivery service… Then you can choose “actors” and locations.

Care ! Selecting some allies to shoot and not others, must be done tactfully so as not to offend those who will not be in the clip. Don’t hesitate to tell that there will be other videos and they will be covered in the next video.

A video should ideally have a single message. If there are multiple messages, don’t hesitate to support multiple videos.

Define the purpose of the video

Your goal should be clear such as:

  • recruit top talent
  • Build brand credibility through story, values ​​and people
  • Highlight the quality of relationships in your company by associating your employees’ faces with your brand image.

What should be filmed?

The video should show in your offices, images of your colleagues and especially your skills. This should suggest the friendly atmosphere that exists in your company. The film inspires smiling, sympathetic people so that we present ourselves in your company in a positive way.

What tools do you have for editing your videos?

Today personal cameras have become as reliable as professional cameras. All you need is basic digital recording equipment. You can choose between a DV, hard disk camera or an SD memory card. It is also possible to rent a tool to have more efficient equipment. For more stable image capture, but also feel free to equip yourself with a tripod with video editing software. You can download some for free from the internet or buy a more advanced version from vendors and install it on your PC. These software allow you to quickly process video recorded in your camera.

A video thanks to a montage of photos or slideshows?

You are a beginner and you are just starting with the production of a film, it seems very difficult. You can first create a video from the photos you choose or slideshows that describe your company’s activities. Before publishing you need to convert them to video format using appropriate software.

Where to post your video?

You have various opportunities: broadcast your video on popular platforms like YouTube or Dailymotion, relay on personal (Facebook, Twitter) and professional (Linkedin and Video) social networks and with your personal and professional community, your prospects … Research and choose blogs or discussion forums related to your field of activity or those that have a large number of visits, put them on your professional website!

Company video is a clip that should not exceed 2 minutes. Short videos usually have more impact, as they are tuned to the rhythm of the Internet user. These videos are also called “teasers”, such as short and rhythmic cinema trailers.

Some tips for the ideal length to generate real visibility:

  • Facebook: 2 minutes
  • Twitter: 30 seconds
  • Instagram: 30 seconds
  • YouTube: 4 to 9 minutes
  • Website: 2 to 4 minutes

According to a Wyzowl study, a third of Internet users will quit watching a video before the 30 second mark (and 45% will give up before the 1 minute mark).

Don’t forget to sign the image rights for your actors.

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