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Are you an entrepreneur, project leader or even an employee looking for the best training in social networks? Here are our tips and a selection of free and paid training courses for all levels!

A few reminders on social networks

It’s hard to miss the ever-evolving phenomenon of social networks. To understand the range and potential of this communication lever in companies, here is some important information.

In 2020, there are approximately 49 million active social media users. This means that these users not only have an account but also log into it and regularly spend work and personal time there. It is estimated that every French person spends about 45 minutes a day on social networks out of a total of 2h25 on the Internet.

Why online training in social networks?

Managing social networks is a skill that has become important to most companies, with the development of more digital and new communication levers such as access to influencer marketing. More and more brands exist and communicate through social networks the launch of new products or services.

Furthermore, the covid health crisis has only reinforced the importance of social networks, especially for all companies that only sell in stores, and who today find themselves forced to go digital, either selling online or selling online. For, or at least deploy Click and Collect.

Whether you are an independent, craftsman or a leader of VSE-SMEs, it is essential to ensure a definite online presence today.

Our pick of online social media training

live mentor

LiveMentor is a professional training organization that has supported thousands of entrepreneurs and project leaders since its creation. LiveMentor offers social media training as well as many other digital marketing training (copywriting, Google advertising, SEO, e-commerce, etc.). In all, 14 training courses are provided to entrepreneurs.

Online (video and mentor)

1 Month (+2 Months Support)

Employment Centre, OPCO, Sector, CPF

access to a private group


webmarketing-com social network

A site known to all kinds of marketing enthusiasts, webmarketing-com also offers certification training in social networks. Cut into 3 modules (Fundamentals, SEO and Social Network), this general training will allow you to learn how to set up an effective strategy to re-train yourself in digital businesses or sell your products/services online.

Online (Virtual Classroom)

Employment Centre, OPCO, Sector, CPF

Exchange between participants and trainers

customer factory

Social Media Training for Clients La Fabrice

La Fabrique’s clients also offer comprehensive certification training called “Social Network Training”. With 3 options to choose from, 10 modules and almost all acquisition levers presented during the training, it is also a very good choice for most of our readers.

Online (Live Webinar)

790 to 1190 € (3 threads)

Employment Centre, OPCO, Sector, CPF

2 hours of follow-up with a tutor

french school

french school social media training

The French School trains you on the fundamentals of digital. Thanks to the module “Community Management Training: Publish and Promote Digital Content”, you will be able to learn all the key concepts to ensure management of a company’s social network from your home and in 4 weeks.

Online (videoconferencing with a tutor)

€699 to €1,379 (3 packages)

2 hours of follow-up with a tutor

Finally, even though we’ve pre-selected some of these social media training courses to guide you in your choices, note that there are many training courses available, whether in your city of choice or online (Udemy, OpenClassroom, Seagos) … for example) . As always, we recommend that you compare before choosing one or the other!

Who is social media training for?

First, it should be clarified here that our advice (as well as a list of selected social media training courses) is primarily aimed at entrepreneurs:

  • freelancer;
  • Coaches and Mentors;
  • Businessman;
  • Artisan;
  • liberal profession;
  • Etcetera.

That’s why we recommend practical training courses that aim to give you the keys to growing your online business.

Note that if you are an employee, these trainings can be considered to enhance your skills (or if you want to leave your current position to build a business one day or another).

If you are a student with an entrepreneurial project, we recommend that you turn to one of the many degree courses (at school). That said, some of the recommended social media trainings are free, and can be great if you have the time!

How to Choose the Best Social Media Training?

Once again, although we have selected some of the training courses that have the reputation of being among the best today, it is above all a matter of choosing the training that best suits your needs. In the selection criteria:

  • Level : Are you a beginner or already advanced on social media related topics?
  • Supplies : Do you need general training, or vice versa to deepen certain topics (influencer marketing, social networks, local context, etc.)?
  • Treated social networks: Depending on your project or the company you want to work for, you’ll have the choice between specializing in an influencer network like TikTok or Instagram, or training on more general social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter.
  • type of training : Do you prefer video training or live courses? Online or face-to-face training in the city of your choice?
  • duration of training : Do you have time in front of you for medium-term training or only a few hours/days to dedicate to it?
  • Grant : How will you finance your training if it’s not free?

As you have seen, we have selected the best online social networking training courses for ease for most of our readers who love this type of learning. However, keep in mind that it is quite possible to train face-to-face, if that’s clearly what you want!

How to finance online training in social networks?

While some of the online marketing training we recommend is free, most are paid. Fortunately for you, there are several training funding mechanisms in France, the main ones being summarized here depending on your situation:

Your position potential financing
job seeker CPF, Ple Emploi (AIF, POEI), Agefiph, Supplementary Pension Fund or Departmental Council
Employees on CDI or CDD CPF, Transition CPF, VAE, OPCO
temporary employee CPF, CPF of infection, VAE, CIPI, CDPI
Self employed FAF, CPF
financing mechanism

In this article, we will not go into details of all the criteria for each financing. There’s only one thing to remember: whatever your situation, there is at least one tool that should be studied!

If you feel lost in the face of possibilities, rest assured: Most of the training organizations we’ve chosen offer to guide you through the financing processes.

To do this, you’ll need to study your file for free over the phone to determine whether you qualify for one or the other financing options. Once the option is valid, some organizations even take care of completing and sending the application file for you. Target? 0 € balance fee on your social media training!

Finally, note that it is always possible to self-finance your training if you have no alternative financing, either with your personal funds or by requesting a loan.

general question

How much does social media training cost?

There are free social media trainings, some very specific and others more general. For the rest, and for most certified training, it will take about 700 to 1300€ on average. That said, most students in these courses manage to get them funded thanks to the various funding methods available in France (OPCO, Ple Empoi, CPF, etc.).

How to Choose the Best Social Media Training?

In addition to the cost of training and your ability to finance it, there are several criteria for choosing the right training: face-to-face or online, general content or vice versa, very specific, duration training…)

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