Entrepreneurs: 6 tips to spend the summer in peace

Self-employed living is the professional life dream for many, as evidenced by the increasing number of month-to-month workers making the move. However, the year is often a marathon for these professionals and stress is indeed present. Many people find it difficult to take a break from their activities, away from screens, daily tasks, emails, and to-do lists. This lack of personal time can have a real impact on both their mental and physical health.

Taking a real break is essential because it allows you to really recharge your batteries and come out more relaxed, mind and body ready to take on new challenges. This holiday often occurs during the summer period, due to the more general calm of the period, which is less busy for business, but also because of the frequently planned vacations of spouses, children, friends, and family. . But then, before turning off the computer or pulling down the curtains and taking full advantage of the rest thus (finally) granted, entrepreneurs can estimate their return. By planning a few things, they can go without worry. If you work as a team, planning future projects, organizing priorities and ensuring a competent replacement team to manage emergencies, for example, will keep you informed about unforeseen events upon your return. will allow you to take full advantage of this summer vacation without worrying. Here are 6 tips for spending the summer peacefully when you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer.

1. Plan Wisely

You’ll need to take the time to plan wisely, whether it’s for the last weeks before you leave, and even the weeks after you return. A list of all the important tasks that need to be completed before departure can help to see things more clearly. The timeline for each task should be realistic and priorities designated. Furthermore, it is the same for rendering, which should be anticipated upstream, and the time frame well thought out so as not to create unpleasant surprises a few days before departure.

2. Communicate with customers and suppliers

It is necessary to inform customers and suppliers, but also partners and service providers in advance, about the duration of the holidays. An automated message should also be programmed for email, calls or messages. It should clearly mention the return date and propose a contact person in case of emergency, for example, if the self-employed person works as a team. Transparent communication will increase customer confidence.

3. Finalize ongoing projects

If there are any ongoing projects, it is best to finalize them before leaving. If it is not possible to fulfill them, it will be necessary to delegate command to a colleague or trusted partner. All necessary information has to be sent so that the project can progress during the vacation period.

4. Check Finances

It is always useful to check the status of finances before leaving so as not to add extra mental burden. Whether all invoices have been properly paid, whether any provider payments are pending, etc. Our advice is to at least take a look at your bank account or your cash monitoring tool to make sure everything is in order.

5. Preparing to return

It may be wise to think about a return before leaving. In fact, if there is anticipation of tasks to be done, any unforeseen events, and priorities to be managed after the holidays, it will be easier to detach and thus more at peace. This preparation is also related to the storage and organization of the workplace. Returning to a clean and orderly environment will make it easier to return to work in peace.

6. Set limits upstream

During holidays, the main risk is not being able to disconnect and ultimately, the holidays will not have the desired effect. Before leaving, it is important to decide what you agree to do or not: check email, respond to requests, use social networks… these are all tasks that can be done, even if they only include Take 5 minutes there, take 5 minutes there, pour from end to end, ruin the benefits of the holidays. Defining specific time slots to check email or respond to emergencies can be useful for skipping moments of true disconnection.

For many people, going on vacation means giving up their activity. Yet the holidays are also a great time to reflect on professional and personal goals. Therefore, we should take advantage of this time to take stock of what has been achieved so far and define new objectives to be achieved in the future.

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