8 Entrepreneur Podcasts To Definitely Listen To In 2023

The podcast format, an on-demand audio service, is fast becoming a useful and effective medium for conveying messages. It is a dynamic way of raising awareness on a particular topic.

In this article, we have compiled a list of inspirational entrepreneur podcasts to kick start your entrepreneurial adventure and ensure your business success!

1. Go Entrepreneurs – The Podcast

  • By : go contractors
  • Length of an episode: 15 – 45 minutes
  • posting frequency : 1 to 4 times/month
  • listening platform : Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Audible
  • Some examples of guests : Marc Simoncini (Serial Entrepreneur), Thibaud Hugue de Larouze (Backmarket), Frederic Mazzella (Blablaker), Hugo Travers (Hugodecrypte)
  • our favorite episode : Hugodecrypt: An entrepreneurial career in the service of information!

Go Entrepreneurs is a podcast of the former Salon des Entrepreneurs. Ideal for starting your own business, it generates images, ideas and great plans to guide you. An effective way to hear from today’s entrepreneurs to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

2. The Break – Alexandre Mars Podcast

  • By : alexander march
  • Length of an episode: 1 Hour
  • posting frequency : 1 time/week
  • listening platform : Ausha, Deezer, Apple Podcasts, Spotify
  • Some examples of guests : Jérémy Claudet (Welcome to the Jungle), Nathalie Balla (ex-LA Redoute), Jonathan Anguelov (Aircall), Emmanuel Faber (ISSB and ex-Danone)
  • our favorite episode : Jeremy Claidat, The Entrepreneur Who Helps Your Business Thrive

How about taking time off? A time to stop, listen, explore, laugh. The pause gives you the opportunity to take a break to meet the guests of Alexandre Mars. Through this podcast for entrepreneurs, everyone has agreed to take a break, reveal the downsides of their careers, and present their daily lives.

In this podcast, you’ll find the topics of commitment and mission, success and failure, and of course, entrepreneurship and challenges.

3. Survive – for a meaningful career

  • By : change ticket
  • Length of an episode: 10 – 20 minutes
  • posting frequency : 1 time/week
  • listening platform : Apple Podcasts, Acoust, Spotify, Deezer, Chartable
  • Some examples of guests : Loic Ywickel (Ulule), Hubert Motte (La Vie Est Belt), Mathieu Dardillon (Ticket for Change), Arthur Auboeuf (Time for the Planet)
  • our favorite episode : How to validate your economic model right from the start of your project?

Wakes will provide you with solid testimonials and advice to give meaning to your professional life. Each week you’ll find entrepreneurs who contribute through their profession to the social and environmental issues of today. Everyone shares their best tips based on their life experience!

It is a creation of Tickets for Change, a support organization for change artists.

4. They Dare – Les Echos

  • By : The Echoes Entrepreneurs
  • Length of an episode: 145 minutes – 1 hour
  • posting frequency : 1 time/month
  • listening platform : Acast, Podcast Addict, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer
  • Some examples of guests : Elisabeth Laville (Utopias), Louise Aubrey (MyBetterSelf), Christel Guimarette (Ecoclean), Celine Lazorthes (Lychee Group and Sista)
  • our favorite episode : Lewis Aubery and Laura Lesueur, In Control of Your Life

In “Else Own Dare,” find out how these inspiring women took advantage of the opportunities thrown at them to go higher and further. Testimonials from two women who come to talk about their journeys, successes, and the trials that have shaped their lives.

This podcast for entrepreneurs is a real vehicle of inspiration for those who want to immerse themselves in women entrepreneurship.

5. L’ENVOL, How I Changed My Life

  • By : European 1
  • Length of an episode: 30 – 45 minutes
  • posting frequency : variable
  • listening platform : Europe 1, SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer
  • Some examples of guests : Jean-Marc Pot-de-Vin (Entourage and ex-Yahoo), Jérémy Fayolet (On Purpose), Diane Rotkej (Aristote Institute), Karel Hertzog (Makesense)
  • our favorite episode : How to train well before taking action? With Justin Abecassis and Adele Galley

At L’ENVOL, guests tell the story of the day they decided to leave their office to start a new life full of adventure. How do we get started? Is it complicated to change life, job? The images in this podcast are inspirational and contain advice for those looking to start a new experience.

6. Do It Yourself Generation

  • By : Matthew Stefani
  • Length of an episode: 23 hours
  • posting frequency : 2 times/week
  • listening platform : Spotify, Apple Podcast, Deezer, Google Podcast, Amazon Music
  • Some examples of guests : Charles Cristori (Le Van), Cyril Chiche (Lydia), Martin Solveig (Alma Studio), Lucie Bash (Too Good to Go)
  • our favorite episode : 316 Florent Malbranche – Brigade – Starting with an Excel, Raising €33M and Innovating Service Businesses

GDIY analyzes in detail the journeys and successes of those who have ventured into it. Starting from the observation that we are what our crew reflects, Matthew Stefani invites entrepreneurs, athletes or even artists to unfiltered interviews recounting their history. An engrossment in his daily life and a model of initiative.

7. New Eye

  • By : Victoria Guilloman
  • Length of an episode: 30 – 45 minutes
  • posting frequency : 1 time/week
  • listening platform : Apple Podcasts, Ausha, Spotify, Deezer
  • Some examples of guests : Satish Kumar (Schumacher College), Anne Ghesquière (Metamorphosis), Michel Symes (doctor and host), Rémi Bussin (Brute)
  • our favorite episode : 138 Satish Kumar (Indian activist): “The Art of Simplicity”

Each week, this podcast for entrepreneurs invites you to take a fresh look to gain perspective on current issues. From half an hour to 45 minutes, you’ll be able to listen to engaging people boost your confidence and give you the courage to make your dreams come true!

8. Once Upon a Time Contractors

  • By : Laurent Braut and Inspire Media
  • Length of an episode: 15 min
  • posting frequency : 1 time/week
  • listening platform : Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Deezer
  • Some examples of guests : Tobias Lutke (Shopify), Denis Chalumeau (Selogar), Apollonia Poilane (Poilane Bakery), Guillaume Fourdinier (Agricool)
  • our favorite episode : Tobias Lutke – Shopify: From Reluctant CEO to Billionaire

In this podcast, Laurent Brough explains the secrets and difficulties of successful entrepreneurs in about fifteen minutes. Anecdotes, key moments and occasional setbacks, you’ll learn all about the lives of the entrepreneurs who mark their time.

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