LinkedIn Analytics: The Guide to Analyzing and Optimizing Your B2B Marketing

LinkedIn Analytics lists several important metrics to help you understand how your company page is performing. You can get information about your traffic, clicks, shares, comments and more! These metrics will help you understand how your posts are performing, so you can continually improve your strategy on LinkedIn.

How to properly use LinkedIn Analytics for your business and understand the indicators displayed? We tell you all about the key metrics to follow!

“Visitors” section

This section gives you an overview of who has visited your business page. It helps you get valuable information on the profiles of internet users who are attracted to you. the gain? You can use this demographic data to improve the profile of your prospects and develop more relevant, more engaging content.
You will be able to track metrics such as:

  • page view
  • Unique visitors: which excludes data from multiple visits by the same user
  • The number of clicks on your call-to-action
  • Demographic data on visitors: professional activity, position, field of activity, the size and experience of their company, geographic location, etc.

growth percentage

Next to the key metrics, you see growth over the past month. This lets you know whether your performance is up or down. Obviously, the norm is of ever-increasing values. However, if you have seasonal activity, it is normal to notice a slowdown in performance during certain periods.

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number of unique visitors

The number of unique visitors also gives you an indication of your notoriety. To make it relevant, link it to your boosted posts and ongoing campaigns. If you advertise on LinkedIn or have done massive digital communications in the past month, that figure should go up! If it is not, it means that you are not highlighting your LinkedIn page enough.


Knowing your demographics is of utmost importance in assessing the quality of your content. You can filter the chart by several parameters:

  • Celebration
  • place
  • hierarchical level
  • region
  • company size

Use these analytics to optimize your content strategy: Use this data to create content by profile. You will be able to reach your prospect better!

“News” section

This section provides you with indicators related to the engagement generated by your publications. You search for the most popular content and the ones that don’t work.

To measure the quality of your posts, pay attention to the following metrics:

  • Impressions: The number of times people have viewed your content (including reviews).
  • Unique impressions: The number of times people have viewed your content, not including revisits.
  • Clicks: The number of times people clicked on your link.
  • Video views: How many people watched your video for 3 seconds or more.

Your page update data is extremely useful for promoting and optimizing your content strategy. Impressions, shares, clicks… are valuable indicators to know the preferences of your audience.

“Members” Section

This is where you will learn all about your customers and your competitive universe!

This section gives you the total number of subscribers to your page as well as the number of new followers you have gained in the last 30 days. but that’s not all…

Subscriber Settings

More interestingly, a line graph displays the growth of your followers, which allows you to analyze the periods when you gain or lose followers. This table also shows you sponsored data so that you can analyze the impact of your ads and sponsored content.

companies to follow

Need to benchmark your performance against competitors? Check out the “Companies to Watch” table to find competing pages and compare your important metrics.

This section allows you to get to know the players of the field well, get inspired and establish yourself. You can visit the proposed pages to see if you can extract some best practices and improve upon them!

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By tracking these metrics, you can learn more about your followers and their interactions with your posts. Through regular analysis, you will be able to optimize your LinkedIn strategy so that it can help you achieve your business goals.

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