It is possible to work with competitors!

Colleagues often bring competing companies together. As the links are forged, entrepreneurs see opportunities that present themselves, including those who seek and join forces to achieve greater success. inconsistent. Impossible. The idea of ​​working with competitors creates epidermal reactions within companies that are fighting against them day in and day out for survival. Yet there are many people who have one day tried to experiment with more or less success. What are the reasons that may prompt competitors to associate? Can this linkage be viable for all markets?

Why give it a shot?

In the context of crisis and budget constraints, local authorities, project owners and customers are becoming more and more suspicious of guarantees offered by companies. If loyalty once rewarded the seriousness they displayed and the confidence they expressed, companies note the erosion of this relationship with dismay. We opt for the lowest prices to the detriment of quality of work. One is wary of the persistence of a partner to whom one wishes to entrust a large contract. We think in the short term. To counter this, some managers of VSEs and SMEs sometimes engage in “unnatural” partnerships. Clearly displaying yourself in a group with your competitors in the market means showing that, together, you are more solid and capable of providing service. It is more reassuring to know that one of the members will be able to compensate for the potential failure of the other.

On the other hand, it restricts the choice of decision makers. In the world of design offices, for example, over the years we have seen a mix of small and large structures, despite having similar skills. The idea is that it’s better to share rather than just collect pieces. This merger also fosters less competition. After some negotiation, one participant may wish to withdraw from one market if the other participant does the same in another.

Which market to join?

Joining forces with one or more competitors cannot be arranged. The group must provide added value, and it is understandable that this can be negotiated, but the redundancy of commercial, administrative and managerial activities (not to mention the time it takes to approach a competitor, discuss, negotiate) to), can lead to very high prices. This practice is therefore not feasible for small markets or clients with limited means, except in special domains or situations. On the other hand, in situations where the importance of price is balanced by the quality of technology or services, and that amounts to allowing everyone to do well, why hesitate?

get started!

The approach of contact is not intuitive, except on occasion of fairs and meetings. Yet these are opportune times. The atmosphere is generally more relaxed, the telephone rings less, the discussions of principle have their place. However, banging around the bush isn’t useful more than logic. Everyone is able to understand the interest of being involved or not. It is enough to observe each other’s health to see that structures that function alone are more vulnerable and that those capable of eliminating traditional policies and (legitimate) mistrust of their leaders can easily do well. are able to.

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