Libeo, a company that wants to revolutionize the business-to-business payments space

Pierre Dutaret, Jeremy Ateuil and Pierre-Antoine Glandier have just raised €4 million to accelerate the deployment of their Libeo solution, a solution that simplifies the management and payment of supplier invoices.

encountered an idea arising from a concern

The idea came to Pierre Dutaret, who faced recurring difficulty after founding his restaurant, which had become a major conglomerate in France. To continue to grow and manage his business, he uses a number of management software, but is looking for a solution that allows him to reduce his time in day-to-day management and allows him to manage his finances. Gives a better perspective. Surprised to find that there is no equipment to meet his expectations, he sets out on a quest, but without success, for many years in both France and Europe to find it, while in the United States a solution. is present. With a background in finance and data management in his blood, he decided to set up his business in January 2019 with Pierre-Antoine Glandier, engineered by Jeremy Atueil, a serial entrepreneur, former lawyer specializing in banking issues and training and payments specialist. Did. And of the technology passed by BlaBlaCar.

first stage of business

They began by developing the solution with their partners and released, in the summer of 2019, a minimum viable product known as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product in French, editor’s note) to conduct marketing tests for their product. Can you The first challenge is to find out if there is a real need, which is shared by the largest number and they decide to meet with a number of potential customers to verify their hypothesis. They do the first fundraising to finance the first development and give themselves the means to continue. It is then a question of building a relevant team on technical topics with developers who at the same time have sensitivity to the product and therefore with an appetite for financial management if possible. Also, the team is looking at the banking authorization they have received since November, the date they begin to deliver the solution.

to accelerate a second fundraising

But entrepreneurs don’t stop here and want to accelerate their growth and deployment. If the first fundraiser can get them there, they’re determined to move even faster in a second. They want to work on two axes. First, a technical pivot to make it a real platform“Today the software was designed to be used separately by companies and our vision is that this way of doing things will disappear in favor of platforms that allow all users to connect.” The founder tells us. Then for deployment, ie delivery aspect as confirmed to us by the manager “Our tool allows you to pay suppliers and view their finances. The latter interact with the platform and we want to encourage them to get involved.” Thanks to investors sensitive to this issue, this second fundraising was done in the specific context of COVID19. If they are already thinking internationally, they don’t want to start in the short term and rapidly improve the platform so that it becomes necessary on both the customer and supplier side. They are now just waiting for the answer to this question: “Will they manage to distribute it to as many people as possible?” ,

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