7 Keys to Becoming Attractive to the Media

Going into the media promotes a company, which then becomes a benchmark in its field and attracts many more customers. But how do you get the attention of journalists? Here are seven tips that can keep you ahead of your competitors!

distribute press releases

Write to the media during the launch of a new product, for example, or an opening. To entice the reporter, produce a short and concise article, no longer than one page, but clear and well written. Highlight your business there, with slogans, photos describing your activity, and above all, present your project with all the details you want to highlight to attract customers.

get noticed

Promote your business on blogs, billboards. Respond to media announcements when they are looking for new testimonials! Schedule press conferences to talk about your thriving business, and be innovative, full of projects to come. Remember to update your website frequently, and take surveys to find out what visitors like to see. Customers will love to engage in your business and you will show the drive you attract to the media.

Schedule an event or conference

Organize the day to bring people together around your activity. You can offer workshops to explore your activity, demonstrations (very popular in the craft trade) or even conferences on topical topics to show your company’s involvement and its response to information affecting its field. Huh.

attend trade shows

Journalists are often present at major trade fairs. Get noticed there! Make the presentation of your stand so that it attracts attention, creating an especially attractive prospectus, activities related to your field, slide shows, posters summarizing your strengths in a few lines. Don’t hesitate to go and talk to reporters yourself. If you have prepared a solid pitch in advance, they will undoubtedly provide you with an interview!

grow with the seasons

Every year, the media dedicate some pages or some advertisements for different holidays and is always looking for different ways to contact them. Create special and innovative products for Easter, Christmas… and advertise them to journalists. They will be glad to find new themes for these great occasions!

Surf on current trends like ecology

Saving the planet has now become a priority, and many people prefer to approach companies that have implemented an environmental approach. Emphasize your involvement in CSR, so that customers can associate your company with sustainable growth. Journalists know that protecting the environment is something that attracts readers, so naturally you will attract journalists. If you get certified, even better!

Be dynamic and innovative

When an innovation emerges in your industry, first figure out how to use it. Show everyone what benefits it gives you and the technological advancements you are making. You can also try to improve it yourself, it is proof that you are investing dynamically in your sector. The media will see you as an innovative and motivated player, and will be more likely to generate a testimonial.

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