Fizzer, a start-up that celebrates the most important moments in your life

In recent years, postcards have come back into fashion. But not old-fashioned postcards, no. Now is the time for privatization. What could be better than a beautiful souvenir that you made yourself during the holidays to please your mom or your grandma to give her the news or announce a happy event?

Fizzer is the application that allows you to create cards and albums with your photos! Are you organizing a birthday party? Quickly create your invitations with a picture or more of your kids. Are you in Brazil and want to send a memory to your family? Choose photos that tell you about your trip, compose your message, sign with your fingers, verify and it’s sent! Your recipient will be surprised to receive an actual postcard in their letterbox! As you can see, now sending postcards doesn’t rhyme with work, it’s quick and easy.

Send your cards with the Fizzer app

Fizzer is an application that allows you to create personalized birthday cards or unique postcards with your own photos. Any more postcards with pictures of the beach, photo montages seen and reviewed, or pictures of flowers or kittens, postcards you can find anywhere. Start-up Fizzer itself shows its own postcards. Choose a blank or illustrated postcard according to the available themes: Birthday, Wedding, Birth, Travel…

What are the benefits with Fizzer?

First, Fizzer allows you to create and send personalized and unique postcards. No need to spend an entire afternoon researching, writing down and sending your cards, you can manage everything in minutes from your mobile phone or computer. Not only do you save time, but the price isn’t as high if you want to buy your card and pay off the stamp. Why ? The price of a personalized postcard includes the card, printing, envelope and worldwide postage. The price remains the same regardless of the destination! Finally, it is very fast, if you are on the other side of the world, your card does not need to cross the Atlantic, thanks to the application it is sent directly from France.

How does the Fizzer app work?

To create your personalized cards, all you have to do is open the Fizzer application on web or mobile, choose a card design from over 2000 resolutions, choose one or more photos, enter your text and sign if you wish. , and voila! Once you verify your creation, Pfizer prints and ships your card within 24 business hours. Yes, they are not virtual cards but real paper postcards!

Who is behind the fizzer?

Fizzer is the story of two childhood friends, Baptiste and Vincent, who, during their ski vacation, stop sending their cards until the very last moment. With a strong desire to stay cool and warm outside, a fizzer was emerging in his mind. Idea? Modernize traditional postcards and make sending the good news easier. They then decide to quit their respective jobs and start a developer training at Le Wagon. It was during this training that he met Thibaut, the third head of the Pfizer project.

From the beginning, the application has evolved a lot. Confident with remote work (100% remote), the founders have built a team of 20 people spread across all four corners of the globe. Indeed, currently, Fizzer has over 1.3 million users in France and abroad, and sends out at least 6 million cards each year. Congratulations to the three founders of Fizzer for their brilliant idea, which now allows unique, personalized cards to be sent quickly and easily to a vast number of users!

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