10 Examples of Entrepreneurs Who Didn’t Initially Plan to Start Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur’s classic course is often marked by lengthy study and a deep business understanding. However, many of them have become famous for their unusual journey, which did not let anyone imagine that one day they would reach new heights.

1. Jack Ma and Alibaba Site

Jack Ma is arguably the most famous person in China for founding the Alibaba site. This former English teacher is actually the head of an empire worth more than $230 billion, far ahead of Facebook and Amazon. Nothing predestined this modest civil servant to become an entrepreneur with undeniable success, earning about $3.5 billion in 2014.

2. Craig Newmark and His Craigslist Site

It was just by chance that Craig Newmark became an entrepreneur according to his own words, a pioneer of social sites and classifieds. The founder of the Craigslist website in 1995 aimed more at political activism and began to gain recognition among the people of San Francisco.

3. Santiago Uno Builds Saratoga Capital

With the 1997 global financial crisis, Sandiaga Uno decided to take his own destiny into his own hands. Losing his job and finding himself without resources, this young Indonesian founded Saratoga Capital, which has grown into one of the most highly rated investment companies in Indonesia today.

4. James Caine, CEO of Bear Stern

An enthusiast of the game of bridge and cards, James Caine was completely uninterested in the corporate world. At 73 years old, he is now a retired billionaire and one of the best bridge players in the world. Spotted by the sulfurous Alan Greenspan, who had hired him as a broker, James Caine became CEO of Bear Stern, one of the largest investment banks in the world.

5. Safran CEO Philippe Petitcolin

The son of a farmer and former mathematics professor, Philippe Petitcolin is today the managing director of Safran, listed on CAC 40. He has risen through the ranks of the hierarchy to become the owner of one of the most prominent French multinationals. aeronautical sector.

6. Aldo Vasti formed the company Castanou-Cambelong

Coming from an Italian family and emigrating to France, Aldo Vasti was not destined to become the epitome of recycling. His start was tough and starting with the treatment of all kinds of waste, he was able to make his company in Castanou-Cambalong a national pride, which also earned him the Legion of Honour.

7. Fabrice Laru, CEO of DI Group

Fabrice LaRue, CEO of DI Group, a subsidiary of luxury giant LVMH, has started off his professional career badly. After dropping out of school before BEPC, this boss has shown perseverance and perseverance to rise to the top of the media.

Coming from a modest background with a family and having to work since the age of 14 to help his ailing father, Jean-Claude Borrelier created the Brichorama brand, specializing in DIY. It was in Paris that he had a series of food jobs before deciding to build his own business and establish himself.

9. Mohamed Altrad, CEO of the Altrad Group

Born into a more than modest family in the middle of the desert in Syria, Mohamed Altrad is the head of one of the gems of French industry. Altrad Group is one of the European leaders in the construction industry. This unusual boss recently even received the world title of Entrepreneur of the Year 2014!

The young French rugby prodigy with an intriguing track record, Thierry Dussoutoire, now 33, is the co-founder of Miss Innovation, a mobile marketing company that continues to grow. This veteran athlete was able to ensure the rebuilding of his future in the business world, while his sports career was at the top level.

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