Checklists to Display If You Don’t Want to Forget Anything When You Throw a Box

Are you going to open your business soon, but you are afraid to forget an important step or formality? The best way to avoid this problem is to prepare a checklist.

noteworthy steps

• Confirm the professional address:
Before taking steps to realize your project, you will need a professional address to obtain registration from Trade Register (RCS), Trade Directory or URSF. You can work from your home or rent an outside room.

• Find a catchy company name
It should reflect your field of activity, but also your personality.

• Register your business
A search in the commercial register will allow you to check if this company name already exists. If it is a craft activity, you must register with the business directory; For business activity, contact the Business Formalities Center (CFE); For eclectic activity registration should be done in URSAAF.

• Publish your company creation
In order to formalize the launch of your company or your company, it will be necessary to publish an announcement in the Official Bulletin of Civil and Commercial Declarations.

• Inform the post office about the opening of your business is also one of the necessary formalities

• Open a Professional Account Required for the financial transactions of your business in the bank

• Proceed to purchase professional insurance

• Fill out the membership form for an occupational therapy center, if you are planning to hire employees,

• Three months after registering your business, Join the Pension Fund.

expected expenditure

For the formation of a commercial enterprise, you will have to pay the following amounts:

– Registration in the Register of Business and Companies (RCS): € 25.34
– Registration in Business and Companies Register (RCS) by individuals under micro-social setup: Free.

  • Registration in Business Directory (RM): €130 on average (this amount varies by department)
  • Registration in Business Directory (RM) by people under micro-social setup: Free.

• 60 euros for registering in the business register
• 45 euros if it is a sole proprietorship
185 euros to register the craft trade in the directory of trades (amount varies by departments)
• In addition, registration with Ursaf is free for liberal businesses.
to build a company
150 to 350 EUR HT (being able to pay as little as possible) depending on the size of the advertisement for publication in the newspaper of the legal notice.

pay attention: If your business is in the craft sector, you must have the required diploma in the declared profession. Otherwise, you will have to complete a management internship (approximately 250 Euros).

receipt of your project

All you have to do is do the following analysis:

• A market study : An essential step to fully understand the current state of the market in which your business operates. This analysis also includes the choice of your box’s location (street, district, building) and the identity of the competition.

• a business plan : This document should reflect your organizational structure and the way you operate.

• A Marketing Strategy Operations: which includes planning how you want your business to grow; That includes forecasting operating costs and the potential profitability of your activity.

Many new entrepreneurs do these three studies themselves (which prove to be more economical), but others prefer to contact experts familiar with these practices.

As you can see, an up-to-date checklist will prove to be a valuable tool to give you peace of mind in your role as an entrepreneur.

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