Why do we have to do Dainik Jagran?

With the emergence of the Internet, all companies from the largest groups to SMEs and VSEs can now conduct effective surveillance. This process is now widely accessible and affordable, and makes it possible for companies to profitably refine their strategy. The processing of information is a key element in continually adapting to market developments. What are the essential things to know about the day before?

Internet Surveillance Principle

Watch is a process for companies to monitor their sector through various online publications. It aims to collect and then sort relevant information to stay abreast of the latest trends. We talk about strategic watch when it comes to study the market on a daily basis to stay ahead in your field. Various types of monitoring can also be implemented: awareness monitoring, monitoring the law to check that a company’s brand image has not changed online, innovation, and customer habits, practices of customers or competitors. .

interest to companies

For companies, monitoring is a simple and effective way to optimize their marketing approach, improve their products, not lag behind the competition or thwart negative publicity. A strategic watch is more essential than ever for companies to grow: in a very competitive market, being aware of innovations and customer practices is essential. However, it is a heavy task to be done on a daily basis, which requires the organization to do it wisely. For this it is possible to use intelligent agents, software that automates the process of online surveillance, such as Copernicus.

monitoring equipment

Monitoring tools are diverse and offer companies many possibilities. For start-ups, it is recommended to turn to easy-to-learn services. The NetVibes platform makes it possible to monitor social media in real time, providing functionality for the analysis of the data thus collected. A free service like Google Alerts also makes it easy to find the latest posts from a list of relevant keywords. Among the social networks optimized for day one, Twitter is one of the most practical, with its search engine and its subscription system that allows information to be sorted naturally.

These tools will allow you to keep up-to-date with publications from sites that do not have an RSS feed.

  • Allows you to create a news feed even from sites that don’t natively support it, and thus follow up with the publication of new articles with the possibility of personalizing your feed.
  • Provides single page access to all new articles from your reference sites, or to all new publications on a given field (design, technology, automotive, cinema, fashion, etc.).
  • scoop it Allows you to recover, edit and share data.
  • Paper.Lee or Press Jack Allows you to create your own newsletter based on content gathered from the web
  • Netvibes Real It is an effective online tool to organize your web monitoring by creating thematic dashboards that offer several predefined widgets. Track multiple sources of information simultaneously and handle a variety of common tasks.
  • talkwalker Provides its users with a dashboard allowing quality analysis. It’s interface is quite easy to use and has intuitive features that make the related tasks easy.

Companies using day-to-day monitoring

Hi-tech companies, where innovation prevails, cannot ignore the day-to-day clock. Based in Grenoble, the Atmel company, which designs integrated circuits, employs four full-time people in this field. In terms of image monitoring, Nestle Group is one of the most developed. Since the poor discussion caused by Greenpeace in 2010, the company has completely revised its organization: a team based at its head office in Vevey constantly analyzes Internet users’ opinions to react to any bad publicity. Is. Faced with demand, companies have specialized in this area, such as the French company Digimind, which has been publishing customized software packages since 1998, or the monitoring firm CIM.

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