Becoming a Chimney Sweep Auto-Entrepreneur in 2022, Is It Possible?

The Chimney Sweep profession is a short supply profession and highly sought after for its expertise. Do you want to work as a Chimney Sweep in your account? In this article, we give you all the keys to becoming a chimney sweep.

Why Become a Self Employed Chimney Sweep?

Your main missions as Chimney Sweep will include:

  • Maintenance of fireplaces, gas, fuel, oil and wood burning stoves
  • Cleaning stoves, incinerators, heaters, boilers, ventilation ducts and smoke exhausts.
  • Performing minor masonry work on walls, partitions and ceilings as part of chimney installation or maintenance of ducts and casing. You will also need to repair the wood stove.
  • Verification of compliance of chimney effluents with safety and fire standards: This also includes advice to individuals and companies in chimney cleaning.

Each department has its own broad responsibilities and procedures. Be aware, however, that sweeping is required at least once a year. So you will not be out of demand. Therefore your high season will be autumn and winter when the demand for after use of fireplaces and other heating systems will be high. Chimney sweep missions are precise and require expertise. In addition, the rules are on your side because thanks to them you are guaranteed to always be on demand.

As a self-employed individual, you will benefit from a flexible position along with simplified accounting management. If your company exceeds the self-employment limit (€72,500 in the provision of services or €176,200 in sales), you can easily change the situation.

To what degree does it take to become a self-employed chimney sweep?

The profession of self-employed chimney sweep is a regulated profession. To be able to practice, you must have had chimney sweeping training. The latter corresponds to CAP or BEP training in masonry, plating or maintenance, a “Chimney-Sweeper-Smoke-Fireer” Technical Certificate, a “Chimney-Sweeper-Smoke-Fireer” Technical Trade Certificate or a “Chimney-Sweeper-Smoke-Fireer” technical certificate. Firer” issued by the Center for Study and Training for Climate Engineering and Technical Construction Equipment.

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The good news, if you are able to justify the level of 3 years experience in the profession (as self-employed or salaried employee), you can obtain a Certificate of Professional Qualification of Master Chimney Sweep issued by the Chamber of Trades and craft, even if you haven’t had any training.

Thus, you can become a self employed chimney sweep without diploma on this single condition. Also note that if you have 1 year experience as a Chimney Sweep, you can request Verification of Experience Acquired (VAE). Please note that receiving it is conditional. VAE will allow you to obtain certification from the National Directory of Professional Certificates.

In addition to training to be successful in your job, you must possess the qualities of technical skill, rigor, communication skills and good physical condition.

We strongly recommend that you also follow an Installation Preparation Course (SPI). Formerly mandatory, it is a training that allows you to learn the basics of entrepreneurship and business management.

What are the rules for becoming a Chimney Sweep-Auto-Entrepreneur?

Chimney sweeping is a highly regulated profession. Make sure you meet all of these criteria before starting. Several points need attention such as:

  • good reputation terms You must not be restricted, directly or indirectly, from directing, managing, administering or controlling any commercial enterprise. This is valid even if you have been given a full complement sentence prohibiting the practice of a complementary social or professional activity. Know that there exists a National File of Prohibition (Fnig) for management. It identifies all persons subject to this restriction after conviction or personal or business bankruptcy.
  • Citation : Before performing any service, you need to establish an estimate for your customers so that they can choose your services in full detail. Benefit amount. This must be signed by you and your customer before your service can begin.
  • rates : As a craftsman, it is imperative that you inform your customers about the details of applicable rates, travel expenses or cost of fixed services. This information should also be displayed in a legible manner on your premises and on your website, if necessary. You must also specify the terms and conditions relating to the protection of the changed elements.
  • ten years guarantee : As a construction and public works professional, you should be covered under a ten-year guarantee. Ten year guarantee is an insurance that covers all the damages caused by work for 10 years after the completion of work.
  • Note : At the end of your service, you must immediately provide an invoice to your customer for payment of the amount along with the payment date. It will protect you in case of non-payment. For this you need to consider equipping yourself with invoicing software.

Note, for any service amounting to more than 150€, you will also need to provide a termination note. It contains key information of the invoice like contact details, amount, prices details. In order to be able to justify your work under administrative control you must provide one copy to your client and keep another for 2 years.

What are the self-employment options to become a chimney sweeper?

To become an independent chimney sweep, you can opt for legal positions other than self-employment. In this table you will find a summary of all the possible options along with their main features.

Situation Qualities
Sole Proprietorship (IE) The payment of social contributions is quite complicated because of the complex calculation system.
Sole Proprietorship with Limited Liability (EIRL) Allows you to better protect your personal assets
Sole Proprietorship with Limited Liability (EURL) The manager’s free remuneration serves as the basis for calculating Social Security contributions.
SASU (Simplified Single Member Joint Stock Company) More expensive plan than EURL, suitable if you want to grow over the long term

What are the Other Obligations for Starting a Chimney Sweeping Business?

Get the right hardware and software

You will need to equip yourself with the right equipment such as a rope, a ladder, a wide handgrip, a pole, and a professional vehicle. These tools represent a substantial investment that you will have to anticipate.

You will need to obtain administrative management software to allow you to monitor your company’s activity. In addition, we recommend you to pass the certification qualibat cleaning smoke To assess your technical skills as well as your legal and administrative credibility. This will be a major asset to differentiate you from your competition.

Subscribe to Professional Insurance

As mentioned earlier, second-hand construction professionals must have a ten-year guarantee. In addition, you should also be covered by professional liability insurance. The latter covers you against damages you may cause to third parties in the course of your Services.

open a professional account

To manage your business, you need to open a business bank account. We recommend you to inquire from traditional banks as well as online banks which sometimes offer more interesting offers in terms of price.

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What Salary for a Self Employed Chimney Sweep?

On average, a self-employed chimney sweep can expect to gross between 2000 and 3000€ per month. A service is invoiced on average between 40 and 80 € but the amount varies by city. For example, in Paris the amount can be €15 and more.

Can you become a chimney sweeper without a diploma?

You can’t do a chimney sweep without a diploma. However, if you have 3 years of experience in the profession as a self-employed individual or employee, you can obtain a certification from the Chamber of Trades and Arts.

What is the legal status to become a self-employed chimney sweep?

Several positions are possible, such as EI, Auto-Enterprise, SASU and EURL.

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