5 advantages of integrating nurseries

Creating a start-up is a personal and business challenge, which appears both as a challenge and as a new risk that can be established at several levels: family, social, financial or career planning level. Many, however, do not hesitate to quit a remunerative job or start straight during or straight away from a cycle of higher education to embark on this great entrepreneurial adventure, avoiding countless job interviews for a well-known end-of-study internship. Huh.

In recent years, the French entrepreneurial landscape has become denser, expressed around a number of more or less large and more or less dynamic ecosystems, operated especially recently by incubators, nurseries and accelerators . A business incubator is a structure that will support, host and welcome a start-up and project leader, giving it an ideal framework for the sustainable development of their company. But what are the real advantages of nursery?

attractive rates

It’s the number one reason that often drives entrepreneurs to turn to incubators: Premises are often much cheaper than a classic office rental from a commercial lessee. On the other hand, they almost always provide material support by providing furnished offices, meeting rooms, telephone, fax, etc. Establishment of business incubators has become one of the privileged means of supporting the initiators of innovative projects, from idea to completion. Today, the option of coworking offices also represents a solution if you want to integrate cheap premises but the price adds up quickly if you have to integrate new employees.

a structure that oversees and supports

In addition to campus, an incubator provides real support, long-term support, practical workshops and a network of professionals. So often support for any new business by reducing the financial constraints. This is extremely important when you begin to receive outside feedback on your project because objectivity is often not an entrepreneur’s strong point. However, you need to structure your project and give your business a good start.

Building a business is an enduring challenge, where nothing is achieved. An entrepreneur goes through ups and downs, and being around people who are going through similar struggles is a way to stay together and grow together.

An incubator is also a structure that benefits from a network that it can provide to a hosted start-up so as not to be alone in an obstacle or development of its product, but conversely to surround good people. ,


A nursery provides space to work together. This opens up the possibility of sharing knowledge and information. This gives rise to collaborative work and many events are often organized, even meetings with other structures on the site. If we often think that it is simply a question of doing business, or even selling our offer to other companies, these meetings allow you to build relationships with your peers first and foremost. Seeing other people getting involved in a budding business can also excite you. Finally, building a link with them can help you get answers to questions you ask yourself, or even to find potential partners.

additional services

Incubators are typically able to provide a range of services that allow start-ups to shut down non-value-added operations to focus on their company’s growth. Thus, incubators often form partnerships to provide profitable rates for certain services or to offer direct support and monitoring to start-ups. Don’t hesitate to ask about its services which may prove useful now but also in future.

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