Become a Stuart Courier in 2022

Stuart’s is a “last mile” distribution company with locations in approximately 100 cities. Thanks to its fleet of independent couriers, it ensures fast and optimized cycle delivery to its clients. Do you want to learn more about the courier’s mission and how to become a Stuart delivery person? Follow Our Guide!

What is Stuart Courier?

A few words about Stuart

Stuart is a delivery platform that provides local and urban freight transport. It is an intermediary between its customer companies (merchants, e-commerce, restaurants, etc.) and personal or professional customers. All fields of activity are therefore related: catering, commerce, e-commerce, retail, etc. Its clients include big names like Carrefour, McDonald’s, CDiscount and even FnacDarty.

Stuart is now present in 6 European countries and over 100 cities.

The company, formed in 2015, seeks to offer a sustainable, fast and efficient delivery method. For this, it relies on a network of independent couriers geolocated using a mobile application, who make deliveries by bike in the city.

Mission of a Stuart Courier

Stuart Courier is a self-employed courier that transports goods by bicycle on behalf of Stuart customers. Unlike Uber Eats deliverers, which only deliver food, Stuart couriers can be required to deliver any type of package, as long as it can be transported by bicycle: flowers, clothes, food, groceries. Luggage, parcels, personal belongings, etc.

nice to know

Using a cargo bike, you can transport a wide variety of packages, including the largest or most delicate.

Thanks to a mobile application, Stuart Couriers is informed of delivery offers, collection location and delivery location and travels by bicycle or cargo bike are completed as quickly as possible.

Stuart’s is open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. You can manage your work hours in two ways:

implementation the profit
free Free connection as per your availability Flexibility, no commitment
Change Reservation of shift one week in advance better pay

Training to be a Stuart Delivery Person

No training is required to become a Stuart Delivery Person. This is a job accessible to anyone who meets the following prerequisites:

  • be of legal age and have a valid identification document;
  • be authorized to work in France;
  • have the status of an individual entrepreneur;
  • iPhone is an iOS 10+ or ​​Android 5+ smartphone;
  • Is a bicycle or cargo bike.

Qualities Required to Be a Stuart Courier

Even if no training is necessary, a number of personal attributes allow you to access and complete these types of missions more easily.

You have to be athletic and like being outside to be able to make deliveries by bike quickly, regardless of weather conditions. Being comfortable with highway codes and driving in an urban environment saves you some risks. Good organization, great autonomy and developed relationships are also important to be able to manage delivery schedules and provide quality service to customers.

build your own business

The couriers are Stuart’s service providers. As a result, he is invited to start his own business to be able to offer his delivery services to Stuart. A number of legal situations are possible, including a sole proprietorship or EIRL. But it is often the micro enterprise that is privileged.

nice to know

Micro enterprise brings many advantages including speed and simplicity of construction and management.

Creating a micro enterprise is actually very simple. From the website, you can create your micro-enterprise in just a few clicks and quickly get a SIREN number and a K-Bis extract of your company. These documents will be requested by Stuart when registering as a self-employed delivery person.

For those put off by administrative processes, you can delegate the construction of your micro-enterprise to an outside service provider. A chartered accountant online or in a firm, LegalTech or even a lawyer can take care of the process for you.

Register on the Stuart Platform

Once your self-employed business is created, you can start registering on the Stuart platform. It consists of several steps:

  • You complete a form available on their website;
  • After watching a video about the Stuart Company and a courier’s mission, you answer an MCQ;
  • You go to an information session hosted by Stuart near you, during which you finalize your registration, sign a service agreement and collect your equipment.

You can then download the Stuart and Staffomatic application, which allows you to manage your shift and delivery schedules. If everything goes smoothly, you can be ready to make your first delivery just 72 hours after registering online!

Other Formalities

As a micro-entrepreneur, you are also subject to certain formalities.

First you need to open a bank account. If your turnover is less than €10,000, it does not need to be separated from your personal bank account. But it is still wise to separate your professional and personal transactions into two separate accounts. While opening a professional bank account is not required, a classic bank account is sufficient. You can opt for a pro bank for the self-employed or a traditional bank. But first make sure it accepts micro enterprise status, even if it is a bank account for individuals, at the risk of it being closed.

To protect yourself from risks related to your activity, you should also think about professional insurance. At Stuart, your service contract gives you access to a professional civil liability insurance contract with Allianz and accident and supplemental health insurance with AXA.

How much does a Stuart delivery person get paid?

The remuneration of a Stuart delivery person is as flexible as the hours worked! It is based on two elements: variable compensation and a number of bonuses that complement your income.

Many factors affect your business:

  • number of races performed;
  • the distance between the collection point and the place of delivery;
  • the city where you work;
  • weather conditions;
  • days worked (holiday or not);
  • Working hours (free or shift).

It is difficult to give the average turnover achieved by Stuart Courier as it depends on all these elements. You are in control of your remuneration and can customize it as per your organization. Stuart assured that a delivery person could earn up to €15 per hour and €300 per week working Friday evenings and weekends.

Remuneration can also be supplemented by tips paid by customers, specific to each delivery person.

As a reminder, the turnover of the self-employed delivery person is limited at €72,600 per year.

Remuneration is paid weekly by bank transfer. You also get an activity summary that will help you complete your mandatory announcements.

Courier Stuart: Summary

A French company with presence in more than 100 European cities, Stuart offers independent couriers the possibility to make deliveries by bicycle in urban areas and in full autonomy.

To become a Stuart delivery person, you need to create a micro enterprise and register online on the Stuart website.

As Stuart Courier, you manage your planning and organization during Stuart’s opening hours. Your income is based on several elements, including the distance covered for each delivery and city of establishment, and is supplemented by various bonuses according to the Stuart remuneration grid.

questions to ask

What is the salary of Stuart Courier?

Remuneration varies by city, distance covered for each delivery and various possible bonuses. A Stuart courier can earn up to €15/hour.

Can You Be a Stuart Delivery Person Without a Diploma?

Yes, no degree is required to be a Stuart delivery person.

In which cities to become a Stuart Courier?

Stuart is present in about 100 cities, including major cities in France.

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