Become a Florist The Complete Guide to 2022!

Each year, 1000 to 1300 florist positions are available. Flowers are sought after in areas of mass distribution, franchises or independent shops. You can also become a florist by starting your own business. If you want to know more about this profession then read this article.

Becoming a Florist: Definition and Mission

The florist’s profession is a combination of craftsmanship, art and commerce. A florist is a specialist in botany, plants and horticulture.

If you want to become a florist, you must have knowledge of plants (maintenance, method of cultivation, symbolism). You also need to take care of them by watering and pruning them.

The florist is also a businessman. He must welcome, listen, advise and retain customers. The florist must manage his stock, his accounts and his orders.

You also need to be creative with the flower arrangements and layout of your shop.

Can you become a florist without a diploma?

No special diploma is required to become a florist. You may decide to become a florist during your career change and without a diploma beforehand. However, it is strongly recommended to take more or less retraining course to know the basics of this job. You can ask the CPF (Personal Training Account) what it offers.

Several diplomas are possible to become a florist:

  • Cap florist, between one and three years old;
  • BP or BM florist in two years;
  • Bac Pro Driving Horticulture Production;
  • Bac Pro Technician Advice Sales in Garden Products.

These options are sometimes chargeable but you have the possibility to do it in an apprenticeship, work-study or professionalization contract.

What qualities and skills are needed to become a florist?

The profession of a florist requires creativity. You have to show your artistic side while arranging flowers. The florist is manual and meticulous too.

If you become a florist, you must possess qualities of a merchant such as a sense of hospitality, easy contact or the ability to listen.

To be a good florist, you need to know your area, you must be able to know how to treat plants, choose them, collect them or know their symbolism. You also need to appeal to your business side. As a florist you must know how to sell, negotiate, build customer loyalty or manage inventory and unsold items.

Being a florist is a tough job, the days are long and you will definitely be working on Sundays and public holidays. Becoming a florist is a real personal investment.

What is the legal status to become a florist?

To become a florist, you may first be hired at a large regional chain or independent boutique.

You can also form a company or be self-employed. If you choose entrepreneur status, don’t forget to register with CCI, CMA or Urssaf.

If you form a company, you have a choice between several situations:

  • LLC;
  • SAS;
  • SASU;
  • His ;
  • eurl;
  • EIRL…

You can find out more on our comparative table of legal situations. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Be a Florist: 6 Important Information to Know Before You Start

study the market

If you want to open your own store, you need to do market research. To do this, you can answer these various questions:

  • How is the market now? (trends, statistics, development);
  • Who is my target customer? (profile, shopping habits, needs);
  • Who are my competitors? (where, how much, price);
  • What are the market constraints and opportunities? (offers, requests, supplier issues, etc.);
  • What are the innovations of this market?…

By answering these questions, you will be able to define your market and have a better view of your project.

study finance

Becoming a florist is a huge project that involves personal and financial investments. You should be sure of yourself before you start. To have a more global view of your project, it is advisable to create a tentative budget. It is important to calculate the amount you will invest in the beginning (expenses, construction costs, stock, rent, equipment). Then look at the market turnover and try to determine the turnover yourself to maximize your investment.

choose your concept

Before you begin, define your project and your concept. It is a competitive market. It is important to know what sets you apart from others. You can choose to work across multiple distribution channels (physical and online, for example). You can specialize in one type of plant or flower. You can offer bouquets for special occasions. It’s up to you to be original and creative!

Find the right suppliers

To find your suppliers, you can find information on the Internet. Don’t hesitate to contact them and ask them for a quote before making a decision.

Consider the following criteria before making a decision:

  • price;
  • Quality ;
  • Delivery Terms;
  • cost of transportation;
  • supplier response time;
  • the risk of being out of stock;
  • payment terms…

Try working with multiple vendors. If you only work with one supplier and that supplier stops for x reasons, you’ll have to do your research again and you’ll be wasting time.

Communicate at launch of activity

You are going to be new to the market. So you must make sure that your target customers find you. You can contact businesses near you to let their customers know about your new store. You can also have a launch party. Do not hesitate to communicate on various communication channels (radio, newspaper, social networks, creating websites, etc.).

To win customer loyalty

If your customers love the experience with you and your products, they will come back but they will also tell their loved ones about it. Word of mouth can bring you a lot of customers. This is why it is so important to retain your customers. For example, you can try to set up a loyalty program, or send them promo codes for special occasions.

questions to ask

Can you become a florist without contributing?

It is possible to become a florist without contributing but it is strongly discouraged. We recommend you make a minimum contribution of €20,000.

What training to become a florist?

To become a florist you can do a CAP and a BM or BP florist.

How much does a florist earn?

The salary of a florist depends on the level of education and other random factors. It is estimated that a florist earns an average of 2000€ monthly.

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