Be a Butcher Butcher in 2022

The butcher area is a fascinating area. The latter represents a turnover of several billion euros each year. In addition, the COVID-19 crisis has encouraged consumers to come closer to neighborhood merchants to boost the local economy. If you are interested in this area and want to open your own butcher shop, read this article carefully!

Is it necessary to be a graduate to open a butcher shop?

If you want to open a butcher shop, you must have a butcher’s hat or a butcher’s beep. An exception is made if you have three years’ experience in professional activity as a self-employed individual, company executive or employee butcher.

For example it requires practical skills and knowledge of animal anatomy. You will also need to do an internship with the Chambers of Trades and Crafts.

What are the rules for opening a butcher shop?

If you want to open your own butcher shop, it’s important to honor a few obligations:

  • declare yourself to the veterinary services of your province;
  • Register with DDCSPP (Departmental Directorate for Social Cohesion and Population Protection);
  • Register with RCS (List of Businesses and Companies) if you set up your business;
  • Register with CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) so that they can present you in tax services, INSEE or commercial court.

Don’t forget to publish your legal notice and get your SIRET number before starting your activity.


If you want to sell your meat to communities, you will need to register with the Departmental Veterinary Services.

What is the legal status of opening a butcher shop?

Choosing a legal position can be very confusing if you have little or no legal knowledge. Note that your choice of legal status depends on your size, your number of employees, and your needs.

Being a self-employed individual allows for greater simplicity in the process, but this is only possible if your annual turnover is less than €72,500 per year.

If you want to start your own business, there are several options possible:

  • SARL (Limited Liability Company) : This position requires at least two partners. Social capital is created for collaborators’ contributions. It guarantees the safety of your personal assets in the event of bankruptcy. Don’t forget to organize a general meeting every year.
  • EURL (Single-Person Limited Liability Company) : Ideal if you want to get started alone and take advantage of the same features as SARL.
  • SAS (Simplified Joint Stock Company) : Here, organization is defined by statutes. The partners are liable according to their contribution. The manager is an employee and therefore benefits from salary security. SAS is said to be more flexible than SARL.
  • SASU (Simplified Single-Person Joint Stock Company) : This position is similar to SAS but with a single partner.

Opening a Butcher Shop: 5 Keys to Success

define a concept

This is a very lucrative market, so it means there is a lot of competition.

Before you begin, it’s important to ask yourself the right questions:

  • What will my business bring to consumers?
  • What sets me apart from my competitors?
  • Is it price, quality, variety?
  • Can I stand apart from others with specialties?

You can specialize in certain meats such as horse or exclusively organic products. You can also offer services to stand out, such as pre-made products or an online ordering service.

survey the market

After defining your concept, you should study your market under several axes. To profile your target customers it is very important to analyze your potential customers:

  • how old are they ?
  • What is their socio-professional category?
  • What do they like to buy?
  • What is their average basket?
  • What are their needs?

With this information, you will be able to decide on your prices, your products and your services. Also, don’t forget to know about your competitors:

  • Do they have specialties or certifications?
  • Where are they placed in relation to your room?
  • What services do they not provide?

All this information will allow you to have a more clear vision of your business.

do finance work

Before you start, try to take stock of your finances and the charges you’ll have to pay.

Keep in mind the financing needed from the start:

  • rent or purchase of premises;
  • Works if necessary;
  • purchase of butcher’s equipment (showcase, mincer, tray, knife, slicer, mixer, etc.);
  • purchase of a cold room;
  • purchase of sales equipment (cash register, payment terminal, computer equipment);
  • Company formation costs (drafting of articles of association, professional insurance, accountants, trademark registration).

If you want to save money, don’t hesitate to look into used equipment.

For banks or investors to be credible, you need to have a solid business plan:

  • Estimate your business.
  • List your charges.
  • List your needs.
  • Forecast results over the next three years.
  • Analyze your break-even point.

Find out about business start-up assistance and check your eligibility.

choose a location

Your location will determine your presence. So pay close attention to these details:

  • Are there merchants near you and/or crowded places such as schools, places of business or community life? Is there a way?
  • Are you near Thru Axis?
  • Is there a parking space or public transportation nearby?
  • Is it easy for pedestrians to access?
  • Is my campus clearly visible when you are near?

A good location will make it easier for you to get new customers.

Communicate and Build Loyalty

Word-of-mouth is very effective, but in such a digital age, that is no longer enough!

Try to diversify your marketing operations and adapt them to your target customers. Create a beautiful logo, clear and visible. You will use it to distribute to flyers, advertise in newspapers or on your website. The most important thing for this to be successful is clarity. Put your name and contact details everywhere.

Use your business side to build customer loyalty. You can create a loyalty card and let them avail various offers.

You can also create a website to promote your butcher shop. You can enter your schedule, your contact details, the products and services you offer. Your site may also allow online ordering or click and collect.

Also try to build a network of professionals near you. It can always help you. For example, at Christmas time, the bakery next door may recommend that these customers pick up their meat from you.

What are the other requirements for opening a butcher shop?

To open your own slaughterhouse, be sure to respect the standards of the food industry. You must monitor the origin of the meat, label the products and follow hygiene standards (eg respect cold chains).

You should also take into account the safety and accessibility standards of your premises.

Having the right equipment is key to making your slaughterhouse start-up easy. You will need to invest in management software and software for your cash register.

Also approach banks to get your professional bank account. Don’t hesitate to compare different offers and choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you think opening a butcher shop is your calling. Don’t hesitate, follow our advice and get started!

questions to ask

What training to open a butcher shop?

To open a butcher shop you must have a butcher’s cap or a butcher’s beep. An exception is made if you have more than three years’ experience as a self-employed person, butcher or business manager.

What is the legal status of opening a butcher shop?

The legal status depends on your needs. It can be a simplified joint stock company (SAS), a single person simplified joint stock company (SASU), a single person limited liability company (EURL) or a limited liability company (SARL).

Can we open a butcher shop without contribution?

It is not impossible to open a butcher shop without a contribution, however, it remains rare and requires an original and solid project. You can ask for a loan near you or do internet crowdfunding.

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