Brand Strategy: 5 Practices (Especially) Not to Reproduce!

It so happens that some marketing projects are “falsely good ideas,” leading to a spectacular flop for the brands that carry them. A brief overview of the pitfalls a brand awaits, and the best practices to follow to hope to meet with success.

Launch a brand even if the consumer doesn’t like the product

It is not hypothetical to ignore the results of market research or avoid testing a new product with future customers. Some brands sometimes stubbornly launch an unwanted (even wacky) product, with risks involved!

for example, “Thirty cat! Thirsty dog! », Despite their “crunchy beef” or “spicy fish” taste, these bottled water for pets did not appeal to our four-legged friends or their owners. We can also think of “Pepsi AM”. In the late 1980s, Pepsi launched Breakfast Cola. The Problem: Even though the American firm observed that many people drank caffeinated cola instead of coffee for breakfast, there was no specific demand from consumers on this use. Result: a flop!

Confusing with Incompatible Brand Extensions

“Adding a new product to an already established range under the same name. » Here is one of the commonly accepted definitions of brand extension. The objectives for the companies are clear: to diversify and grow by relying on a brand that has already proven itself. However, shifting a brand universe to different products can sometimes be a nuisance…

Some examples of bitter failures: Harley Davidson Perfume, Gerber Jar for Singles (!), Virgin Cola, Bic Disposable Tights, Colgate Kitchen Appetizers (!)…

ignoring cultural differences

As a business leader, you can have the opportunity to export your products to other countries and establish your brand beyond our borders. Be careful in this case, to properly integrate cultural characteristics and thus avoid some wrong steps…

Example: Coca-Cola in India. The American giant would remain a challenger for years against popular brand Thums Up, whose drinks shine more in line with local tastes.

Some translation errors:

  • Electrolux in the United States and its initial slogan “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux” (fear nothing more than an Electrolux)
  • Chicken Frank Perdue in Spain is causing confusion by translating his slogan “It takes a strong man to make a tender chicken” to “It takes a strong man to make a tender chicken”!

A brand revolutionizing the field…forgetting its inner values!

To convey a more dynamic, trendy and trendy image, some companies sometimes undertake extreme rebranding: a change of name, visual identity, even philosophy… a strategy that is not always winning. it occurs.

Example: Tommy Hilfiger

known as a brand “Classic with a Few Extras”In the 2000s, the fashion label focused on “a little something extra” at the expense of the “classic” and removed its logo from clothing. Aware of her mistakes, she finally backed down, focusing on her core principles.

Ignore the changing market

Markets are constantly changing. A new process, a new technology, a new law… all elements must be taken into account in order to remain in the race. Our advice: Stay alert in your market by listening for emerging and reactive weak signals!

Examples of brands that haven’t adapted to their environments: Kodak and Polaroid, facing a digital boom in the photography market.

One last piece of advice, which can be summed up in two words: common sense.

A brand is first built on a qualitative proposition, one that appeals to consumers with values ​​and a coherent universe. Get (Good) Support from an Expert in Brand Strategy!

The cited examples are inspired by a book: “100 Big Flops from Big Brands” by Matt Haig, published by DUNOD

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