Be a Business Provider in 2021

Do you have a good relationship? A driving force worthy of Jordan Belfort? If you have all these qualities, then you should get started as a self-employed business provider. So how does a business provider work? We uncover everything for you.

Definition: What is a Business Introducer?

The business provider is the intermediary between the customer and the beneficiary company. Its role is to keep these two entities in contact to promote the signing of a commercial contract. In return, he gets a commission.

But be careful, the business provider is not an employee of the company. And this for several reasons:

  • There is no relation of subordination between the two. As such, the business provider is free to organize his schedule as he sees fit.
  • Similarly, a business provider has no purpose. Unlike the commercial employee, he is not required to bring X new customers to the beneficiary company. Hence there is no liability of its consequences. If he doesn’t get any customers, he doesn’t get commission.

Furthermore, the business provider is also not a vendor, as it is not the one who signs the contract with the customer. Its role is to connect only one company and one customer.

Whether you specialize in telecommunications, music, or construction… it’s always possible to start out as a business provider. And for good reason, this profession is related to all areas of activity except real estate, insurance and the stock market.

Do you need to be a graduate to become a business provider?

You are probably wondering how to become a business provider. Good News ! There is no need to graduate. In fact, it is an irregular profession. As such, you don’t need any special requirements, both in terms of training and professional experience.

That said, the role of the business provider is to facilitate the conclusion of new contracts, it is better to have knowledge in sales or marketing. Understand that it will always be beneficial to follow a training like BTS NRC or any other course that will allow you to master the fundamentals of sales, marketing and customer relations.

Why become a business provider?

The reasons to become a business provider are many and varied. Here are the main ones:

  • Freedom: You are free to organize your own schedule.
  • Bonus: If you are skilled, it is possible to earn very nice bonuses. In fact, if you are an independent business provider, the only limits are what you set for yourself.

What is the legal status for a business provider?

Unlike some businesses such as brokers or commission agents, business provider status is not regulated. Thus, you have the opportunity to start under different conditions:

  • as a company, for example with the statutes of SASU or SAS;
  • In a sole proprietorship (often with an auto-entrepreneur scheme).

Becoming a self-employed person is often a privilege for those who undertake this activity. If your sales are exploding, you might be considering starting a company.

What are the formalities to become a business provider?

The formalities to set up a business vary, depending on the legal status you choose to become a business provider. In this article, we focus on self-employed business introducers. So here are the necessary formalities:

  • Activity Declaration: Here, you have to declare your activity at the center for business formalities. This declaration will automatically be transferred to the tax service and Ursaf.
  • Registration: For this you have to register in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS).

In addition, for each of your clients, we recommend you to sign a business provider contract to secure the business relationship.

good to know

The business provider provides a commercial service to its customers (beneficiary companies). As such, it is subject to the Industrial and Commercial Benefits (BIC) regime. As a self-employed individual, this will have an impact on the payment of your taxes (1.7% in discharges and 50% in the simplified regime).

3 Tips for Success as a Business Provider

analyze the market

In order to convince its customers and beneficiary companies to trust it, the business provider must know its market very well. That is to say, the products sold, their strengths and weaknesses, but also the competition.

Make sure you have the right qualities

Despite the lack of training needed to become a business provider, there are several soft skills required. So before you start, make sure you have the following qualities:

  • A good relationship: As an intermediary, you should be comfortable with potential customers and beneficiary companies. Empathy and diplomacy should be your best assets.
  • Power of Persuasion: This is what will allow you to persuade customers to sign with the beneficiary company. You have to find the right words, and above all, never give up.
  • Good Organisation: Working as a freelancer, you must be well organized to handle your various contracts and organize your schedule.

Activate your network to make yourself known

The business provider must assure two entities: the beneficiary companies and the customers.

As such, it should be made known by all professionals in this field. One of the best ways is obviously to use word of mouth. But it is always possible to use other methods before it is really effective. Fortunately, with the magic of social networks and the web, your visibility can be increased manifold. So don’t hesitate to use a platform like LinkedIn or Twitter to talk about your services. And if you’re unfamiliar with the topic, consider training on social media.

general question

What Salary for a Business Provider?

To answer this question, you should already know how to pay a business provider. The answer is simple: by commission. Thus his salary depends on the contracts brought in. It can vary from 0€ to 3,000€ monthly.

Who can become a Business Provider?

Anyone can become a business provider, provided they have the necessary qualities (good interpersonal skills, persuasion, diplomacy, etc.).

How to Find Clients as a Business Developer?

Business providers must use their network to find customers, whether professional, friendly or digital.

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