Is this a good idea?

The Internet has set new standards and social networks have become champions of notoriety. Internet users are constantly called upon and, in the battle for visibility, they seem to impose their decrees. Many business leaders have taken the view that it is important to stand out and differentiate against the competition at all costs, which is considered very important and dangerous. But in the end, is constantly wanting to make a difference or stand out from others without stopping is a good thing? Is this a good idea for the stability of the company and the consideration of the customers?

Why and how to stand out?

Before trying to stand out, it is essential to understand the motivations that drive you to stand out from the competition. The key issue is often simple: being viewed by customers as the dominant player in the sector, the “major” in front of other competitors who are struggling to follow a given course. It is true that it is always pleasant to find the right message, ideal product, optimal advertising campaign to meet the expectations of the customers. Above all, it’s about having them on your mind as the essential and key player in your specific field.

A simple and relatively recent example: When the telephone directory services market exploded, the company “118 218” made an impression with its media advertising campaigns (especially television and radio) by using the theme of a well-known television program. . 1980s fitness animated by Véronique and Davina, by showing two easily recognizable characters on screen and in print ads, but also by incorporating a well-known musical theme into their television and radio commercials. As such, Company 118 218 did not offer a service that was significantly different from its competitors. In fact, the telephone information services sector was not where potential added value was most important, but the company knew how to find the right tone in its advertising campaign to appear as a service of referral phone information in the eyes of customers. , what we think in front of everyone. Standing out can be worth it to get these kinds of results!

risk taker to measure

A stroke of talent is possible on a particular advertising campaign or at the launch of a product, and the example cited above is a good example of this. Social networks and new technologies have greatly increased these phenomena of “buzz”, word of mouth and the extremely rapid growth of notoriety in general. But a company that wants to make a whole lot of buzz also runs the risk of a “bad buzz” of the opposite effect? Standing out at all costs isn’t necessarily a good thing, and sometimes it has the opposite effect of what you’d expect. It is all about measurement.

Take for example the desire to stand out at all costs that can be harmful: Abercrombie & Fitch, the renowned clothing brand that often bears the sarcasm of its down-to-earth American CEO Mike Jeffries. The latter did not hesitate to remove the size above 38, wishing to reserve the brand for “cool” people. The desire to mark souls ended in the opposite result: the entire blogosphere was mobilized to condemn this discrimination against curvy people.

Be careful not to go the wrong way

Always wanting to stand in front of the stage and shine, runs the risk of wanting us to talk about ourselves all the time, for good or for bad. You only have to watch the stars of reality TV to understand that some live only by buzz. If sometimes some people think it’s better to have a bad discussion than to completely disappear from traffic, you’re actually taking too much risk as a business. Quite simply because it is easier to forgive a person than a group of people.

Again, it should be noted that loyalty is often short lived and customers are more and more fickle. They are top-notch for your quality proposition and are in a customer/supplier relationship. In other words, it is often assumed that a good company should focus on its customers, whereas in the case of an individual this is not the case, plus it is sometimes surrounded by the services of communication that many established companies provide. Can challenge.

So want to discuss the matter at all costs and respect your values ​​beforehand because you may be losing more than customers: your colleagues. So you should always respect these and try to create a buzz without losing your direction or going against your values.

seek wise demarcation

To stand out, you can certainly do it through communication which represents an excellent means and which is privileged today. However, you must keep in mind that it is above all what your product brings to the customer which is the first factor in your talk of mouth. The more satisfied they are, the more they will talk about you. That’s why it’s important not to forget the fundamentals: quality service and a satisfied customer.

To stand out, don’t forget that innovation is also often a key and can exist both in terms of the functionality of your product/service and its use. If you still want to be in your communications, don’t hesitate to measure the impact of your potential communication campaigns and consider any feedback that may be negative. In the latter case, guessing is the solution so as not to find yourself in a difficult situation that could seriously damage your image.

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