6 Most Popular Free Antivirus of 2022

Antivirus is more than just important software for your computer, as it protects you from malicious programs and prevents theft of your personal or confidential data.

There are many antiviruses in the market that differ in both efficiency and cost. However, there is no need to pay for a good antivirus. You can opt for a free software but powerful at the same time.

We will discover the most popular.

1.AVG Anti-Virus Free

AVG Anti-Virus Free is a well-known popular antivirus whose main feature is its deep integration into the system.

It automatically scans files and programs when they are launched, thus avoiding infection by viruses, Trojans and spyware.

Additionally, AVG provides the user with a customizable scanner through which you can control the process of checking for infected files on your computer and their treatment. The latest version of AVG features a completely updated interface, whose user-friendly menus make it enjoyable to use.

2. Avast


Avast Free Antivirus is an excellent free antivirus, which is praised by millions of users around the world for reliable protection against Trojans and viruses in real time.

The latest version of Avast comes with an intuitive and modern interface. It has improved speed and has one of the largest virus databases in the world, which is updated daily.

Avast scans everything you download to your computer via email clients, social networks, or just a browser. Its only drawback is that it often gives false positives accusing legitimate software of being a virus.



Avira Free Antivirus is a simple antivirus that provides very effective protection against viruses, Trojans and adware. Its main advantage over its competitors is the use of cloud technology, which allows you to protect your computer from the latest threats.

If the antivirus itself provides only basic protection against threats, then it can be supplemented with extensions, which can be downloaded (free of charge) from the official website. Thus, each user can “build” his own security system.

Avira Antivirus Free comes with a “Virus Guard” module, which automatically scans files that the user opens. You can also activate the “Avira Phantom VPN” security component, which is required to protect your PC from phishing sites and external threats.

Avira is one of the best solutions for fighting so-called “polymorphic” viruses that can emulate normal programs. You can also install an email scanning module and spam protection.

Antivirus solution does not overload the PC: Avast requires few computer resources. Lastly, its free version is perfect for home use. Also note here false positives are frequent.

4. TotalAV


While Total AV is a fairly recent antivirus suite, over 25 million users rely on it. Along with Kaspersky, Bitdefender and Norton, (which we won’t talk about today, but which should be mentioned at least once in this article), TotalAV is an antivirus capable of providing state-of-the-art protection to its potential customers . , Available for:

  • windows,
  • Mac OS,
  • ios,
  • Android.

Plus, there’s an impressive list of tools and services you can use, including a good VPN.

While TotalAV isn’t the most versatile or well-known solution, it’s still a good option if you’re looking for a solid antivirus. Indeed, TotalAV claims to have successfully detected 100% of malicious samples in all groups tested, as well as a false positive rate of 0%.

One point that sets TotalAV apart from its competitors is the user interface. The team paid special attention to the UI, with an ambition to change all the buttons and other somewhat rigid menus into something a little more colorful. For some, this may be too much, or useless, but for a nascent user, the user-friendly and intuitive dashboard will be a big argument in his final choice.

Like all its competitors, TotalAV offers a paid offer. Initially, the company offered VPNs as a free addition to each plan, which is no longer the case: you now have to pay extra for this tool.


protect pc antivirus

PC Protect is an antivirus that protects you from all threats! It includes both web protection and PC optimizer. It comes equipped with all the features at a competitive price, which is why it enters the list of best providers.

PC Protect differs from its competitors by focusing on protecting all your digital, and thus helps you protect against local attacks, mobile browsing, data theft, threats on the internet and data encryption for completely private online activity .

Regarding compatibility, PC Protect can be installed on Windows, Apple Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android. Installing the antivirus is easy, and you can download and configure the software yourself. For example, you can provide additional information if duplicate files are detected during the scanning process, and the software will ask you to confirm whether to delete the duplicates.

Reliability is also one of PC Protect’s strengths, as its security software is designed to protect you from attacking software from industry leaders. The actions of the antivirus are as follows:

It detects and removes all malicious intrusions such as adware, viruses and spyware. The latter specifically monitors everything you do online to confiscate your bank details and passwords.

  • online connection security

The tool checks and detects untrusted websites you access. It then performs an automatic blocking. It also blocks fraudulent sites that steal your personal information by typing in fake emails or other means.

  • real time protection

The software monitors your computer at all times and blocks all attacking elements before they hit your hard drive.

This is a software that downloads the advertising material automatically, and you need to protect yourself from it.

Prevent hacker attacks by encrypting your internet connection. This is how you will browse anonymously with the software.

Features of PC Protect

PC Protect is not only an excellent security software, but it also puts many advanced security features at your disposal. These include, for example, advanced firewalls, system optimization, Android and iOS security, mobile VPN usage, identity protection, browser manager, and more. In addition, it offers a telephone support system and live chat that answers your questions at any time.

The final advantageous point of PC Protect is the price! With all the solutions and features it brings to you, the software must be one of the most expensive on the market, but this is not the case with PC Protect. You can do some exchanges with the experts of the company especially through the service of online discussion (a pleasant interface to use) to get all the information and possible help on the use of the software.

6. Bitdefender

bitdefender antivirus

Bitdefender is one of the best rated software in recent years. With regards to the antivirus software market, it is a relatively young company, but has established itself by bringing together over 500 million active users to date. Bitdefender offers you 17 products to choose from with the possibility of professional or personal use. The software is compatible on Windows, Apple Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android and Linux.

With regard to the security and reliability of the software, it has already won many impressive awards due to its ability to ignore harmless software and eliminate all malicious viruses. Plus, Bitdefender is very easy to use with a simple interface.

With Bitdefender, you’ll be notified about features enabled/disabled and your level of security within seconds of starting the scan. Antivirus actions include the following:

  • malware removal,
  • Online security with blocking untrusted sites,
  • Blocking phishing sites aimed at obtaining your personal information through fake emails,
  • real-time protection for hard drives,
  • remove adware,
  • Safe Browsing with VPN to Block Hackers.

With regard to the features of Bitdefender, they are very diverse and all very useful (fight against fraud, protection on social networks, etc.). Most notably, “rescue mode” which involves automatically resetting and protecting your computer when the antivirus is infected by malicious software called rootkits.

This option is not provided by other software whereas rootkits are among the most dangerous malicious software. This software is also equipped with another smart software which is “Bank Online without worry”. It is specially used for filling your forms containing online banking information to protect you from hackers. The latter would then no longer be able to perform its functions through keystroke recording or espionage.

Like any other high-profile antivirus, Bitdefender offers remote management with firewall tools. Phone support is available 24/7, and you can also access the live chat help desk for quick assistance.

our tip

For the user unfamiliar with the topic, all antivirus suites are the same and it’s hard to make the right choice!

However, the control of malware and the protection of personal data are becoming major concerns as today everything is done through computers and the Internet. While most antivirus solutions nowadays guarantee safe browsing, it doesn’t mean that you will automatically be 100% protected by specific software.

Be careful when consulting this type of tip, which includes both user opinions and comparisons on the effectiveness of each antivirus software.

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