Wage Portage for IT Freelancers, What’s the Added Value?

Veg Portage makes your life easier in the IT sector!

This position between independence and employment has many benefits, especially if you want to boost your business, break out of isolation and take advantage of solid security for your future.

What are the benefits of wage portage in IT? What are the conditions to avail this? We tell you everything in the rest of this article!

Key Figures of IT Wage Portage

Did you know that Veg Portage has existed in France since the 1980s? However, it took until 2008 for a law to structure the status and formalize its social benefits.

For 30 years, this specific form of employment has enjoyed increasing success. It must be said that it offers significant benefits for entrepreneurs, especially IT consultants. it is no coincidence that 40% of supported employees come from Web, IT or IT businessesAccording to a study conducted by Zerfi!

The same survey revealed that:

  • Wage Portage currently has about 100,000 freelancers interested
  • €2,900 to 91% of supported employees. Receives gross monthly salary of more than
  • 55% of the self-employed are between 30 and 49 years old

By 2025, Pay Portage:

  • Will identify more than 600,000 employees
  • Will represent 5% of national employment
  • Will generate 15 billion euros in turnover (17 billion by 2030)

You will understand, this situation is booming! Which makes sense, when you know how it works and the benefits it provides… which we will elaborate on in the next point!

How Veg Portage works

Often described as a “hybrid”, wedge portage is comprised of 3 parts:

So the freelancer is an employee of the portage company. He receives salary and benefits similar to the employees of a company. However, he remains free! He must take care of his communication, his prospecting and the management of his customers.

But when he executes a mission, it is the wedge portage company that invoices his clients. Similarly, it manages all the administrative part related to the business activity of the freelancer. The latter does not have to worry about VAT, URSSF declarations, accounting etc. This is the organization that deducts and funds all contributions, then pays the freelancer a salary.

practical, isn’t it?

To better understand how Pay Portage works, here’s a diagram created by our partner ABC Portage:

Also read: How Veg Portage Works?

How to calculate your salary portage remuneration?

When you do an IT assignment, you are free to set your own hourly or daily rate. Umbrella company invoices according to the terms negotiated by you in accordance with the already signed contract with the client.

For this, the net remuneration that the freelancer receives every month is a direct result of the turnover achieved by him. Before paying the salary, the umbrella company deducts the mandatory contribution, as well as its management fee.

This allows you to get a net salary, which is generally between 46 and 54% of the invoice excluding taxes.

Again, a scene from an ABC portage is more effective in understanding the math:

Salary Remuneration in Portage

Also, since the freelancer is an employee, he/she gets the benefit of minimum monthly salary, which is calculated according to his/her experience. Here is the scale as defined by the branch collective agreement for pay portage employees as of March 22, 2017:

  • 85% of the Social Security limit for a freelancer in one day.
  • 75% of Social Security limit for Senior Freelancer (Experience of more than 3 years in their field of activity).
  • 70% of Social Security limit for Junior Freelancer (less than 3 years experience).

Want to know your salary if you opt for IT Wage Portage? Use this income simulator. In one click, you will know your monthly remuneration!

Why go for Computer Wage Portage?

From our point of view, there are 8 main benefits of adopting Ported IT Service Provider status:

1) Freedom and autonomy, essential in the IT sector

In the IT sector, consultants and service providers often work independently. Apart from intervening alone with the client, they keep a constant eye on their profession to learn about new tools, best practices and cyber risks.

Therefore independence is a major criterion for carrying out these missions. IT Wage Portage encourages this autonomy, as the freelancer remains in control of their activity! He decides what type of client or company to work with, under what circumstances and in what time slot.

An essential flexibility to fully utilize your skills and knowledge to satisfy your customers.

2) Saving time in administrative management

Being a freelancer often requires wearing many hats. Apart from being an IT service provider, you must be a marketer, secretary, salesperson, accountant, manager, etc. Which leaves little time to devote to your core business.

By freeing you from administrative hassles, IT Salary Portage allows you to dedicate yourself to 3 essentials:

  • Optimize your offers to attract your ideal prospects.
  • Calmly carry out your mission to guarantee your customers’ satisfaction.
  • Take the time to monitor your sector, update your knowledge and find out the next market trends.

3 Missions That Guarantee the Sustainability of Your Business!

3) Reinforced Social Security

Who says “employees” social security, unemployment insurance, pension entitlements, daily allowances in case of stoppage, etc. Not, or to some extent, the benefits you get in a more “classic” legal situation (micro enterprise, EI, SA, SASU, etc.).

This coverage allows you to live your daily freelance life more calmly and better prepare for the future.

4) Security of regular income

Depending on the nature of your services, you may sometimes find yourself between 2 missions. When you are a micro-entrepreneur or sole proprietorship, it results in a partial or total loss of your income.

At Waze Portage, you keep your salary, time to find new clients. In fact, on your previous contracts, the company provides:

  • Uncertainty bonus of 10% of gross pay
  • 10% of the remuneration of the previous mission to compensate for the loss between two missions

Plus, if you’re having difficulty finding clients or signing long-term contracts, you benefit from personalized support. An advantage that we develop in the next point…

5) Tailor-made support to promote your business

Outside perspective is always welcome when you are free! Especially after many years of experience, when the routine starts. By choosing a wage portage contract, you benefit from a dedicated advisor.

With experience in the IT sector, this coach can help you:

  • Finding New Prospecting Leads
  • Expand your service offerings
  • improve your conversation
  • find new opportunities

6) Protection of professional liability insurance

As an IT service provider, you often go to the customer. You access their data, some of which is sensitive or confidential.

You’ll have to manage equipment critical to the company’s production, interfere with network infrastructure, manage cyber security, etc.

From simply spilling a cup of coffee on a computer to an unintentional security breach, you can wreak havoc. The risk of facing legal proceedings is high.

Fortunately, a computer wedge portage company, for example ABC Portage, subscribes to RC Pro Insurance that protects you in the event of a dispute with your customers.

7) Training supported by IT Wage Portage Company

As you know, the IT sector is constantly evolving. Whether in terms of technologies, tools, best practices or even cyber security. To sustain your business, staying trained and informed is essential.

Being in Veg Portage means contributing to your training account. You have the financial resources to update your knowledge, discover new tools, and develop your skills.

In addition, umbrella companies also organize workshops and meetings among professionals. This is an opportunity to chat with other IT freelancers, discuss your experiences and discover new technologies.

These meetings will surely be prosperous for you and your business!

8) Possibility to invest in quality equipment

As an IT service provider, you need to be equipped with state-of-the-art software and above all, quality hardware. Computer, laptop, screen(s), printer, tablet, smartphone… the technologies needed for your job can be costly quickly.

Depending on the level of your equipment, it may be necessary to borrow from a bank. This is the case if you want to fit into one room or replace your computer equipment (this amount sometimes amounts to several thousand euros).

Being an employee provides the facility of borrowing. A legitimate asset for potential professional investments, but also for personal loans: real estate, cars, consumers, etc.

our tip

Wage portage in IT is a wise choice to sustain your business and even boost your growth. You save time, but also peace, by delegating administrative tasks. Not to mention that you can ensure a regular income, protecting you in the event of the unforeseen.

And if you need to find new clients or specific jobs, remember to register at! We regularly receive requests for IT services.

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