How to effectively use SMS to announce promotions?

SMS Marketing, everyone experiences it almost daily. A current promotion? a message. An upcoming promotion? a message. It must be said that this tool has significant advantages and remains unbeatable in terms of accomplishing your goal. In France, mobile phones are a part of life and users send an average of 4 SMS per day. So we can say that SMS is an essential means of communication today.

It is still necessary to use it wisely to turn it into an effective conversion tool. That’s cool, we guide you step by step in this article.

Different types of commercial SMS

Here is a presentation of the different types of SMS used in marketing:

commercial sms

It is a very strong presentation that highlights a promotion or the release of a new product. The content is generally in the information area.

SMS Couponing

This type of SMS allows you to send discount coupons or coupons for submission. It is simple, fast and particularly effective. If you want to reach new possibilities, this is the technique to use.

SMS M-Ticket

Through this type of SMS, you can transmit an Internet link that allows access to the ticket. It is used heavily by transportation companies, but also for shows and other concerts.

Benefits of SMS

SMS is one of the very effective ways to interact with customers or prospects. As a bonus, it has some advantages:

  • SMS is an excellent communication medium for promotional offers. This greatly improves in-store traffic. The yield is much higher than that of email or flyers.
  • SMS gives the possibility to establish more personal communication. It can be original, interactive. Messages can be customized and conversions can be invoked more easily.
  • SMS makes it possible to establish a loyalty strategy for the prospect to deliver effective and targeted promotions. This type of campaign complements those that are carried out in more traditional ways.
  • Makes it possible to dematerialize communication by SMS. This reduces the costs associated with marketing campaigns, and as a bonus, we improve our environmental footprint. The planet will thank you…

Regulation of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing campaigns are governed by CNIL to protect mobile phone users, rules must be respected. The National Commission on Computing and Freedom is there to protect everyone’s personal data, help you innovate, and preserve your personal freedom. Here are the legal obligations to be respected:


To run an SMS campaign, you need to get SMS marketing authorization from people. We are talking about opt-in consent. This is a method used on the web and which allows you to retrieve email addresses and mobile numbers from a single checkbox. However, there are 2 exceptions to this rule:

  • If the person involved in sending the marketing SMS is already your customer,
  • If the content of SMS Marketing is not commercial.

ability to unsubscribe

As far as the newsletter is concerned, you must clearly state on your SMS that the recipient is likely to unsubscribe. In fact, if someone returns “stop” your marketing SMS, you have an obligation to remove it from your database.

Your responsibilities as an advertiser

You must clearly write your name and your brand name. Indicate the product and subject of the SMS.

Schedules for Honors

SMS marketing campaigns are prohibited from 8 pm to 8 am as well as on Sundays and public holidays. The aim is not to harm the peace of mobile users.


The General Data Protection Regulation governs the protection of personal data. When you handle personal data, for example by sending a series of marketing SMS, you are responsible for the processing that will be done with this data. So you need to indicate in a document (GDPR) the data you use and for what action.

7 Tips for Effective Texting

Ask your prospects for consent

Before you even think about sending an SMS, you will need to receive Authorization of your customers, Be it SMS or email, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) forces you to do so. This is not only legal but also strategic. As long as your message reaches genuinely interested people.

Don’t forget to mention that you will be sending SMS for promotional purposes, so that there is no misunderstanding. This will build the trust of your customers.

personalize messages

This is a basic principle. The more one feels exceptional and privileged, the more inclined one is to take action. To achieve this result, you can include the first name of your recipient. Similarly, instead of starting immediately with your message, include Your brand name at the beginning of the SMS So that your customers know who is writing to them even before they open the message.

customer experience matters

Even in SMS, the customer experience should be taken into account. The SMS system allows you to include a link in your text message. You can then direct the recipient to your landing page to facilitate the process and Provide the optimal customer experience designed for mobile,

Of course, to make it more relevant, consider making your website mobile-friendly.

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go straight to the point

160 characters is not much. Your marketing SMS should be short. That’s why it becomes necessary to go to the essential. Although it sounds unnatural, brevity and clarity are the best allies for remembering your message and your proposal well.

However, you have the option of sending SMS messages for a longer period of time. However, it will also cost you more.

Here are the financial rules of your SMS

From 0 to 160 characters, there is 1 SMS

If you type from 160 to 306 characters, you will have to pay the cost of 2 SMS

For 307 to 459 characters, this would be the cost of 3 SMS

make room for creativity

The delivery rate of SMS is very high. This is an opportunity to stand out and take advantage of the different possibilities. Instead of limiting yourself to promotional offers, you can also offer contests, special packages or packs, events, etc. It’s important to “reward” your customer for their attention. This could be with a discount or an invitation to an event. You can also give gifts.

SMS communication on sales promotion

segment your audience

Segmentation is a central point for any marketing campaign. SMS is no exception to the rule. The more you know your audience, the more you segment it, the more impact your campaigns will have and the higher your ROI. it will allow youSend relevant SMS, which will really meet the needs of your customers,

Let’s imagine you are a brand selling beauty products. A customer regularly buys face cream, but never makeup. You decide to send her a promotional text for a lipstick or blush palette. The risk is too great that she doesn’t pay much attention to it. Conversely, if she can find a discount on a skin care product that’s relevant to her, chances are she’ll buy from you.

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choose your time well

In the case of SMS marketing or emailing, the sending time plays an important role in the performance of your campaigns. Remember to respect the times and days authorized by law to send your marketing SMS. And of course, put yourself in your customers’ place to determine what times are most relevant to your shipments.

Some examples of SMS marketing

promotional text messages

You can use them for your promotions, private sales, or even open houses.

Example: “Zen Attitude” transmitter

By June 30th, take advantage of a 20% discount on our “Relaxing Massage” subscription by presenting this SMS to celebrate 5 years of Zen Massage Rooms! stop 36007

event sms

You use frequent events like Christmas, Valentine’s Day…

Example: transmitter “Jeff de Bruges”

Valentine’s Day is coming! At your Jeff de Bruges store in Nantes, take advantage of 20% off all Heart Boxes in the window until February 13th. stop 36007

You confirm by SMS

You want to discuss with your customers to encourage relationships, confirm appointments, offer a short survey…

Example: Doc Rast Transmitter

We confirm tomorrow’s appointment with Dr. Rast at 10:30. Please confirm this SMS by replying correctly

After the patient’s response, you accept the receipt and wish him a good day

our tip

Think about time. Your marketing campaign can be relevant, engaging and personalized, if you don’t send it in at the right time… it won’t result in the same result. You should make sure that the time and day you choose to send is best suited for your purposes and your message.

Guess… Don’t wait until the last minute to send your text messages. It is possible to use tools to delay the sending of your SMS marketing campaign. This is the best way not to forget.

SMS delivery is strong as well as the open % is almost over 95%. But before getting there you have to focus your attention on objectives, goals and rules.

SMS is a tool that allows to perform tasks instantly. So it is to e-commerce as a “booster” of sales for physical stores.

If you need help setting up an effective marketing strategy? Find a Freelance Web Marketer at

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