5 consultants you need to know

To adapt, mentor and guide entrepreneurs towards success and success, a consultant is the ideal professional to adopt in the corporate world. Confident person who acts as a coach and an external consultant can also bring this long awaited click by entrepreneurs to grow their business in optimum way. So who are these 5 mentors you need to write in your address book?

martin genotto

In 2007 the creator of a fund dedicated to Networks Finance entrepreneurs, Martin Gennott has been a mentor to several start-ups since 2010. With many investments in companies such as Mediabong, Printik, Vine, Animabox, Prestige VIP or even Formisant, the latter is growing its projects in many companies in the Internet, media and digital sectors. Thus Martin Gennot was specifically called upon to revamp the VIP purchase site through OTC Asset Management in 2007, then the founder of the Les Entrepreneurs Reunis platform, which is currently working in the development of companies’ digital transition. Is.

Gilbert Valle

First a professional in real estate and then in 2009 the web product manager within the company Drimki, Gilbert Val leverages his knowledge of the Internet universe and his expertise to join a Brussels agency specializing in SEO and SEM. Since then, this mentor has supported over twenty start-ups on their way to success, including Ecotours and PageJunes, by helping them with their strategy to acquire and convert audiences across the web. To convert this audience into potential clients, Gilbert Val has launched his own consulting and consulting agency.

Francesco Maio

Involved in the development of entrepreneurial clothing in France, Francesco Mao is also a mentor to several start-ups such as Le Camping Site. It specializes in accelerators of start-ups and their support, thanks to the 50 Partners program, which aims to develop investments across multiple sites. Carnet de Mode, InstantLuxe, Modizy, Plyce or even NowFashion leveraged its knowledge and experiences.

Ryan Jackson

The winner of the 2014 BDC Mentorship Award from the Business Development Bank of Canada, Ryan Jackson is a well-known and experienced mentor. Investor but managing director of Rameco Consulting Group, Ryan Jackson is an entrepreneur at Medicine Hat College in Alberta.

Linda Morana

Futurentrepreneur Canada founder, blogger and business mentor, Linda Morana is one of 10 celebrities honored by Startup Canada in Canada and the Canadian Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs, or CYBF. Linda Morana is a consultant and expert in professional training and coaching, following her voluntary contributions to several companies.

Digital expert, Kathryn Barba founded the web shopping portal Cashstore in 2004, the consulting firm Malinia. She is now the head of the e-commerce lab she founded in 2010. In 2015, he founded a company, PepsLab. It is part of the Club of the 50 Most Active French Business Angels in Digital Innovative Companies.

Stephanie Pelaprat founded Restopolitan in 2007, an online restaurant reservation site. In 2011, Stephanie decided to pivot 180° to Restopolitan’s strategy to combat the crisis and launched with 1,500 restaurants in France: “Offering 1 meal, every day, all year”.

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