What you need to know to appear on Youtube

YouTube offers so many opportunities, whether it is to attend a concert, at conferences, in all kinds of tutorials, to demonstrate how to use a product, to have fun… that it is an integral part of our daily lives. has become a partner.

Faced with the abundance of videos on YouTube, it is normal that some people wonder what guarantees them good visibility. So here is everything you need to know about SEO for a video on YouTube.

Work effectively on your keywords

Some have an unfortunate tendency to confuse subject and keywords. In fact, the keywords should be more specific and related to the topic of the video. You must include them in both the title and the field for the keyword. Keywords not only keep you visible on YouTube, but they also give you better visibility on the Google search engine. This way your video will appear at the top of Google SERPs as soon as an internet user types in a keyword related to their request.

write a clear description

Description is what allows both Google and the Internet user to understand the content of your video. Due to which your SEO will be better. The description is no longer than 300 words and should reflect the general idea of ​​your video. Use simple and clear language to understand the maximum audience. For added credibility, don’t forget to include a link to your website or pages on social networks. This will give more importance to what you are broadcasting. On the other hand, don’t overdo it! You run the risk of confusing the Internet user.

create a youtube channel

If your videos are starting to gain a certain audience, consider starting a YouTube channel. When we say “a certain audience,” we don’t mean millions of views. A good hundred will do the trick! The principle of the series is to retain its audience.

In addition, remember to work well on your channel: well-organized content, attractive pages that attract the attention of the Internet user with their seriousness or their originality. In other words, a good YouTube channel should be built at the height of a complete website: categories, subcategories, etc.

Request internet user engagement

It goes without saying that if Internet users subscribe to your channel, you will make all your videos visible. But did you know that even with a perfectly crafted channel, you cannot guarantee that people subscribe to it consistently?

Luckily there are some tips! For example, you can encourage people to subscribe to the end of your video with a written comment or a verbal message. Note that the more subscribers you have, the more quality your videos will be perceived as content and the more visible.

show honesty

For those who believe that dubbing a YouTube video gives it more visibility, you should know that this is a big mistake that can harm you. Indeed, YouTube has a filter capable of measuring the exact size of videos in bytes and their duration in milliseconds.

The second filter also detects copies based on size and duration. Looking to collect more views, it’s hard to escape YouTube’s security measures. Your best bet is to be honest and produce good content. Only the thematic and technical quality of your videos can guarantee you better visibility.

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