4 Tips for Finding Your Business Name

Everything is finally ready: the concept, the forecast … You only need one thing, however necessary, but on which everyone blocks: the business name of your company.

For many of us, this is a real headache that must meet several criteria. Your company name should really suit the nature of your project, its status, its values… this will determine the tone, character of your business. While there are many name generators out there to find a name generator for your business, nothing can stop you from thinking about it for yourself.

Here are some tips on how to do it.

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1. Availability

Many times, you already have some thoughts in your mind. Names come naturally to you, you find them all great. Unfortunately, it is from your subconscious that these formidable thoughts come to you: these companies already exist literally, or not far away …

2. Simplicity

By looking beyond the first thoughts that immediately come to mind, we gradually fall into the form of sophistication, of complexity, that can damage your image.

The ideal business name should be memorable from the first reading, easy to spell, and even pronounced (even better if it’s pronounceable in multiple languages). Choosing a name that is impossible to remember because of its complexity is sure to lose customers!

If I ask you to list 10 brands that immediately come to your mind, you will see that these 10 brands are short names, easy to spell, easy to remember, pronounce.

3. No Geographical Indication

Unless you are a local business with no desire for national (or international) growth, avoid geographic indications. And even in the case of a business destined to stay local, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

If your competitors are already in the same area as you, and their name mentions your geographical area, then you will have a hard time.

4. Originality

be creative! If your company name sounds like a well-established company, it would be a sign of a lack of originality to the public.

In addition to being open to criticism, the maneuver could also land you some legal trouble with the company, which may consider itself aggrieved by your choices, even if it doesn’t operate in the same field as yours. The impact on your business will be negative and no business should be started with this type of problem.

5. Message

All words in the world, in all languages, have sound, semantic and visual properties that transmit a certain vibration, transmit an energy. You have to find a brand name that, for example, can enter people’s minds after the sound work. They should also make it their own, sometimes being able to put your brand name on a generic and very competitive item. Take the example of Frigidaire, now Frigo, which has mostly replaced the term refrigerator, or Jacuzzi to designate all whirlpools.

Let me give you a personal example: I’m the father of a brand of computer bag, which I made after the advent of netbooks (then tablets). When I asked myself what I would call my brand, I had no idea it would be so difficult. I opted for “Akibag”, which was a contraction of “Akiba” (short for Akihabara, a district known for all kinds of geekery in Tokyo) and “bag” for bag. Pretty quickly, people started calling their bags “My Akibag” as we do with “My Fridge,” but no one ever heard of “My Case Logic.” In Akibagh it was the “fridge” or “jacuzzi”.

What if I had opted for my second choice, which was a “bit bag” (yes, I was short, right)? These two alternatives do not convey the same message, same intention, character, energy, atmosphere, sound at all.

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Choosing your business name is an important step in starting a business and can affect the success of your project far more than you can imagine.

Spend all your time finding the perfect name that will be decisive in your quest for success! It is not only used to identify you as a brand, it is what communicates the personality and status of your business. The main communication and marketing tool, your customers will remember it and your prospects will find it attractive enough to convert.

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