6 Tips to Make Your Small Business Easier

When you start out as an entrepreneur, you often imagine that you will eventually be able to dedicate yourself to your activity and practice your profession in complete freedom. But the reality and administrative burden of Excel spreadsheets quickly caught hold of the dream entrepreneurs!

To help you get your head out of the water and save time so you can focus on your work, Axonaut and Codeur.com offer 6 tips that will ease your day-to-day management.

1. Concentrate All Your Customer Information in One CRM

Adopting CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the first step in simplifying your management. No more customer lists in Excel and prospecting reminders to record by hand!

The commercial management of your company, which is essential to its growth, is centralized and automated by CRM to simplify your daily life, thus:

  • Centralization of information from prospects and customers, even when working with a small team. No information is lost.
  • Prospecting and following up orders for each customer
  • Integration of CRM in Email to Facilitate Prospecting
  • Connection to your diary for one-click appointment management
  • Send emails segmented according to the profiles of your prospects and customers


Axonot integrates all these CRM functionalities into its 100% French management tool. In addition, the solution is available as a mobile app allowing you to access your business files wherever you are, even on the go.

2. Use an Online Invoicing Tool

Save time by creating your quotes and invoices with an online invoicing software. Many tools thus offer to create quotes tied to your prospects, then to convert them into invoices in one click.

Axonaut Invoice Management Software

Axonaut goes beyond these functionalities by generating purchase orders and delivery slips in one click, or by offering your customers the possibility to sign your quotes online and settle their invoices completely securely by transfer or bank card.

Are you having trouble with poorly paying customers?

Axonaut offers the creation of automatic payment reminders sent by email, or even by mail! Axonaut will take care of sending mail for you.

3. Make it easy to share documents with your accountant

As an entrepreneur you definitely outsource the accounting of your business. Facilitating discussions with your accountant will save you a lot of time (and that too!).

This is why Axonot integrates an accounting portal and exclusive access to your service provider into its solution. From this location, you and your accountant will be able to view your cash flow, export your accounting data in any format you want, or even view all of your income and expenses and the growth of your business.

4. Monitor Your Customer Relationships

It’s no secret that having good customer service is the key to the success of any business. Hence ensure your customers’ satisfaction by carefully monitoring the management of complaints and returns and responding to consumer inquiries promptly.

With Axonaut, you can configure your customer service messaging system so that every email sent is converted into a ticket. Manage your tickets from the platform and follow their resolution in real time, thanks to a visual and easy-to-use tool.

5. Take care of human resources

Irrespective of the number of employees in your company, human resource management requires significant work every month which can be very time consuming.

By adopting Human Resource Management tools, you will be able to save time on generation of expense reports, management of leave and absences, personnel register etc.

Axonaut HR Management Software

Axonaut automates human resource management so you can focus on your core business.

6. Centralize all these functionalities in a single device

By implementing all the tips in this article one by one, you will end up with a multitude of management tools to understand and connect with each other. not that easy !

To make business management even easier, Axonaut centralizes all these functions into a single tool. The company’s customer service will help you get started with the tool and its features and provide you with a personalized long-term follow-up.


Axonaut was created by two creators of a start-up in the medical field. Faced with their difficulty finding a management tool suited to the needs of their small structure, they decided to develop their own solution. Enthusiasm for their equipment quickly invaded their occupied incubator in Toulouse, so much so that Axonaut already had 20 customers, even marketing it! Now, more than 4,000 companies trust Axonaut and benefit from its services.

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