Zoholics, the essential event to know how to better manage your business

Zoholics, the annual group of entrepreneurs made in Zoho, is back in Paris! After 3 Years of Virtual Conferences, Zoholics is Closing Its Bags Once Again At the Quai de Grenelle in Paris, September 15, 2022,

Organized by software publisher Zoho, this annual conference is a tribute to CEOs, decision-makers and executives from companies of all sizes in search of growth.

With its 20 speakers and 50 presentations, this event is a must for business management, whether you’re already a user of Zoho Solutions or not.

Marketing, Project Management, Finance, CRM, HR, Workflow… There is a Zoho software solution for every area of ​​your business – business applications included.

Focus on the highlights of the day that should not be missed.

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Panel Discussion: Building a Business with Zoho

Of course, the organizers can tell you about the +45 Zoho applications, its 500 integrations, but admit it, you prefer to see solid cases. And who better than the companies using Zoho to tell you about the competitive advantages you can get from the Zoho software suite?

This is the mole you’ll find during the session titled: “Roundtable – Building a Business with Zoho”.

Here, no sales pitch or prepared speech: The organizations that use Zoho will tell you everything, good or bad, about their software solutions.

In this session, you will discover Zoho through 3 organizations: Manomono, Inwebo and NGO Life.

Zoho CRM Viewed by ManoMano

If you are a DIY fan, then the name ManoMano is definitely familiar to you. 15I A French unicorn – with a net valuation of $2.6 billion – ManoMano is the No. 1 DIY appliance sales platform in Europe.

To reach this status, it faced a major challenge: allowing its merchants to communicate amicably with many of their services. Customer support, quality service, and account managers are just a few of the services that merchants keep running on the platform at all times.

Therefore there is no question of using a normal messaging service – otherwise beware of confusion and loss of data. ManoMano needed a complete software suite that could enable all these beautiful people to work hand in hand in a transversal way. And his choice fell on Zoho CRM.

Why this CRM and not another, you ask? What are the benefits of this software suite? How did the implementation and integration of business processes take place? (Spoiler: They only took 2 months). Business Operations Javier Atala at Manomono will be happy to answer all these questions.

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Visited by Zoho One Life NGO

But Zoho isn’t limited to large organizations, let alone enterprises. SMEs and humanitarian NGOs also benefit from the power of Zoho.

Fanny Fernandes, Executive Director, NGO Life, will tell you how and why Life NGO adopted Zoho One.

It must be said that this NGO of 10 volunteers had to face a major change. It went from 10 volunteers to 40 employees in record time. Organizing its communications, managing its humanitarian projects, and streamlining communication with its donors became a challenge. Fortunately, the leaders of Life Ong were able to rely on Zoho One.

Hence this intervention will be an opportunity for you, an SME or CEO of a start-up, to discover all the hidden strengths of Zoho for your organization.

Session: Integrated Business Analytics

How can we talk about software without addressing the question of data? Data-driven decision making is vital if you want to see your business grow.

If you want to find a way to extract important information from your sparse data, this session is a must have for you.

As the decision-maker or business leader of the 21st century, you certainly know that your business is full of data. Data from CRM, e-mail, invoicing software, social networks… Data is everywhere.

Unfortunately, they get lost in various “data silos”. For example, it is impossible for you to mix data from your social networks with data from your CRM.

It is impossible for you to get any exploitable information from it except those you already suspect. And all the time, your competitors are exploiting them and gaining huge competitive advantage.
This will have to change. And to harness the power of data analytics, Zoho Analytics awaits.

During this session, Zoho experts will explain how, in a very simple way, you can exploit your data. You don’t have to be a seasoned data scientist to find the stories your data tells.

On the program: How to intelligently combine and group all your data, analyze it and extract information that is important to your growth.

Session: Process Automation

If the right information makes it possible to make the right decisions, companies face a major challenge in implementing their decisions: lengthy processes, fraught with time-consuming tasks and little added value.

Do you want to avoid seeing long workflows slow down your decisions? Then this session is for you.

Answering emails, checking that vendors are following the company’s sales process, planning potential follow-up actions… Don’t you think these tasks take your and your employees’ time? Worse yet, these time hogs take you away from the things that really matter: growing your organization.

To overcome this problem, Zoho has integrated the Blueprint functionality into Zoho CRM.

It is a solution dedicated to automate and improve your sales operations in the easiest way possible.

Hearing feedback from its customers, the company continues to expand Blueprint. Now he is able to do much more than just draw and model workflows.

This is what Sameer Mehrali, CRM products expert, will show you during this session.

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If Zoho has managed to place among 80 million users worldwide, it is because the company thinks about the future above all.

Since its inception 25 years ago in India, the company has only improved its products and aims to continue to do so for the next 25 years.

Sridhar Lianger will tell you how Zoho sees its next 25 years and will tell you about the next evolution of Zoho Software during this session. Unacceptable to fans of Zoho Solutions!

So, we’ll meet you on September 15th?

Special offer for our readers: -50% off your Zoholics tickets with the code “CODEUR.COM” ,

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