Plagiarism, how to fight?

Today everything is at your fingertips and clicks and copy and paste has become common practice. You can use the internet for self service and no one is to blame for it. Finding an idea, creating a product, naming it, everything can be copied. At a time when communication has become international, you have to be careful not to challenge yourself by a competitor. Who benefits from your slander? It is so common that in many business schools, software is used to detect plagiarism in students’ dissertations, thesis … companies in relation to their logos, their names and the colors they use. are very attentive. They adopt in order to maintain their originality.

Plagiarism is the act of copying or copying, whether a literary, artistic or technical work. For example, citing an author without quotation marks or writing an article by copying non-relevant sources or copying a senior year student’s research work. If you enjoy copyright to a work, you can take the following steps to eliminate the “literary” maneuver.

start by collecting evidence

Whatever field you work in, gather evidence before doing anything. For example, if your website’s content has been plagiarized by another site’s webmaster, copy the relevant URL, then take screenshots of the relevant pages and plagiarists on your site. Ask one or two witnesses to do the same. This approach is valid for artistic and technical works.

contact the author

An artistic work usually has the signature of its author. Thanks to the information available on the fake painting or artist’s album, you may have his address, his email, or his telephone number. If necessary, you can go through the sales chain by contacting the distributor, semi-wholesaler, wholesaler and manager in this order. If it is a website, search the “WHOIS” database, fill out the contact form or comment on an article or message directly by email or on social networks available on the site. As soon as you get a response, try to convince your interlocutor that he is infringing your copyright. Demand the removal of the affected material or the closure of the infringing work or product. Support your comment with Articles L111-1 and Article L123-1 of the Intellectual Property Code. Generally, the plagiarist is unaware of the law he is breaking. It is enough for him to show his displeasure firmly enough to make him realize the extent of his mistake. If it doesn’t stop copying, you can consider other actions.

send him a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt

If the plagiarist does not remove the plagiarized material from his site or stop selling the infringing work, you can send him a registered letter acknowledging the receipt. Do not forget to mention the articles of law in the letter. In general, this approach makes it possible to quickly obtain the return of the related work, product or material. In case of unauthorized use of any image or text from your website, you may attach an invoice with details of the full period of use.

Contact the structure in charge of respecting intellectual property

On the web, search engines, particularly Google and Yahoo, have provided a process for reporting copyright infringement. Simply send an email to one of these search engines to understand the process. For literary (books, memoirs, research, etc.), artistic (music, video, paintings, sculptures, etc.) and technical (products, machinery, equipment, etc.) works, you can contact the regional management. National Center for Copyright.

take legal action

If all the steps described above do not work, you will need to hire a lawyer to initiate legal action. Even if you are certain to win, keep in mind that this option can be lengthy and expensive (court costs, attorney fees, etc.). Before beginning this process, think carefully and consult with your attorney.

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