YouTube SEO: 10 SEO Tips For Your Channel

Do you want your brand to gain visibility and are you looking for new opportunities? It’s time to integrate YouTube into your marketing strategy.

With over 2 billion monthly users, the video platform represents a real boon for many companies. Let us tell you that YouTube is the second search engine after Google.

But you still have to manage to find a place for yourself on the world’s most famous video platform.

In this article, the idea is to give you 10 tips to effectively improve your youtube seo, let’s go!

1. Understand the YouTube Algorithm

It’s common knowledge by now that YouTube’s algorithm generates a stream of personalized recommendations based on user satisfaction levels. For optimization, the algorithm takes precedence over search engines.

70% of the traffic will come from recommendations made by the platform as compared to direct research.

So it is essential to understand how this algorithm works to increase your visibility.
Here are user behavior metrics to consider in statistics:

  • User viewing time.
  • Percentage of videos viewed.
  • Click through rate.

2. Keywords

Like written content, keywords are essential for organic SEO optimization on YouTube.

To find relevant keywords associated with your videos, it is recommended that you use YouTube’s auto-suggestion. All you have to do is type a query in the search bar to see all associated keyword suggestions. Just like Google.

Be sure to put your main keyword in your file name before uploading it to your channel. This is a simple yet effective SEO tip!

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3. Add Links to Your YouTube Channel Banner

You can customize your YouTube channel and add links to your website or social networks.

You then increase your chances that the user will be interested in your brand.
To do this, click “Customize Channel”, go to the “Links” section and click on the edit icon to add the desired link.

youtube banner link

Also learn how to create a unique banner for your YouTube channel.

4. Add Subtitles to Your Videos

Adding captions is a great way to increase organic traffic to a YouTube channel. Subtitles are actually taken into account by search engines.

Activating this function on your channel is an asset to your SEO.

WARNING: However, make sure the video subtitles are accurate, the automation may contain some surprises!

Adding subtitles makes the algorithm work easier and increases your chances of visibility on YouTube.

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5. Structure Your Channel

Once you have uploaded some well optimized videos, you can organize your channel to improve the user experience.

YouTube organizes videos by popularity or by publication.

Take a moment to put yourself in your audience’s place and think about how they will navigate your channel.

To organize your video content, you can create playlists. Simply select “Customize Channel”, click on the Playlists tab, and then create a new one.
add youtube playlist

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6. Customize Video Tags and Description

Creating a description of your video is a step that should not be overlooked when it comes to optimizing SEO. The first 100 words are the most important because they are what appear in YouTube search results.

Your keywords should be integrated into the content as naturally as possible. Most of the time, this is done automatically if you describe your video in detail and accurately.

Customizing your description is one of the best ways to make YouTube videos appear in the Suggestions sidebar.

Don’t forget to include your keywords in the tags, they will be very useful in optimizing your SEO.

7. Add Integration Function

Do you want users to share your videos extensively? Don’t hesitate to integrate them on your website or your blog and encourage users to do the same on your website. You can even embed your videos in your newsletters!

Make it easy for them by enabling the embed feature on YouTube. To activate it, go to your YouTube account’s “Video Manager” and then select “Edit” under the video you want to activate the integration on. Finally in “Advanced Settings”, check the option “Integration”.
Allow integration of Youtube videos across sites

YouTube offers immense potential to develop brand communication. By following these tips you can optimize your YouTube channel and use this distribution channel to increase your visibility. To go further, you can also follow the advice of and read our article on how to increase your visibility on YouTube.

YouTube SEO: What is it?

Today, video is one of the most used formats by users. YouTube has become one of the most visited search engines in just a few years. Currently, it is the second largest search engine. And for good reason, there are many content formats promoted by Optimum Web Reference.

The natural context on Google involves applying a certain number of marketing techniques to promote your videos on the web.

Purpose of a content creator who does his job youtube seo This is when people search for content when its videos appear at the top of the results. This is a great way for him to grow his community by driving organic traffic to his YouTube channel.

How to reference a video on YouTube?

We urge you to customize it SEO of your YouTube video To develop the notoriety of your channel and your content. There are many techniques available to you for this.

On the one hand, you have to work on the text of your title, description and subheadings. It is essential to write titles containing targeted keywords. Keywords that are also found in the description and subtitles of your video for effective optimization.

On the other hand, it is necessary to know YouTube’s algorithms well in order to adapt to it. By developing engagement on your videos, YouTube will perceive your content as meaningful and therefore will not hesitate to promote it.

What is YouTube Video Engagement?

The more users interact with your content, the more likely it is that your videos will appear at the top of search results on YouTube. Actions are completed by users viewing your content as a result of engagement on YouTube videos.

Engagement indicators are also your YouTube channel subscriptions, likes (blue thumb), shares and comments. Note, however, that these different verbs do not have the same value. For example, in the eyes of YouTube, a “like” on a video has little effect compared to a share.

The more responses you can get from people viewing your content, the higher your engagement rate. The latter is a leading indicator for YouTube that will not hesitate to promote your channel’s content.

Engagement rate on YouTube is calculated by taking the difference between the number of likes/comments and the number of views of a video.

our tip

Treat yourself to the services of an independent YouTube expert! To do this, nothing could be easier: describe your problem on, get quotes from community managers, share with them via private message, and choose the expert who will help you. Requirements (and your budget!)

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