Young Business Leaders: 7 Very Common Mistakes

, experience does matter ”, we say often. Due to lack of experience, young business leaders make mistakes that sometimes put their business at risk.

To start your business successfully, here are 7 beginner mistakes to avoid!

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1. Lack of ongoing employee training

In the minds of young business leaders, employee training takes only 2-3 weeks. They tell themselves that it is enough to teach them the basics to be proficient in their work.

it’s not like that at all. This basic training is only the beginning of an ongoing process…

In this ever-changing world, by continually training your employees you can prepare them to take advantage of the new opportunities that will open up for your company.

And so to make them more efficient!

To help you, check out this article: Startups: 10 Organizations That Help You Start Your Business. from them :

2. Make Estimated Recruitments

You have deadlines to meet, so you hire the first one even if it doesn’t fit the profile you need… big mistake!

Never hire a candidate who lacks skills just because you have an important job.

Consult with your human resource manager or a recruiting agency partner to choose only cream of the crop.

You can also choose to hire a freelancer. In this case, post your ad on and peruse the profile that suits you best to find the one that best suits your needs.

Here are some examples of recruitment software that will surely help you:

3. Refuse to entrust your employees with a “challenge” mission

Sensitive and decisive projects, keep them with you! It would be too risky to assign them to your team, as they are not used to them, you would think. This is exactly what should not be done.

These challenges will allow your employees to step out of their comfort zone and show you what they have in their stomachs.

Keep in close contact with bus managers to supervise them.

4. Underestimating the importance of centralized project management

Your mission, as a business leader, is to bring talent together and help them work together to solve problems: You are a facilitator.

To make it easier for them, choose to work with centralized project management tools.

They will communicate better if each knows what the other is doing and why.

Kodur Mag provides a full range of articles, studies and infographics for you to know about project management.

5. No Growth and Motivation Policy for Your Employees

There’s no point in hiring good employees if you can’t keep them.

Rewarding compensation and persuasive actions (such as bonuses and promotions) are essential for your employees to feel fully appreciated. They will do their best and want to keep up with your business.

Here are the keys to remember and use to motivate your employees as a business leader:

  • know how to thank them
  • Moderation of bonus or performance-based remuneration
  • promote teamwork
  • Encourage the development of new skills and information
  • accept failure

6. Neglecting Your Personal Growth

Even though the challenges of your life as a young entrepreneur leave little room on your agenda, you shouldn’t put your professional development aside.

Remember to always acquire new practical knowledge (like being a good negotiator, for example) or technical (computer training, for example).

7. Dreaming of a normal life despite new responsibilities

Of course, you should have some time to enjoy your family, your hobbies and leisure.

But those moments will be rare now when you’re at the head of the team you need to be available for. It’s not about spending all your time working, but realizing that some sacrifices will be required, especially in the beginning of your business.

Adopt the right habits right away to ensure your business’s success and avoid these mistakes that will waste your time and money!

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