Why Hire a Freelancer?

Freelancers make up 35% of the global workforce. More and more companies are working with freelancers to strengthen their internal skills or expand their team.

Do you still have some reservations? Discover 19 reasons to work with one or more independent service providers through the two highlights of this article:

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9 signs that show you need a freelancer

When you start your youth business, you are often the only one in charge. In general, you don’t necessarily have the means to hire a person.

However, you will inevitably end up needing support. How do you know when the time has come? Here are 9 signs that let you know it’s time to hire a freelancer!

1. You can’t take on new customers

The survival of your business is tied to your ability to attract new customers every month. If, for a few months, you can no longer achieve this objective, this should alert you. You may have reached your work limit. In fact, you need to call on the knowledge and fresh perspective of an outsider to achieve your sales objectives.

2. You can no longer meet the deadline

As long as the workload is manageable, being alone on board is effective. However, as your business grows, you can quickly become overwhelmed! Failure to meet the deadline can cost you money. In addition, you will increase your stress and encroach on your free time, your weekends and your family time. You won’t last long at this pace!

It’s time to say stop before you burn out and, above all, refuse customers. Schedule an hour to list tasks that take time and can be delegated. The longer it lasts, the more necessary it becomes to call in a freelancer to give you relief. To achieve a “normal” rhythm and increase your customer satisfaction, learn how to delegate to a freelancer.

3. You’re Creating a Multi-Channel Campaign

Putting together an advanced marketing strategy is a challenge that you cannot overcome alone. A campaign that will take place both online (on multiple channels) and offline requires complete coordination and above all technical knowledge.

It is necessary to call on one or more freelancers to lead a campaign on social networks, in the press, with influencers or street marketing.

4. You are ready to conquer a new market

Launching your activities in a market that is completely new to you is a valid reason to afford external resources. Your marketing strategy, which has worked so far, may prove ineffective with the new target.

You need a freelancer who is particularly familiar with this new market and has experience in business development.

new freelance market

5. You have an urgent project and no staff available

In the life of a business leader, sometimes there are big contracts that suddenly fall apart. It’s rare, but it’s great! However, this will inevitably upset your organization and your employees are certainly already busy full time.

So the time has come to call on one or more freelancers to absorb the extra work and satisfy this important new client.

6. You have specific requirements

Do You Need a Graphic Designer to Work on Your Blog Visuals? Are you looking for a virtual assistant to handle certain tasks? Do you want to animate Facebook page? Do you need 4 blog posts per month?

All of these services require only a few hours per month and a full-time employee will not be profitable. Of course, there is half the time, but this type of contract is also not suitable if you want to reduce expenses or test the usefulness of a service during off-peak periods.

So now is the right time to find available freelancers! Based on your needs and your budget, he will be able to offer you a suitable package. Then you will be free to increase or decrease his hours.

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7. You Need Specific Expertise

For your growth or to meet the specific expectations of one of your clients, you may need a special skill. If the case is rare, it’s time to contact the service provider.

Many freelancers are specialized and offer their unique skills to companies that want to combine this specialized information for a certain period of time.

8. You’re Introducing a New Business Model

At the end of each year, leaders decide on new directions to be taken for the coming year. If a decision is taken to radically change the business model, a change in marketing strategy should follow.

Bring in new blood by seeking the expertise of a freelancer who can approach these changes from another angle, but also provides the missing skills to launch this new business model.

9. You have profits to reinvest in the development of the company

You have found your cruising pace, contracts are regular and your financial position remains stable. The problem is that to grow a client portfolio and your income, you have to spare time and rely on complementary skills.

Now it’s time to call on a freelancer to help you with your daily missions!

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Why work with a freelancer?

1. Freelancer Gets Motivated

Today there are 3.2 million freelancers in France. Some of the best experts believe they have a skill in demand and want to keep it for the benefit of potential clients. These experts are trained in fast moving areas like AI, Data Science, SEO, Digital Marketing… all while getting ready for the independent lifestyle!

So they are inspired to change their lives, become independent and make a living from their core skills, selling their services to small and medium sized businesses.

2. Freelancer Understands Your Needs

A freelancer is above an entrepreneur like you. He knows the importance of meeting your growth and development objectives.

Working with a freelancer means working with someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit and a work culture close to you.

3. Freelancer Qualified

As we said, freelancing is being adopted rapidly. This means that competition is increasing.

To stay competitive, freelancers specialize and are constantly trained in the new challenges of their profession. Skills, knowledge and the right tools are their capital.

Working with an independent contractor means benefiting from fast and constantly updated expertise.

4. Freelancer Supports You

As freelancers multiply contracts, they have earned expertise useful for growing your business. Thus, they are not only fulfilling their mission.

They can take a fresh look at your business, provide informed advice, and help you more broadly reach your growth objectives.

5. Freelancer has professional tools

In addition to his qualities and experience, the freelancer uses his own tools. Your company does not need to invest in new tools to achieve its objectives, as they are often included in what freelancers offer.

6. Freelancer Focuses on Results

Why Hire a Freelancer? Because he is paid to achieve a specific goal. Its productivity is often measured by the amount of work provided each day (or during the mission). He knows that without consequences, the contract will be broken.

For this, the self-employed give their best to meet your expectations.

7. Freelancer Provides High Level of Expertise

With freelancing, you can gain a higher level of expertise. For example, you can work with a highly skilled software developer to build a complex application, or hire an accredited social media manager to take your community management to the next level.

On each mission, you decide the level of expertise you need.

8. Freelancer Justifies His Results

Apart from offering quality work, freelancers justify their results. The key is to show customers that they are fulfilling their mission well enough to satisfy (and retain) them.

You can know the progress of their work as well as the results at any time.

9. Freelancing Helps You Grow Your Business

Do you have expansion plans? Whether in your home country or abroad, you’ll be able to take advantage of your network of freelancers! This means it will potentially take you less time to implement your strategy.

Likewise, you may not be able to hire employees right away. So freelancers can help you get started, or even test-drive a project before hiring a salaried team.

10. Freelancer is Flexible

This may be the less exciting part for the freelancer, but for the company, it’s a huge advantage! In the event of changes in your activity, the independent service provider may adapt its offer by modifying it upwards or downwards.

You can also stop collaboration very easily, whether it is because of a bad relationship with the freelancer or because of a sudden decrease in your activity.


How to choose your provider? Preferably, select a freelancer who will complement you perfectly with skills and knowledge that you do not have. He will be able to handle missions where you are uncomfortable or which you cannot currently take on.

So, ready to hire a freelancer? Post an ad with your requirements on now or find a qualified freelancer through the directory!

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