Use the Internet for Recruitment

Recruiting a new employee is not easy. You should never take work in a hurry. The goal of recruiting is to find a person capable of managing problems related to his tasks and who will be committed to succeeding in the tasks assigned to him. Today, it has become almost necessary to access the internet in search of candidates.

All competing companies use the web to find the employees they need, so why not you? There are some benefits to recruiting on the web, including significant time savings. It is also easier for you to expand your contacts and attract candidates who are not in your circle.

write good job postings on the internet

A job advertisement on the Internet is not written like a publication on paper. There are of course common areas but other uses should be taken into account

  • Try not to forget important information.

Like any ad, you should mention the field of activity and the title of the post. You will also need to specify the type of contract and its duration, especially in the case of a fixed term contract (CDD). Mention the details of activities, location and working hours as well as gross annual salary. Today you can also complete your proposal by saying whether the mission is done by teleworking or not. In all cases, it is a question of pre-meeting the traditional job description.

The advantage of an online advertisement, in addition to reaching a large number of candidates, is that it generally allows you to refer someone who consults other links such as your company’s presentation on your website. So it should be neat because candidates will definitely come in, if only to prepare for their interview or to find out in advance about company activity or to see the environment (if you have social networks which show the “inside” part of your company)

All offers look the same and some contain almost no spirit. Now writing an ad has its effect and it also shows the mood in your business. Don’t hesitate to be humorous, which will usually encourage candidates to apply, even if it may show part of the challenge.

communicate your offer

After defining the position and identifying the skills required, you should consider how to find a rare pearl. Planning on using the Internet doesn’t prevent you from taking advantage of word of mouth, so it’s not a hindrance to communicating about upstream recruiting, quite the contrary. Moreover, a good number of posts are still filled by this method.

Recruiting through company websites is one of the easiest ways to advertise that you are recruiting on the web. You can open a specialized Recruitment section for delivery of your job advertisements and offer customized contact form to candidates interested to apply. You can also provide an email address for candidates to send their CV and cover letter. If you have multiple positions to fill, you’ll need to organize your “jobs” section by theme. You can very well take inspiration from the titles of the major job sites. If you have very few ads to broadcast, prefer direct access to offers.

You can also go through job sites especially if your website lacks visibility with potential candidates. While this is not necessarily true for large companies, your fluency may not be sufficient or qualified to reach the desired candidates. There are many sites specializing in connecting recruiters/candidates. This way, you will benefit from effective recruitment tools and greater visibility. In addition, you have two possibilities: the publication of advertisements and the consultation of the CV. It’s your turn.

Lastly, and even though this method is often overlooked, you can use your various social networks, which allow you to publish your ads.

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