How to choose the right RC Pro?

In the course of your independent activity as a self-employed entrepreneur, you may harm your clients. Even if they are unintentional, you can be held legally responsible for them. Hence the interest of taking out professional civil liability insurance!

The latter covers you in the event of material and immaterial damage occurring at your office or at the customer’s premises. Of course, the level of coverage included in the contract and the type of damage will depend on the insurer and the formula chosen.

That is why it is advisable to choose your RC Pro carefully according to your activity, your needs and the risks taken on a daily basis. With the help of our partner Asurp, we provide you with 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Professional Civil Liability Insurance!

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1. Be honest about business

Most commercial civil liability insurance policies cover your services and rates based on your turnover. This is also one of the first questions to ask when placing your bid.

Be honest and avoid the temptation to reduce your turnover… If necessary, you risk having a guaranteed amount that is too low in relation to your actual needs.

If you have just started your activity, make a rough estimate (possibly with the help of your accountant). It will always be possible to review your contract later.

If you already have a few years of experience, indicate the turnover achieved during your last financial year… unless you know in advance that you will have a better (or worse) year.

2. Browse the List of Available Guarantees

There are several guarantees that may or may not be covered by your RC Pro: civil operational liability, financial loss, legal aid, guarantee against cyber risks, etc.

Be sure to go through all the elements covered by insurers, making sure they are tailored to your activity. For example, if you never work on your customers’ premises and have no subcontractors, operating liability may not be useful.

Conversely, if you work primarily with IT equipment and you have sensitive information (for your business or your customers), a reinforced cyber guarantee is recommended.

The goal is to create a formula that will meet 100% of your needs.

3. Compare Franchises

Pay attention to guarantees and deductible limits, especially if you’re working on fairly expensive machines or equipment. It is important to know the terms of reimbursement in case of damages and balance payment…

Some insurances offer you to adjust the deductible and the amount of compensation. An essential element to avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of a problem at a construction site, in a warehouse or at a customer’s office.

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4. Think about hedging internationally

When you subscribe to RC Pro as a self-employed individual, the guarantee often stops at limits. However, if you have an activity that takes you out of France, it is better to make sure you are involved abroad as well.

Some contracts will only cover you in Europe, while others will also offer coverage across the Atlantic, as do our partner Asurp. This insurer provides its protection to the United States and Canada.

So if you regularly work with companies based in North America, or if you want to develop your activity there, this option is interesting. Notably, in this part of the world, professionals are more procedural than in France.


5. Check Additional Services Offered

Does the insurer facilitate your procedures through online application or web interface at your disposal? This aspect is important if you are a digital enthusiast and want to manage your insurance as well as any formalities online.

For example, Assurup offers a 100% online solution for easily subscribing to contracts and managing options. In addition, its team of experts is available through various means of contact (email, telephone, etc.) to answer your questions and assist you in case of any problem.

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6. Choose a Specialized RC Pro

Freelancer positions are specific and require specialized insurance, which will take into account the specifics of the self-employed. So the ideal is to find a partner who understands the details of the situation, but also your daily activity. By informing consultants about your work and your type of assignment, you will be able to benefit from better support.

The Key: A contract that meets your needs 100% and effectively manages any claims you may have.

Many insurers have a form that allows you to search for your activity. If it’s on the list, that’s a great sign! This means the service provider knows your business and is ready to insure it.

7. Check the Experience and Reputation of the Insurer

Don’t forget to check that the chosen insurer already has solid experience, that they work with multiple clients and that they know what they are talking about! By choosing a leading player in the market, you can definitely get optimum coverage and get powerful advice.

However, consider taking a look at online review sites like Trustpilot or visiting insurers’ Facebook pages. You’ll get feedback from existing customers, which is often informative. Their feedback will tell you how the insurance company acts in the event of a claim or problem.

For example, our partner Assurup has a 4.6/5 rating on Trustpilot and 4 stars on Facebook.


Although Professional Civil Liability Insurance is not compulsory, it is still highly recommended!

In a matter of minutes, you can create a tailor-made quote and consult the available guarantees. Whatever it is, Assurup allows this on its website. Plus, you might be surprised at the rather advantageous rates, especially for a self-employed individual.

Thus, for a few euros per month, you insure your activity and you will be completely safe from the unexpected …

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