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Choosing a location seems easy at first glance, but doing so is often complicated. Several tracks have to be chosen in order to find a good location and premises that are really suitable. Since it is often difficult to know where to start, here are some tips that can help you find a professional campus worthy of the name.

Analyze your needs

If you want to open a business or professional campus, you have to go through the research phase. Finding professional premises seems trivial but is not done randomly. Choosing a location near your home or in the neighborhood of your choice is not enough to make the decision to sign your lease.

In terms of business, the choice of location will have a very decisive impact on your business. Banks also take this a lot into consideration and you have to determine the number of potential customers through the number of the route but also the presence of your potential customers in the target area.

Before you get down to looking for a room, you need to define all your needs. Evaluate the extent of the surface that you need now but also in the future because it is always restricted to look for new premises when you are locked in a 3 year lease and sometimes have to split your teams into two locations Is. As far as the amount is concerned, you have to make a calculation so as not to take a loss as taking too much area can hurt your profitability and taking too small can become a hindrance.

In any case, you may also need to choose your location based on your ability to recruit and attract talent. There is no point in having a big campus if no one wants to come there. Also note that it is not necessary to have a large local badly located in the center of the city as they are often extremely expensive and sometimes it is better to have a smaller local cheaper in the outskirts or where your target/your employees are at ease can reach from

knock on the right door

While getting help never hurts, don’t hesitate to ask your employees the name of the owner of that vacant or abandoned space you’ve visited. Word of mouth is often an effective medium.

Second solution: You can also go to the town hall. She is able to give useful information, to contact the owner of a room and sometimes to take care of the connection.

Classified ads in newspapers, which offer a wide choice of premises for sale and rent, represent an alternative solution, such as resorting to real estate agencies (although this is often costly) easily in the city. To find well located premises.

The Internet represents a vast field. As a business, you have essentially become accustomed to using the web to conduct transactions. Many sites such as Le Bon Coin,, or even offer a wide choice of professional premises of all categories for both sale and rent. All you need to do is sort through and call the numbers of the owners, so that you can visit the site. The website of your city’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry should also be taken into account, as it often publishes lists of vacant premises.

Take Your Premises Into Colleagues

Coworking is often a flexible solution that allows you to have a workspace without leasing. You can usually do this by day or month.

This is relatively practical, especially if you can reach multiple locations as there are few peers everywhere in France. Your team can then move on to the location that is most practical or enjoyable for them on a day to day basis.

The cost per station tends to be higher than on your premises and therefore you should check that this solution is viable. Sometimes it’s still possible to make sure you have multiple positions without nominally and in the space reserved for your teams, an important piece of data if you’ve developed hybrid work and not all of your teams get to your premises. is at the same time.

opening a local at home

Converting your home into a business complex, especially if you live in the city center, can be an option. To convert your home into a business premises, you will need to complete a preliminary administrative process. A declaration must be made to the tax authorities for the change of ownership in the form of premises for commercial use. The property tax will be calculated from the cadastral rent value of the place which is to be converted. Once all this is done, it is your duty to send a declaration form to the Land Registry Office within 3 months of the change. Likewise, be careful as it often becomes very intrusive and sometimes it becomes difficult to separate personal life from professional life.

There is no dearth of solutions to find professional premises, but you will often have to give yourself the means to acquire it, especially since in the city, the available premises can be rented and sold easily. To increase your chances, don’t hesitate to “trample” others. eh yes! In the professional world, don’t be sorry, take the risk by making offers that are more attractive than others for rental or sale prices.

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