Secrets of a successful collaboration between freelance and business

The relationship between freelance and business is like a love story. if it doesn’t matching Not from the beginning, you will find it difficult to stay together for a long time. So it is first for the company to find the right freelancer and secondly for the company that really needs their skills.

Even after finding the right specialist, you still have to make some rules. Cooperation without rules goes straight into the wall.

Discover 4 Secrets to Working Better with a Freelancer!

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1. Integrate Freelance into Your Team

The principle of a freelancer is that he “has no office”. But that does not mean that on the contrary he has been thrown out of the company. He is a member of your team just like your other employees.

Remember to introduce him to everyone, provide him with the contact details of your key associates and invite him to events organized by the company. This will facilitate their cohesion among your employees and enhance their work within the company.

Reinforce your organization’s vision and purpose on a regular basis so that your teams know that everyone is working toward the same goal. Organize group lunches, coffee breaks or other informal activities. This will create an atmosphere of trust which is vital for a successful collaboration.

2. Avoid unnecessary collaboration

Don’t bet everything on your freelance. He may be an expert in his field, but he is not “omnipotent”. Remember that he is an independent and can leave at any time. So it would be a mistake to build your team around you and expect it to move forward.

While you should encourage a culture of collaborative work, it is important to establish some basic rules.

Before asking a freelancer to do the job for you, see if you or someone in the company can do it. Encourage your employees to work better and hire a freelancer only when the situation demands (and the mission is commensurate with their skills).

This is the only way you can take advantage of effective collaboration.

3. Avoid Competition Between Freelancers and Employees

The secret to avoiding unsuccessful cooperation is to establish the limits of privilege for each of the parties from the very beginning. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right balance between a smart relationship and overwork. But the risk remains a threat to the well-being of your most talented employees.

So instead of delegating your employees to freelance all the time, give them the opportunity and time to do intensive, high-value work.

For effective collaboration, it helps to know where each other’s expertise lies. Make sure your employees and freelancers know each other.

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4. Act Confident

One of the cornerstones of freelance activity is the comfort of being able to work from where he wants. As a business, you need to understand this and be flexible in your rules.

On the independent side, he should know that he will be judged on the basis of his results. He should accomplish his mission within time and within the limits set by his employer without forgetting to send regular reports.

From time to time, the company and the freelancer need to do a tune-up to nurture the relationship and keep the communication going. Doing so builds trust between the two camps and makes the work more fluid.

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