5 Management Lessons to Learn from Blablacar

Will BlaBlocker be the queen of carpooling as well as management? Looks like yes! Not satisfied with its success in a cooperative economy, the company is also an example in terms of employee management.

A hierarchy that listens, a genuine desire to pull teams up and improve employees’ skills. So what is the secret of kings to share?

In this case study, we will look at what lessons can be learned from the leader in carpooling in Europe.

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1. Welcoming New Employees

It is an honor to extend a warm welcome to our new employees at BlaBlaCar. Induction Week allows incoming new employees during the month to follow up with conferences and presentations led by managers from various departments.

This has the major advantage of creating team cohesion upon entering the company. At the same time, managers are accessible and the notion of hierarchy is presented in a “lighter” and less formal light.

2. Training at the heart of the process

Due to its strong growth, management teams have identified training as a key to the company’s success.

At BlaBlaCar, it is based on the concept of “Knowledge Sharing”. Like the US giants like Google, who have developed tools to share information, files, knowledge etc. For all employees, Blablacar introduces BlablaLearn.

Thus employees benefit from knowledge sharing in the broadest sense: internal meetings, seminars, courses, blogs, libraries, etc.

Source: Blablacar

3. E-learning flagship event of 2015

the concept of if share and learn There is a consensus supported by the leader of carpooling, yet employees indicated that the company could improve on the level of training in the strictest sense. So the management team decided in 2015 to make it one of their priorities, especially by developing e-learning.

In fact, part of the courses are therefore offered in the form of e-learning. However, there are meetings, workshops, or group assignments with lessons to avoid putting participants in too much of a passive state. The idea is to be based on the concept of reverse pedagogy. This can take the form of fun, practical exercises within the company, etc.

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4. Blablatalk, the internal communication tool

BlaBlaTalk is a weekly meeting that involves the entire company. During this meeting, a typical service presents the work done over the past few weeks and what it plans to do in the coming weeks.

blabla talk

Source: Glassdoor

Among the advantages of these meetings, there is already the fact of understanding who does what. When a company expands, we are quickly unable to clearly identify the players in each department.

The report also allows a form of evaluation and empowerment of each service. Thus they carry out their objectives, missions and values ‚Äč‚Äčloud and clear to the rest of the company. Talking of upcoming actions is also a form of commitment to which the department will have to be accountable.

Lastly, the main purpose of BlaBlaTalk is to build relationships between colleagues and respect between departments. Communication between teams and in-depth knowledge of the work done allows for more holistic cohesion.

5. A Business That’s Both Fun and Serious

Should this be compared to happy management? off course not.

BlaBlacar’s idea is to first work seriously to create spaces of fun and lightness. When the work is done diligently, there are inevitably fewer worries, setbacks or worries.

BlaBlocker Office

Source: Glassdoor

Thus, it is easy to find a work environment where life is good. This is the best way to avoid professional tension or resentment. Good understanding facilitates and allows communication to be lightened, leading to greater motivation and thus nurturing the virtuous circle.

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