Real Estate Website Building: 5 Specialized Service Providers

Growing your real estate business requires an online presence and allows you to scale your operations.

Whether you are a negotiator, real estate agent or manager of a real estate agency, creating a website that reflects your business can only be profitable.

However, it is important to use a service provider that you can trust. Here are some tips for choosing your provider.

Why Build a Real Estate Website?

According to professionals in this field, 90% of real estate projects are initiated by internet search. This represents 9 out of 10 buyers and shows the importance of an online presence for a real estate agency or any other professional in the field.

It is also an opportunity to challenge the competition that is already there on the Internet by creating a showcase website that allows you to promote your business and gain leads.

Today, the real estate market has undergone profound changes. After Covid-19 and several confinements, buyers and sellers largely turned to the internet to continue their real estate transactions.

If the tendency to turn to traps to search for real estate or to sell one’s property was already very strong before imprisonment, it has only been reinforced and is now necessary.

That being said, the internet is becoming almost essential as the real estate market in France is said to be tense. In general, prices are rising everywhere and goods are sometimes rare and hard to find.

Searching the Internet is also a way for buyers to make sure they don’t miss a property just because it isn’t presented at a physical agency. It is therefore paramount to find your place among the major general real estate sites.

And for those who don’t want to buy or sell their property on the Internet, the tendency is primarily to turn to an online search to find a professional who accompanies them.

So you must have understood the importance of online presence for your business and the interest of building a real estate website in your image.

Specifications and advice for building a real estate agency website.

An Optimized SEO Reference

Building your real estate website should take into account many aspects, starting with the scope of your business and the customers you want to reach. Generally, real estate agencies target local clients and therefore do not require a national online presence.

This means that your competition is definitely low, but close as real estate agencies near you will sell properties similar to yours or in areas demanded by your clients.

Therefore the Google reference of your website should be thought out solely to target the customers who are likely to consult your establishment.

So you will need support first to refer your website and make it “SEO friendly”.

A showcase website, but not only

real estate showcase site

Your website should also allow you to generate sales or rental mandates, in addition to creating a showcase for your online presence.

So you should be together to set performance objectives, i.e. the number of consultations you want to receive per day, as well as the number of contacts and appointments through your website.

So it will be essential that you find a developer who is able to do a benchmark with you, i.e. to find out what the competition is doing to do even better.

On your real estate website, you also need to think about including your company’s legal notice: siret/siren number, RCS registration number, share capital, etc.

Tools to convert your prospects into customers

listing on a real estate site

Then think about the list of essential tools you need to equip your website.

There may be several, depending on your needs:

  • accurate search engine,
  • presentation of advertisements,
  • landing page with contact form,
  • Newspaper…

Finally, think about the customer experience. Your real estate website has to be responsive so that browsing is as enjoyable as possible for your prospects.

Attract and retain through storytelling

Your business is definitely your baby, your jewel. You dedicate whole hours to it and your work deserves recognition. It also means that your establishment has a history that you can rely on to entice and convince your potential customers.

To this end, the chosen service provider can help you create storytelling content, that is, some hypothetical representation of your activity that will help your customers present themselves in collaboration with you.

Feel free to include photos of your team and some references from your customers with whom the collaboration has been successful.

5 Service Providers Specializing in Building Real Estate Websites

For example, it’s hard to imagine building a website yourself if you want to set up advanced features like an online customer area.

If it is possible to build a site yourself, there are several factors to consider such as:

  • Habitat,
  • natural context to gain visibility,
  • establishing a content strategy,
  • your site design,
  • e.t.c

Then it is more advisable to entrust the construction of your site to a professional.

To help you build your real estate website, here are 5 service providers you can call on with confidence.

Encoder is a free platform that allows companies like yours to submit a complete project for which the freelance web developers on the platform will come and apply by providing you a quote, a price.

Freelancers are selected on profiles and their skills are regularly checked as each client is required to note down the work provided by the chosen freelancer.

When choosing your freelancer you have access to these ratings, which allow you to compare profiles in addition to the quotes each professional sends you.

The interesting thing with in building your real estate website is the possibility of calling on specialized service providers in each area required for the start-up of your site. For example, if you choose to tell a story to talk about your business instead of simple SEO friendly content, you may have access to a storyteller who will be happy to send you a quote at the best price.

You control the choice of professionals who collaborate on your project from A to Z, without any unpleasant surprises, as freelancers do the work on their behalf, which promotes a job well done.

In terms of prices, is completely free for you.

The platform is remunerated by commission taken directly from the freelancer. However, if you want your project to be treated as a priority or distributed only to certified freelancers by the platform, you can subscribe for options ranging from €7.99 to €19.99 per month.

Website Building

This service provider offers to build your real estate website specially optimized for any type of media: telephone, tablet, computer … This is a plus, because often this option can be paid and a sufficient may represent the budget.

By using this service provider, you will also have the possibility of getting a 100% responsive real estate website, therefore optimized for pleasant and easy navigation. Your site is completely secure and the service provider’s prices are reasonable, with personalized quotes available to request directly online. is a service provider that prides itself on working with experts in building real estate websites. The company proposes to put you in touch with its own service providers selected on the basis of past customer satisfaction.

The website is full of advice for creating a real estate website project that meets your expectations and the needs of your business.

Netty is a real estate website building provider that offers a formula in the form of a monthly subscription. For the price of 69 Euro, the company provides you with a 100% personalized, responsive, securely hosted website and marketing positioning tailored to your needs.

Thanks to the service provider’s experience in the field of real estate website building, you will be able to benefit from the best tools and specialized advice on services that can help you grow your business.

Our tip for building your real estate website

Depending on your objectives, the functionalities to be implemented on your site may not be the same. A classic showcase WordPress site will be less expensive than a feature-packed site to offer your agency. Remember to keep this in mind when requesting quotes.

Submitting a project on allows you to call on as many freelancers as you need to build your real estate website.

Submitting a project for free is also a good way to get quotes and estimates in advance for planning the budget for building your company’s online showcase.

In the end, choosing a freelancer you trust and with whom you can work together can only lead to a website that is perfectly built and adapted to your needs. Don’t hesitate anymore and start developing your business!

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