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More and more women are becoming successful and joining the entrepreneurial landscape. A bet that may sound risky but has been taken brilliantly by many entrepreneurs. Today in France, 40% of business creators are women. While waiting for their numbers to grow, here are six pictures of women who have successfully done business.

Some Statistics on Women Entrepreneurship

40% of sole proprietorship created by women

In 2020, an INSEE survey shows that women are the carriers and producers of 4 out of 10 individual businesses.

58% Women Entrepreneurs 40. are younger than

compared to 47% of men in the same age group. The study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research states that the average age of success for men or women is 42 years.

21% of startup leaders are women

In 2020, only 2 startups are led by women and 34% of them decide to go into business.

2% of fundraising is for women

A survey by SISTA and the BCG organization shows that since 2008, fundraising for women entrepreneurs is only 2%.

8% of businesses created by women are profitable

As against 5% for men! Hence the projects done by women show better return rate.

Bertile Burrell, Gift Box Experience

Bertaille Burrell co-founded Wonderbox with her husband, James Blauzard. A brand specializing in the sale of gift boxes and holiday activities over the Internet. The young woman explains that after leaving her job to travel the world with James, she wanted to give gifts to her family, as they had. Not suited to them in different brands, they decided to enter the box market by providing “experience” to their customers. The success stays there and the young woman positions her company as the leader of the French market. “If we are No. 1 today, it is because we have always tried to make things a little better for both our customers and our partners. We knew that if we treat our partners well, they Will serve our customers well. », Bertil Burel Confirms at Micro-Enterprise Fair “I believe that women have a lot to bring to a company, they are organized, endowed with a practical spirit, in tune with reality and above all a great asset, they more naturally adopt strategic vision. Knows how to convert into actions. Concrete. »

Fanny Pechiodat, Tips of a Parisian

The young woman began a marketing career within the L’Oréal group. But the latter’s favorite pastime is finding good deals. To find them, Fanny Pechiodat spends her free time wandering the streets of Paris. With the help of her younger sister, she decides to compose an email including “nice addresses” that she sends to about fifty friends. A craze is taking place and in a matter of months the young woman has amassed nearly 10,000 subscribers thanks to her newsletters. In 2008 she decided to launch her site MyLitlleParis, an original media group that shares tips and cool plans. “With cryptic and unusual addresses that we blow up in their mailboxes, boxes we slip into their letterboxes, inspiring ideas that we put in their phones. » The girl’s site says. Success due to a cocktail of originality and innovation. “Capitalize on the forex and take what we call the Forrest Gump way. It’s naivete that leads to creativity. Expertise is the enemy of innovation, so don’t hesitate to enter a market you know little about.” know » She advises entrepreneurs on the Les Echos website.

The girl is a student of HEC Paris when this idea comes to her mind. The latter was responsible for organizing the integration weekend of his promotion with the responsibility of raising funds from his peers. To carry out his mission with complete peace of mind, he decided to develop a platform that allows him to collect money online and with complete security. The online site was launched in March 2009. Birthdays, skipping drinks, weekends with others, weddings… all occasions are good for creating an online fundraiser and inviting people around you to participate. In 2013, Céline appeared for the first time in the “Entrepreneur of the Moment” category, a ranking of the 100 celebrities making the French web. In the same year, his company was named “Best French Start-up” by the reference magazine for new technologies, Wired Europe. Celine Lazarethes is very committed to women entrepreneurs “I think we are often our enemies, we must reiterate that it is possible and it makes us happy” She believes in the Figaro site.

Anne-Laure Constanza, A Mother’s Wish of Clothes (and Strawberries)

During her first pregnancy, Laure Constanza learns that it is becoming increasingly difficult for pregnant women to find beautiful clothes. She considers a ready-to-wear market that doesn’t make use of the trend enough or too expensive. She decides to take matters into her own hands and launches her own brand on the Internet: “Envy De Fries”. A responsible clothing brand that aims to “offer the most beautiful creations to wear from the beginning to the end of pregnancy and beyond, and do so at a reasonable price”. The young woman starts out with one advantage: working in large French luxury homes and with the advice of her seamstress grandmother. The brand is very successful and can boast of wearing clothes from big names like Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway or Serena Williams. The combination of motherhood and entrepreneurship didn’t demotivate the young woman “In France, the situation seems favorable for me to become a mompreneur. It is no coincidence that we are champions of European fertility. Coordinating professional life and life as a mother in France is so complicated compared to other countries.” Not there. “ she says on the website

Pauline Lagneau, Warm and Colorful Jewelry

Thoughts of a young woman born during one of the most beautiful moments of her life: when her partner, the Charif, asks her to marry him. The bride and groom go through the most “romantic” phase, Pauline’s choice of engagement ring. The lovebirds head to the big jewelers’ boutiques, but the initial enthusiasm slowly turns to disappointment. They find the jewelry world “cold and scary”, associated only with classic jewelry made of white gold or diamonds, and the fear of not getting a price that suits them. There is no listening and professional advice either. Following this observation, the young woman and her husband decided to create their own jewelry brand: Gemyo. “A jewelry house where everyone will be free to have unique jewelry that exactly looks like them; A jewelry house that can be accessed anywhere and anytime; A jewelry house that makes the purchase of a piece of jewelry a real pleasure.” wants to make the moment not a test” explains his online site. It manages to reach a turnover of three million euros just three years after its creation. Defines as one of the keys. “I always listen to those who tell me they want to change their lives. Entrepreneurship is a personal adventure, a desire that matters even more than a business idea” She believes the Tribune website.

Catherine Barba Chiaramonti, Female Entrepreneur and Investor

bAngels Women’s Factory and thenAriel French EntrepreneurCatherine Barba Chiaramonti formed her first company, cash storein 2004. He sold and made it in 2010 e-commerce lab, then she throws Katherine Barba Group To support companies in the digital transition and peps lab, Katherine Barba is also an investor who has opened many doors for women entrepreneurs thanks to her visionary abilities. In particular, it has invested in leetchi, A woman who is an entrepreneur and an investor to follow perfectly, Catherine Barba Chiaramonti is a Knight of the National Order of Merit and Legion of Honor.

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