Questions to ask yourself when auditing your Google Ads campaigns

Setting up Google Ads Audit allows you to thoroughly examine your account as well as your ad campaigns. It’s a way to figure out where ad spend is going and possibly help you come up with new champagne ideas.

Is your Google Ads account performing as well as it could?

You can’t be sure until you’ve audited it. While there are many tools and services that provide algorithm-based results, they often do not take into account your marketing goals, your target audience, and the desired results of your efforts. Whether you’re taking on a client’s account, or taking on a new role within your company, it’s essential to know where things are before proceeding.

It is also useful to conduct periodic audits of your campaigns in order to take a step back and examine the elements that may be evading you in your daily management.

What does “Google Ads Account Audit” mean?

Google Ads is an element of SEA (Paid Reference). It’s important to optimize your online strategy from the moment you get paid to get space on the web and promote your business. The idea is to limit expenses while optimizing for as many results as possible. We’re here to talk about converting you clue For example in customers. An advertising account audit helps you improve your advertising campaigns and therefore resonate traffic to your website.

Rules for creating ads

Creating ads with Google Ads requires respecting the rules in order to make it optimal with respect to digital marketing.

  • It is important to properly set the measurement criteria for the conversion and performance of an ad campaign. This is all the more important if the competition is numerous.
  • It is essential to test and manage your champagne regularly to get maximum information and know the profitability of the investment. Here we get the idea that your champagne should be efficient by optimizing costs.

This overview prompts us to observe the interest of an advertising account audit that will allow you to optimize your campaigns to achieve the results you expect.

Benefits of Google Ads Audit

  • Find areas of wasted spending.
  • Identify new expansion opportunities.
  • Improvement in ongoing management processes.
  • Gain audience insights that can be applied to the account as well as other marketing channels.
  • Confirm the hypotheses.

Here’s how to audit your Google Ads account.

Steps to a Good AdWords Audit

The purpose of an advertising account audit is to optimize your advertising campaigns and help you gain visibility with respect to SEO. You could spend for zero… or your site could be handicapped by the real problems limiting SEO. That’s why it is necessary to get this audit done.

Here are 7 important points to achieve this.

review goals

The first step in an audit is to review the goals of the company (and the account) to make sure you understand where you need to go.

Understanding what these objectives are and what results you want to achieve will set the tone for your audit throughout the process. This will facilitate audit of the account, and subsequently bring fairness.

Some questions to ask about goals:

  • What are your conversion goals for the business?
  • What are Conversion Goals in Google Ads?
  • Have your goals changed?
  • Can you track performance beyond ads (for leads, sales or traffic)?
  • Has your target audience (or person) changed?

Account and campaign settings

Adwords Localization

your campaign name

It is recommended to choose a name related to the theme of your campaign. It’s easy when there are several to identify them – campaign type Customize the type for your purposes.


Here you have the possibility to decide where you want your ad to appear target of your campaign.


Your advertising campaigns will be accessible and adaptable from all devices (computer, tablet, etc.). You will be able to personalize your ads for different types of devices.

Choice of languages ​​and geographic regions

You can decide to target specific geographic areas based on your campaign. You also have the choice of language.

budget and auction

He You can configure the type of auction or let Google Ads do it. You may be offered other types of bids depending on your campaign.

ad extension

Ad extensions give you the ability to include additional information in your ads. (address, link…)

additional settings

You will be provided with optional additional features that can help you improve the performance of your campaign.

Review Account Structure

There are several ways to organize the use of campaigns and ad groups:

  • Logical business goals.
  • target individuals.
  • product lines.
  • service lines.
  • Subject given.

Aspects of the account structure to be assessed include:

  • Do campaigns represent different campaign setting level segments (geo-targeting, offers, campaign level budget)?
  • Do campaigns provide summary reports for the ad groups that are part of them?
  • Is it easy to compare campaigns with each other?

Analyze ad groups and keywords

Aspects of ad groups to be considered in the audit include:

  • Do they contain homogeneous keywords (belonging to the same topic)?
  • Is the maximum CPC commensurate with the amount I pay?
  • Do my ad groups compete with each other?
  • Are my top performing ad groups getting enough budget?

With regard to keywords, ask yourself if:

  • Are negative keywords used?
  • Does the research report show off-topic keywords for topic and conversion goals?
  • Are there any terms that have a high impression, click, and/or spend rate, but aren’t converting?
  • Are there any keywords that have a low Quality Score?
  • Are there any terms that do not match the intended or desired goals of CPC, CTR, Conversions, or Conversion Rate?

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announcements and Landing pages

Now your ads should be checked as well. You can verify:

  • Are there at least two ad variations in each ad group?
  • Are there keywords in the ads?
  • Do ad headlines have effective call-to-action?
  • Are there any ads of medium or low quality?

Landing pages are outside of Google Ads, but have a direct impact on the performance of your campaigns and the metrics you measure in Google Ads.

That’s why your landing pages should also be part of your audit. consider the following:

  • Does the page have a good title and a clear call to action?
  • Do forms work?
  • Is there a conversion tracking code?
  • Quality rating of ads referencing this or that landing page

Advice : Consider using an ad extension. They give the possibility to add to your PPC ads (PPC ads are online ads for which you pay a small amount every time someone clicks on them) additional text. This can be positive for your profitability.

Quality Score and Budget

Quality Score is a Google measure that allows you to know the relevance of your ad, the landing page, the message you want to send, and the keywords. cause QS ,Quality Score) is greatly influenced by the CTR of your ads. CTR is the number of clicks our ad received In Google advertising is being measured by impressions, and invoiced Every time someone clicks on an ad through Google Ads. if anyone sees 2 Advertisement time, you will be charged twice. This is why it is fundamental to measure the percentage of impressions of these clicks.

Your ads are positioned between 1 and 10. By improving the Quality Score, you can reduce the cost per click. So this is an important step. There are several checks to be done at the parameter level to verify QS,

  • Be sure to maximize your number of clicks
  • Focus on the writing of your ads (write quality, interest, etc.)
  • Landing page interest and value
  • Pay special attention to keywords

Various KPI Performance Indexes

If you want to know whether one of your campaigns is performing well, it is possible to rely on performance indicators called KPIs, key performance Indicators In English. In fact, without indicators, it is complicated to assess the relevance as well as return on investment An advertising or communication campaign. Then it’s necessary to ask yourself a few questions: Have I defined a KPI?

do I have choose, Optimized for my business area?

This step requires knowing your field of activity. This is the best way to determine a consistent course of action. It is from this plan that you will be able to measure the conversions you get from your campaign.

Here are some KPIs for Google Ads:

  • print : Adapted to the ads that come out visible and seen (already defined) by a specific goal.
  • Click through rate : This rate is also called CTR (Click,through missed). This is the percentage of people who clicked on your ad after viewing it.
  • conversion rate Conversion: A conversion is when someone clicked on your page and you offered them the action they took (for example buying a product)
  • cost per acquisition : This corresponds to the amount you spend to acquire a new customer.
  • average position : When a person searches the web, the position corresponds to the location on the pages of your search engine.

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Our tip for auditing your Google Ads campaign

Remember to install Google Analytics on your website, as it allows you to optimize it and build a powerful and effective link during your advertising campaigns. An effective landing page helps to improve your site’s conversions and SEO.

Your audit is over: You have gathered the necessary information to know the status of your account, its strong points, its weak points… And Above all, you’ve identified ways to optimize your account And Its performance.

If the result of this audit is inconclusive, consider entrusting the management of your Google Ads campaigns to an expert. He’ll know how to get you on the right track what to increase Your SEA results.

Publish your project on for free to get quotes from freelance SEA consultants.

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