10 Wallet Applications to Save Your Loyalty Card

Building customer loyalty is a much more effective method than converting new customers.

To optimize management of a loyalty program and grow your sales, you may now go through digitization. Such is the success of smartphones that there are now a number of loyalty applications that are much more practical than simply storing a loyalty card in a wallet.

Wallet, which is an innovative, attractive and affordable solution, is today a powerful lever for customer loyalty and acquisition. Discover all the benefits that digital wallet digital solutions can provide you. Then we have listed our pick of the best mobile wallets for you to manage your loyalty cards.

A Wallet Application: What Is It?

The company associates Wallet only as a new means of online payment, which is wrong, as this tool is not limited to that only.

Benefits of using Wallet as a customer.

On iOS on Android, using the wallet from the client side is very simple. Just one click is needed for them to save the loyalty card virtual wallet, The card then added can be accessed from his phone and he won’t need to bring his physical card to make his purchases in the store. Vendors will be able to scan the card from the customer’s app. When it comes to rewards and loyalty status, never fear, everything is updated automatically based on customer actions.

Wallet, a customer relationship optimization tool.

A technology that is becoming more democratic

According to a survey, among youth 18 and 24 years, 72% prefer to use their smartphone not only to use their loyalty card, but also to make payments, reserve a product or even take advantage of their discount coupons. For senior citizens, more than 46% of people 45 and 70 years Acknowledge interest in or use of Wallet Apps. A large number of users from this cannot be ignored.


40% less expensive than SMSPush notifications that merchants can send through purse justice is done 10 times more effective than email, According to a study, this notification is seen within 10 minutes of receiving the message.

environmental responsibility

The less plastic your loyalty card uses, the more ecologically responsible you and your customers are at this point.

Our pick of the best wallet applications for your loyalty card.

here is 10 Wallet Apps Which we have sorted out for you.

1. Fidme

in present freeAvailable on Fidme iOS and Android, It is one of the most downloaded wallet applications in Europe, representing over 5000 brands. Fidme offers you to collect all your loyalty cards, receipts and coupons in your personal space. Here are all the merchant benefits that Fidme has to offer:

  • Integration of the application with CRM (Customer Relationship Management Tool).
  • Management of loyalty program by stamp card or dematerialized barcode.
  • Manage other coupons like discount coupons.
  • Display of customer points balance.
  • a sponsorship ceremony
  • Possibility to promote your store to the users of the application.

The only downside to this application is that some stores have older scans, the latter may not necessarily work. But don’t worry, you can always manually enter your loyalty card code in these cases. It depends on the stores, not on the application itself. The latter one day will upgrade your machine and the problem will be resolved.

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2. Fiddle


another app free And is very popular with 2 million daily users. Fiddle allows you to store up to 100 loyalty cards, Only to scan To integrate your card into your digital wallet.

With Fiddle, it is possible to save all your loyalty cards to the cloud for syncing. You will then have all your loyalty cards on all your devices.

Another advantage of this wallet application is that you are shown the nearest store by geolocation in which you can take advantage of the benefits associated with your card.

Fiddle is an innovative wallet application with many advantages such as displaying the balance of points. Despite its intuitive interface, it is quite slow to use. Fiddle is also available on Android and iOS.

3. Talent


genius is an app free Available on Android, a solution developed by La Poste Group. This is actually a connected cash register used by local businesses.

Its various functionalities allow, among other things, Manage your loyalty programs with modules integrated into the cash register, Specifically, you can define a calculation method for loyalty points.

The application is very intuitive and easy to use. It comes equipped with a statistical part that makes it possible to follow your sales and give you reports to help you with your decisions.

This tool also allows you to communicate and send notifications to your customers.

4. Pricing

price ceiling

This Wallet Application Free Loyalty Card, available on both iOS and Android, is useful for storing loyalty cards. Prixing offers a price comparator and the possibility to organize your purchases according to what your loyalty card offers. It gives you the lowest price information for the products sold in supermarkets near you.

Thanks to geolocation technology, you’ll know where the best promotions available right now are located near you. Save a few euros and easily list your purchases.

However, big brands are not represented on this application.

5. Kudos


You can use this software on smartphones, tablets and partner cash registers. If you want to offer or Benefit from a Tailored Loyalty Programdon’t hesitate to test Kudos, you can target and segment your customers, but also manage multiple points of sale from a single interface. Qoodos is one of the most customizable apps in 2022.

Kudos is not a simple software to register loyalty cards, but a CRM. With this tool you can Fully Know the Customer’s Benefitfrom their shopping habits. Base your sales strategy based on consumer behavior to maximize profits.

It should be noted that an express mode is especially suitable for the fast food sector.

Kudos is an application Available for free on Android and iOS,

6. Trustmark


This Wallet App Allows you to generate loyalty points and refund The refund system after scanning the receipt is only available with partner brands. A picture of your receipt from the application can justify your purchase to avail your loyalty points.

If other competitors offer loyalty benefits based on the customer’s purchases, Fidmarques focuses on the benefits related to the brand of the product that the customer purchases.

The app represents about fifty consumer brands. Fidmarques is available on Android, iPhone and Ipad.


zero six

Zerosix is ​​tailored to the objectives of your business and your loyalty program. Choose how to calculate loyalty points and the rewards you’d like to offer to customers:

  • Stamp the card with every purchase
  • Kitty’s presentation with a percentage of the customer’s purchase
  • Conditions that provide various benefits when the customer accumulates points.

thank you for the zerosix Know your customers like the back of your hand, From his shopping behaviour, his frequency of visits to your store or even whatever he puts in his basket, do our best to use all this data optimize customer satisfaction,

It should be noted that this wallet platform can be relayed on social networks or websites.

8. Stocard


The Stocard app is free and available on iOS and Android.

56 million loyalty cards are registered on this wallet application. Stokard makes it possible Scan and store all loyalty cards, it’s an app smooth and very fluid Which allows you to get rid of plastic or paper cards while being available in the virtual version.

This German application lists several major brands and allows you to manually add any merchant. You can even integrate your swimming pool or media library card, all you need is a barcode!

9. Splio


Splio is an omnichannel loyalty platform. she allows Build your loyalty program and commitmentBut this also Personalize your omnichannel marketing automation campaigns,

This application allows boost your customer engagementTo offer transactional and relational loyalty programs. You can also develop a virtual loyalty program using a mobile wallet. The software is used on the cloud, which means you can use it wherever you are, as long as you have a PC or smartphone connected to the Internet.

There is a free trial version of the app.

are here main advantages From Splio:

  • Sales forecast
  • opportunity management
  • task management
  • contact management
  • Leadership Management
  • setting up barcodes
  • CRM and Prospecting

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10. Virtual Card

virtual card

virtual card there is an app free and available on Android And iOS, Today it has about 700,000 users around the world. equipment is very easy to useSimply scan the barcode of your loyalty card and you’re done. You will no longer need to carry tons of plastic cards with you to reap trading benefits, as your smartphone will do the trick.

With VirtualCard, connect with your favorite merchants and they’ll notify you of the latest discounts.

Our tips for choosing a mobile wallet app

Listed applications are not classified in the top list. each has its own advantages and disadvantagesBut in any case they are the best in the market in 2022. Whether you’re a customer or a store manager, we recommend that you Analyze your needs Before choosing your application. This step is necessary to be able to identify its ideal application.

However, you can now digitize loyalty cards within a single mobile application. Test out and use these different wallet apps Customize your company’s loyalty programs And increase your sales,

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