PrestaShop Hosting: Best Hosting Provider 2022

Are you looking for the best PrestaShop hosting to start building your ecommerce site? With over 220,000 e-commerce companies using this CMS, it’s common that you want to guarantee the performance of your pages and make sure you find a service provider who understands your constraints.

If PrestaShop offers a hosting solution to its users, there are other services optimized for this CMS as well. In this article, discover our top 10 PrestaShop hosting providers as well as our advice for choosing the right hosting offer.

10 Successful PrestaShop Hosts

To help you choose PrestaShop hosting that suits your business, here are our top 10 hosting providers suitable for this CMS!

  1. hosting
  2. ionos
  3. single
  4. A2Hosting
  5. Scala Hosting
  6. in motion
  7. cloud route
  8. ovhcloud
  9. planethoster
  10. GreenGeeks

Explore more of what each host has to offer to get your own idea and find the best fit for your PrestaShop e-commerce site project.

1. Hosting

Popular with ecommerce businesses on a budget, Hostinger is an affordable and feature-rich option. The servers of this web host are custom-built to deliver fast loading speeds. Result: Your pages and product sheets load faster.

For your PrestaShop hosting, you get Cloudflare CDN and built-in caching. Hostinger’s interface remains easy to use and allows you to create multiple accounts for your team members.

You also get regular, daily backups with the Business plan, which costs €3.99 per month. The other two options cost €1.49 and €2.99 respectively. Suffice it to say that the rates are very accessible and easy to make profitable.



IONOS offers 4 hosting options for your PrestaShop store. Each of them includes a personal domain name and an SSL certificate.

IONOS takes care of the maintenance and updates of the web server. Thanks to automatic backup, you can restore data from the last six days at any time. A personal advisor is always available to assist you at no additional cost.

The advantage of IONOS lies in its 2-tier tariff. You can take advantage of high-performance formulas from €1 plus VAT/month for the first year. This becomes 10€/month in the following years. However, you have plenty of time to grow your sales to absorb this additional cost, while continuing to benefit from higher hosting performance.

3. Ikoula


Ikoula is a French host with data centers located in Reims, APUS and Paris. This provider offers a single plan at €7.50 per month. This makes your choice very convenient!

This formula gives you 50 GB of disk space and the ability to accommodate unlimited traffic to your store. Ikoula provides a simple management portal that allows you to adjust various settings on your account or track your visitors’ data. With iKeepinCloud option, you can sync, backup and restore your e-commerce site with just one click via FTP.

Lastly, Ikoula includes the ability to manage up to 10 domains. An added benefit if you have multiple PrestaShop stores.

4. A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting claims to be PrestaShop’s preferred web host. Its Startup plan offers 100GB of SSD storage for $2.99 ​​per month.

The Turbo plan (starting at $6.99 per month) combines AMD EPYC servers with NVMe drives to ensure minimal page load lag. Then your e-commerce site becomes 40% faster and able to handle 9x more traffic. These formulas have auto scaling feature to support unexpected traffic volumes.

5. Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting

While Scala Hosting offers three shared hosting plans, it recommends its managed VPS plan for PrestaShop, at $29.95 per month.

In this offer, you get unlimited bandwidth, free CDN, daily backup and SEO features.

Scala Hosting also offers priority support, pro spam protection, and sshield. This shield monitors your store in real time, while protecting it from 99.998% of web attacks. You are informed about any hacking attempts in a timely manner, allowing you to take corrective action if necessary.


in motion

InMotion offers hassle free PrestaShop hosting that lets you focus on making your online business a success. Unlimited bandwidth is available with all plans to support traffic peak. The first offer, at $3.49/month, gives you 100 GB of storage space and automatic backups.

InMotion has an intuitive cPanel that is 100% customizable and scalable. You are free to choose your server location, and you get malware and hack protection in every plan.

7. Cloud Route

cloud route

If you want to host your PrestaShop store on cloud servers at affordable prices, then Cloudways is the right choice. You can host your store on the top five cloud servers in the world: Google Cloud, AWS, Linode, VULTR, or Digital Ocean. This PrestaShop hosting provider also offers over 65 data centers across the globe. You choose!

All plans offer dedicated firewalls, automatic backups, and 24/7 monitoring of your store. If your PrestaShop site is already hosted by another provider, Cloudways takes care of the migration for free, without any downtime.

8. OVH Cloud


For your PrestaShop store, OVHCloud offers performance hosting at €9.99 per month. This plan includes a free domain name, 500 GB of disk space, support for an unlimited number of sites, unlimited traffic, anti-DDoS protection, and hosting compatible with PHP 7.

Its little “plus”? OVHCloud has a feature that helps you set up and configure your e-commerce site under PrestaShop in 5 minutes!

9. Planethoster


PlanetHoster provides PrestaShop-specific plugins to manage the data caching of your store. Backed up every 12 hours in another data center (France, Switzerland or Canada) to ensure the safety of your data.

DDoS protection protects you from cyber attack and you get unlimited storage space, bandwidth and traffic. All at only €4.25 per month.

10. Green Geeks


GreenGeeks has servers optimized for PrestaShop. These increase the loading speed of your pages to guarantee an excellent user experience.

What’s the difference with this host? its ecological commitments. In addition to planting a tree for each PrestaShop hosting subscription, GreenGeeks buys renewable energy, which it injects into its network. The aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of your servers as much as possible.

Offers start at $2.95 per month for 50GB of storage and standard performance. For a fully optimized store, the host recommends its Pro formula for $5.95 per month, with no storage limit, boosted performance, and an unlimited number of sites.

In order to choose a PrestaShop hosting that best suits your needs, you need to analyze a few criteria.

Security of your hosting solution

hosting security

Security is one of the main concerns on an e-commerce site, as you will have to process customers’ personal and banking data. You can also avoid vulnerabilities and protect yourself as much as possible from hackers. They can access sensitive information, or even hijack payment modules.

Any type of fraud involving your PrestaShop site could put your store and your reputation at risk. Facing a hack, you run the risk of losing sales in both the short and long term.

Many PrestaShop hosting plans offer the following security features:

  • firewall
  • ssl certificate
  • DDoS protection
  • spam filter
  • domain name privacy
  • virus protection

Storage space to host your data

server storage space

Generally, an e-commerce includes a lot of content and media (photos, videos, PDFs, etc.). Storing these files can cause your store to load slowly.

Therefore your PrestaShop hosting should provide enough storage space to support all your files. Choose a service provider that offers at least 10 GB of space.

Backing up your PrestaShop site

server backup

It may happen that your e-commerce site may have been hacked or may not be working properly after the update. In these situations, backup options allow you to secure customer, order and product data.

The best hosts give you the option between daily, monthly or periodic backups as per your criteria. Make sure the data will be stored on a separate server from your store and easily accessible if you need to restore your site.

Self-scaling of your hosting

As with most websites, the incoming traffic builds up slowly over time. With e-commerce, you cannot predict the nature of your traffic, as it is so diverse.

For example, during the coronavirus outbreak, a large proportion of retail customers went online to buy their usual products. The slightest event (extraordinary or seasonal) can cause a peak in visits.

Your PrestaShop hosting should offer automatic scaling as traffic increases, as well as scalable resources that follow this growth. This means that the host can handle all the sudden spikes in traffic and load.

Auto scaling is essential for stores whose visit volume varies greatly by season, as well as for e-commerce that sometimes launches large advertising campaigns.

Also check the load balancing feature. This will distribute your site traffic evenly across all resources and prevent downtime due to unexpected influx of visitors.

server availability

Availability is one of the most important elements in choosing PrestaShop hosting. In fact, it is essential that your e-commerce is active most of the time, as even a few minutes of downtime a day can lead to loss of revenue and poor customer experience. A visitor who cannot access your store will go directly to the competition.

Server availability is usually expressed as a percentage and often ranges between 99 and 99.99%. While in theory the difference may seem small, in practice it is very small. 0.99% in a year, which is more than 3 days of unavailability…

Our Tips for Choosing Your PrestaShop Hosting

For your PrestaShop hosting, opt for a service provider offering one-click CMS installation to make your life easier. And if you need support, whether in building your e-commerce or deploying it, post an ad on to find a PrestaShop developer.

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