Do you have to be ruthless in business?

Television series, movies, books often portray leaders or managers who only look after their own interests and who forget the inevitability of respect for others. These behaviors drive away employees, customers, partners and talented candidates in the long run. Pay attention to the behavior that would be good to adopt

Managing your business requires organization, discipline, positivity and empathy. To be successful, you must not let yourself be pushed around. In short, sometimes it is necessary to be stern and without hesitation.

Rigidity: The First Way to Succeed in Your Business

Of course, it’s not easy to behave in a manner contrary to your nature, but you don’t have to be too nice when it comes to making a profit. If you are rude, your colleagues, your suppliers and your customers will respect you. A leader who is not strict with himself will act recklessly. This can be the basis of poor management and inaccuracy in meeting customer expectations. A business manager who is not harsh with his suppliers will never deliver on time. This is also valid for the relationships he will maintain with his partners. The latter will not be dedicated to the work and will do as they deem appropriate.

So by being rigorous, you will have more than a 50% chance of reaching, or even exceeding, your objectives. However, rigidity should not be synonymous with dictatorship and authoritarianism. It should be a guarantee of good organization and discipline. You must act within the limits of your morals.

When is it necessary to act without hesitation?

Even if you don’t like being in conflict with others or want consensus in the company, you don’t have to be too good at it:

  • negotiate a purchase Learn how to bargain on your purchases. Ask your suppliers for discounts, discounts, gadgets to build customer loyalty and more flexible payment terms. Thus, you will save money which can be used for expanding your business.
  • conversation with employees : The fact of working for a good environment at work does not mean that one should not be demanding on certain timings. Make arrangements to enforce your company’s charter and rules. Give your colleagues approval as soon as you feel it is really necessary. Don’t hesitate to be stingy with sometimes less skilled employees and reward genuine talent. Be exemplary in your behavior!
  • transmit your vision : Well, you take into account the suggestions of your colleagues, but at some point you have to become a “real leader” who shows the way forward. Your principles should be clear and understandable to all. Organize yourself, believe in your decisions and take all steps to ensure that each objective is achieved. Don’t hesitate to bang your fist on the table if you’re not satisfied.
  • Dethrone Competitor : Sure, we shouldn’t act according to competitors, but we should keep an eye on their movements to know when to retaliate. Never lose to them. Respond firmly at the best time so as not to lose your share in the market. To achieve this, you need to surround yourself with a good marketing team.
  • manage finances Organizing your own and your company’s personal budget effectively is important. Try to respect them and ask your team to do the same. Request regular updates on your company’s financial health.

be exemplary on top

To be an entrepreneur it is above all to have ethical values ​​and therefore to be successful and to allow others to succeed. Of course, the business world is not the world of caretakers, but no place for hunters.

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