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Having a website is good, having a properly referenced website is even better. Search engine, every Internet user has become accustomed to using it when he visits a site and is looking for a product or information. But for a company to make itself known requires knowledge of several engines and researches, but above all knowing how to use them wisely to be present on the search engines.

What is SEO and how to improve it?

If building a website is within everyone’s reach, the real challenge lies in providing context. The term refers to all techniques used to improve the visibility of a website on search engines. The number of existing sites continues to grow. In July 2022, .FR domain names are approaching four million (3,950,000). Fr! So the challenge becomes to move up in the rankings so that internet users reach your site and not some other site. But what are the basics of successful SEO?

Content quality first

The audience first depends on the quality of your content. Internet users will decide to return or stay on your site based on whether they are impressed by what it has to offer. They won’t hesitate to share any text they find interesting or funny. The time spent on your site is also part of the criteria search engines take into account to rank you. So it seems necessary to publish content that is sufficiently rich and engaging

but that’s not all. For search engines to judge the quality of the content, it must contain keywords. But which will be typed by internet users during search. So, if you’re editing content about SEO, it can be helpful to put “Optimize SEO” in your article. Above all, it is not a question of repeating keywords that make no sense.

In fact, you may be penalized by search engines whose indexing robots know how to search only lists of words produced for the purpose of being referenced. Also note that with this type of process you will scare off internet users. But content is not just about what is written. Remember that image and visual quality help increase clicks, time spent on your site, and page views.

link building

Links are one such factor that highly influences the position of a website. The more links you have from quality sites, the more likely you are to move up in the rankings. Many companies have implemented partnership policies in this way. These include requests to exchange links with other platforms.

With regards to your content, you can focus on quality or quantity. However, the more powerful the site, the more likely you are to move up in the rankings. To know the strength of a site, you can refer to its “Page Rank” which is the trust index given by Google. This index takes the form of a score between 0 and 10. The higher it is, the more popular your site is, which actually increases your references. You can also think of special or general directories to be referenced inside. Beware of quantitative tactics which can be counterproductive and cause your page rank to drop.

Keywords: optimize your “long tail”

Google provides website publishers with very practical statistical tools. They allow you to refine your content and customize your website references. If there can be a solution based on the most typed words. It should be noted that this is also where the competition will be fiercest.

So to stand out the ideal is to choose keywords that are not too common. Thus, you avoid competing with millions of other sites. The more unique and specific the keyword, the more you’ll be able to differentiate yourself and attract Internet users who are looking for a specific piece of content or product/service. then we talk about work “Long tail” The combination of SEO and keywords that attract visitors to your website. Since requests are more specific, you’ll also be dealing with more “qualified” Internet users. on the contrary we speak “Trolling Head” for popular keywords. Attention ! However, don’t make the mistake of putting in very popular keywords that have no relation to your content for the sole purpose of enticing an internet user. This attitude will rather scare him. Also keep in mind that the average user request consists of 4 words, so combine multiple keywords.

Optimize your site for search engines

Google remains the most used search engine in France, far ahead of others such as Bing or Yahoo. So it is advised to rely on the rules of the American giants to improve your SEO. Avoid certain formats that cannot be read by search engines. If video attracts, it cannot be read by Google robots. Remember to add some descriptive elements so that search engines can recognize that its content is related to the topic. Bear in mind that Google currently doesn’t read images and so you’ll have to take care of the details.

Tags, Title and Meta Description

Each page you create has a “Title” tag that you can fill in. It is one of the 200 most important criteria taken into account by the Google algorithm. So you have to fill it and take care as it represents the title of your page that will appear in the search results. The meta description represents a sentence of up to 160 characters that will also be present in the results. So it should be a salesperson and should encourage the internet user to click on your link to get more information. If the latter is not filled in, Google will randomly display two lines in your page’s content. However, these will often not be the most interesting.

Build a “clean” site and optimize loading times

While search engines care about the quality of your content, crawlers don’t like it when your code has too many errors. Take the time to properly design your site and its structure to make it easily readable. If you use HTML for your site, be sure to close your tags. Likewise, robots appreciate that pages load quickly and that the interface is ergonomic. So optimize your site so that robots can pass through it more quickly.

Sites that are not mobile optimized will be penalised.

Google is embracing new web consumption patterns. While the use of mobiles to browse the internet continues to grow, the US giant will revise its algorithm of relevancy of web pages. Businesses that have successfully developed a mobile-friendly site along with their website will see their rankings increase in search engine results. On the other hand, those who do not have one or have one poorly configured will be sanctioned. Case to follow!

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